#750 Dangling your feet in water

drip those feetFeet need to breathe.

People, people, we’ve discussed this before. Those corny paws sure are sitting ugly at the bottom of the You Chain. Stepped on, squished on, dripping with sweat, they’re down low all day long getting no damn respect.

So once in a while give them a well deserved break. That’s right, girlfriend: peel the hot socks off, roll the tight jeans up, and flash them sexy ankles, because it’s time to drop your bare, aching feet into some cool, waiting water.

Yes, that gentle lapping on the edge of the dock, side of the boat, or in the hotel pool is just calming, soothing, and good for the soul.

And good for the sole.


Rodney Dangerfield has a lot in common with your feetPhotos from: here and here

22 thoughts on “#750 Dangling your feet in water

  1. Anything that liberates your free feels fantastic. It’s like the feeling of taking off your shoes in the car, washing the dust and dirt off after wearing sandals. Playing footsies with someone else.

    Pure bliss. (I don’t have a foot fetish)

  2. Yeah. Usually ankle wetting was reserved for the cold water chickens but these days I totally get it. They didn’t want wet underwear all day. Same refreshing feel without the towel! Just above the rest!

  3. The dock, boat or hotel pool are all good. But this awesome feeling can be dialed up to 11 when you sneak one of these in at a big city fountain. When its a hot summer day, and you know that you’re not “technically” supposed to be in the fountain, but a quick little foot soak won’t hurt, right? And even though you’ve been on your feet walk around the urban jungle all day, you get to take a few minutes, close your eyes, and pretend your on vacation.


  4. Ahh… i miss the sunny beaches of florida that i grew up with. Now I’m in CT and the long island sound just isn’t the same as the beach. It’s more sludge than water… yuck.

  5. I climbed a mountain in the west of Scotland this weekend (in the name of charity, I might add) and on the way down, as the sun was coming out, the small stream we were following was looking particularly inviting. Off came the heavy boots and the two pairs of socks, and the feet were promptly plunged into the icy, crystal-clear water. Once the throbbing had turned to numbness, a quick dry-off and a fresh pair of socks made the final leg so much easier. If you’re going to dangle your feet in some water, a Highland stream after a long trek is difficult to beat.

  6. I was just on holiday in Sweden, where I had a related “awesome thing”. After swimming across a cool, deserted lake, pulling myself up onto the jetty, and flopping over onto my back in the sunshine. Calves still dangling over the edge with the cool lake water splashing over them. Lying like that for about 5 minutes. Heaven.

  7. Feet leads to knees, leads to hips, leads to waist, leads to chest, leads to shoulders, leads to chin. Then you have to get your head wet because it’s not swimming without that….. Cool clean water is not just for the toes!

  8. I read my awesome thing on the app from iPhone every single day. Every day I mark that thing as awesome. However the counter on my phone will not get about two. So my longest streak can not get above two now. Please fix this!!!

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