#737 Catching somebody singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them

Blast it outIt’s late, it’s quiet, and you’re stuck at a red light.

Casually, you glance to your left and notice a muted explosion of furious head bopping, furrowed eyebrows, and silent wailing inside, as the driver rocks out alone and in the zone.

Blast it to the top of the chartsAnd there’s just something worth smiling about when you observe that passionate display of pure private pleasure only a few feet away. Suddenly you’re the producer in the booth watching your struggling artist hit the high notes in their tight sound chamber on wheels. Yes, they’ve struggled for years to get clean and make it in from the streets, but now you’re smelling a hit …

… and a future.

So maybe you bop along for a few beats, catch the same song on your radio, or lock eyes with them for a second and share a warm and heartfelt laugh. Maybe you feel a tiny flip in your heart as you connect with a total stranger for a few fleeting seconds. And maybe it makes you a tiny bit happier and maybe you smile a tiny bit more.

I say today we salute all the highways rockers of the world. Thanks for brightening our day and making us laugh at the reds. Rock on and keeping belting them out, because you make the world shine brighter and make our long drives home a lot more


Booming those beats while cruising those streetsPhotos from: here, here, and here

55 thoughts on “#737 Catching somebody singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them

  1. This has happened to me sooo many times! Sometimes I am the catcher but more often than not I am the one singing at the top of my lungs. You feel like you have just made a new friend after sharing this moment. Totally awesome!

    1. Is there an analog graphics teacher? I want to meet that guy. I picture him walking into class on the first day of school and dropping a giant stack of white paper and a handful of pencils on the desk.

      “Draw Mickey Mouse.”

    1. mike, you don’t need a radio. Just let it wail, man. And do like me. If you don’t know the words just substitute either “mmmm” or the words “And I don’t know the words to this part” in the same tune as the song.

  2. This is awesome and it happens to me a lot…except I’m always the person singing. Even though I feel like a total fool, it’s great to make people laugh.

    PS – Yesterday I got back from lunch early and got a much better parking spot. It was AWESOME.

  3. Come on…!! name one person that doesn’t sing that “time of my life” song from dirty dancing in their car. I can do both parts by myself!
    Now I…..
    – I.
    Had, the time of my life… no i never felt like this before.
    – never felt this way….
    It’s true… AND I OWE IT ALL TO YOU!

  4. I do sing in my car all the time, but I’ve never caught anyone else’s eye. I wonder how many people have caught me at it? Hope I made them smile.

  5. Yes! This was one of my things-that-are-awesome comments a while back. :)

    I had the best sing-along experience once: I was at a red light smiling and laughing at a fellow stopper, and he rolled his window down, told me to turn to the radio station she was listening to, and we shared a brief but glorious moment singing “I Will Survive.”

  6. YES! Now I don’t feel so awkward about rocking out in my car… if it’s awesome for the other guy, it’s awesome for me too!

    What about another awesome car moment… getting the “thank you” wave when you let someone merge in front of you?

  7. That’s so me! I just don’t look at other drivers if I can help it, because I know they can’t help but notice. It’s my therapy during the traffic home. :)

  8. I like trying to figure out what station they are listening to…It’s the best when you find the station then crank it with them. Double awesome!

    1. Ha ha, I picture you staring over with a big, excited open mouth and raised eyebrows, just bopping your head and pressing ‘Scan’ over and over.

  9. and for those without cars- catching people lip-syncing as they walk around listening to their ipods.

    i am guilty of this and i don’t have any shame!

  10. This happens to me all the time! Also when I’m driving a car full of friends around, and a song comes on the radio – and we’re all blaring out the words – haha awesome! This is one of my favourite blogs :)

  11. Haha I think my favourite memory of this is when I was driving down the motorway singing at the top of my lungs. I glanced over to the other side of the road to see my close friend doing the same thing driving in the opposite direction. We both looked so shocked it was hilarious. That was also the day I realised you’re not invisible inside your car..

