#710 When little babies let out adult-sized burps

Here we go!The kids, they love The Jonas Brothers.

When the pop group visited Toronto a few weeks back you would walk down the street and notice anxious little pods of teenagers circling around their hair-stylists and drum tuners. Or maybe people were crowding an actual brother in the flesh. I couldn’t quite see in there, but when there’s a celebrity in our midst , we know what to do, don’t we gang?

That’s right: Get tight around them, shove Sharpies in their face, and tell them to make the autograph out to our little sisters.

Not nearly as adorableRight, usually when you see those buzzy groups of people crowded together, it’s because there’s a celebrity in the middle winking, making kissy-faces, and signing autographs. Either that or it’s a dead bird and a group of sixth-graders are poking it with a stick. Either that or it’s an open sewer and everyone’s scratching their hard hats looking down at the one crew-member who fell in there.

Either that or it’s a baby about to burp.

Come on, don’t lie to me, you know what I’m talking about. It generally happens after the adults have eaten and our special little someone just downed a big bottle of milk all by himself. Oh yes he did! Ohhhhhh, yes he did! Didn’t he? Didn’t he?! Who’s the big burper! Who’s that little guy!

Sorry, but this is hilarious. Wrapped in blankets, rocking on a shoulder, everybody peeks in for the big moment when the bundle of joy lets out a thundering adult-sized burp.

And then there is cheering.

Burping babies rock my worldI mean, it’s funny to hear a big booming sound come from something so tiny and fragile. Only babies and old people get away with this kind of social behavior. And it’s not nearly as cute with old people. Hey, I’m not knocking them, though. When I let out a loud belch after chugging a glass of soda, people hold their applause because there’s nothing adorable about it, either.

But with babies, it’s different. It’s like they’re discovering the true biological pleasure that comes with popping out hot gas from their insides. Burping, farting, just look at them smile and laugh when nature rings. They’re loving and appreciating the small joys in life.

We can learn so much from the baby.


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24 thoughts on “#710 When little babies let out adult-sized burps

  1. I wish people commended me for belching.

    But yeah, enormous burps from small babies are amusing.

  2. Tell me – Did the Jonas brothers look skeptically at you when you asked them to sign that poster of them to your “little sister Neil”??

    There isn’t much that a little baby can do that isn’t awesome. Those things are like little portable bundles of awesome, who grow into gross, smelly adults like me.

  3. When does this stop being adorable and start being disgusting? I still look around for faces of adoration when I nearly burp out a lung, but do I get it? Nay.

    Minus 1, however, for not putting up the picture of bed-head baby and opting for another instead. :)

  4. I have 4-month-old triplet nieces and nephew and they give out the best “Barney from Moe’s” burps. It amuses the hell out of me every time.

  5. I love the looks on the baby’s face when they let loose with a frat-boy-on-spring-break burp. They look like they have scared themselves.

  6. That baby is gorgeous, and has awesome hair! Thanks for making my day, because how can you not smile when looking at that picture?
    Love it!

  7. Oh my goodness! I was carrying my 8 month old daughter into Best Buy when she let out this inhumanly noisy belch which could only be described as having the decible level of a minor sonic boom. There were about 10 people walking into the store in front of us and I swear every-single-one-of-them turned around and glared at me. I actually said, “It wasn’t me!” as my blue-eyed little girl gave them all a satisfied little smirk. Little stinker.

  8. My ten month old grandson is a champ! No inhibitions; just belts it out and laughs! Same with farts. He’s awesome!

    1. …nearly a year now he’s more aware, he theatrically raises his eyebrows and laughs along with us at the belching sensation that just left his tiny body and feels SO GOOD! Hilarious!

  9. This is a hilarious thing! When your at the dining room table and there is the new born watch out!! It could be at any time!! I’m not kidding it’s suspenseful!!! The younger the louder!! Well my nieces have shown me that!!!

  10. Appears it’s finally about to warm up again .. It genuinely has been a wild winter this coming year all over the county. Is seems as if spring time won’t come in time! Eager for summer months months ahead …

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