  12. I never realized I might bring people a little joy with my habit of singing along with all my heart and soul. I’ll take a look around from now on! Thanks for the post. I really appreciate your site, it makes me laugh out loud a LOT. :D

  13. It is even better when you know/hear what song they are singing and immediately join in. That normally generates even harder laughs. haha.

  14. I love this! Especially when you catch someone (and they know it) yet don’t stop jammin’.
    I sing and dance at the same time, especially in stop and go traffic. I love seeing the smiles and head shakes of other drivers as I point, dance and sing in their direction while we’re stuck, bumper to bumper after a long day of work. :)

  15. This is so me! I used to worry about looking stupid while rockin’ out in my car, but I’ve recently decided to just go with it and not worry about what other people are thinking. More people should be belting it out while driving!

  16. I actually caught my sister doing this while we were on separate cars! I just looked at her and yelled “Ur CRAZY!!!” We both laughed and told everyone about it.

  17. I’m a subway rider and I sometimes lip-sync to music. I sometimes catch people do the same afterwards! No need to limit this to the car!

  18. I sing… in the car, just walking around, whenever I feel like it. I’m pretty sure that people think I’m mad. That proves they don’t know me. Those who know me know I’m mad!

  19. A related awesome moment: Pulling into your parking space just as the song you’re listening to on the radio ends.

    Flourescent lights flash past as you speed along to the musical genius of your favorite artist. The thumping bass and outrageous guitar solos pump you up for a crazy evening with your posse and give you confidence that tonight is going to be a night to remember.

    Or perhaps you’re returning home after receiving some bad news. You didn’t get that promotion, your boyfriend dumped you, or let’s face it–you just had a heck of a bad day. So you let Jim Croce’s melancholic melodies console your weary spirit before taking the Beatles advice to just “Let it Be.”

    It’s all so unreal: The final chords sound while you slow your car, turn the wheel, and come to a complete stop at your destination. You feel like the protagonist of Hollywood’s latest blockbuster. Your heart shimmers with hope when, in that one fleeting moment, the cosmos have seemingly aligned for the sole purpose of making you feel special.

    So enjoy that night on the town, get over that achey-breaky heart, and don’t ever forget that life is simply


  20. The best time this ever happened to me i was driving with two of my best friends in the back seat as we pulled up to an incredibly long red light. As we waited a guy without a shirt on but a baby blue bandanna around his pulls up singing and playing the air drums to his two beanie babies sitting on his dash. Ahhh the maroon convertible mustang with the guy rocking to his beanie babies will forever be seared into my memory as one of the best moments at a red light ever.

  21. Put on miles to Bruce Springsteen’s, “The Rising Album.”
    Actually, most every Springsteen!
    And yes, it is awesome to see someone else rocking on in their car like their having their own little concert.

  22. Neil likes 2 comment. I love the app of awesomeness, it reminds me of my Uncle that died of a cancerous brain tumor. He was always so gleeful, no matter how hard it got 4 him.:) I don’t mean 2 dampen the mood, but it makes me smile 2 think of him and reading these little rid bits of well…AWESOME!!!:P
    PS: I sing in the car (not that I can drive…) song on or not.:)

  23. Lol ONLY 24 and I’m only a teen … My bros 16 and he has his licence! I don’t think Thers anything wrong with belting out wrds to ur fav song, I do it almost everyday I luv going past ppl tho and banging on the windo as hard as I can and giving them an intense waves like ther my best friend that I have known fr ev and have nt seen in 5 yrs I get lots of questioning waves, confused ppl, laughing ther butts off and waving and Thers always that ocaisional old lady sqinting confusedly

  24. For me this is a awesome thing, because I met my husband in this way. A day I was driving on the road, when suddenly I laughed at him, just because he was distracted and almost made ​​an accident. Then I thought, the people say that only women drive badly. I smiled and he smiled back. On the same day we became lovers.

  25. I must admit, I’m the one dancing and singing along to the radio…. Boy have I had some strange looks over the years.

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