#709 Waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon

Lazing around in crumpled sheets, sun streaking through the blinds, your eyes slowly blink open and your lips curl into a slow smile. You make some deep, grunting noises as you twist your back and stretch your neck.

You smile and enjoy the soft and slow process of waking up after sleeping in on a weekend morning. You glance casually at the alarm clock, you stare at the ceiling, flip your pillow, and roll around in Sheetworld.

Then it hits you.

Nose twitching, brain sniffing, you catch faint fumes of sizzling bacon drifting up from the kitchen. Can it be? Is this why you woke up? You bunny-sniff again and this time you’re positive, you’re certain, you’re sure.


It smells like mom’s cooking breakfast. It smells like a sunny Sunday sleep-in. It smells like pajamas and a fresh paper. It smells like little white grease bubbles in a crispy black frying pan.

And it smells a lot like


Put a shirt on before you turn the stove on!

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66 thoughts on “#709 Waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon

      1. I don’t get why Jo told Sasha to get over themselves? Because the person is vegetarian? The amount of meat related blogs on this website are unbelievable and I don’t see vegetarians saying “Get over yourself!” about it.

  1. Totally awesome! Especially when mixed with the smell of freshly brewed coffee – smells like waking up and delicious! Bacon at the cabin on a cool morning is possibly even more awesome.

  2. You know how you can get those things where it’s basically a kettle set to go off at a certain time for the morning?

    Somebody should totally invent the same for bacon.

  3. This smell of sizzling pig is not awesome :(
    Now the smell of fresh waffles wafting and undulating on a Sunday morning, now that is awesome!

  4. Being Jewish, I mentally substituted challah and cholent while reading this article. This blog is really cool!

  5. What a wonderful, smile inducing post! I rarely get to wake up to the smell of bacon, seeing that my husband and I occupy a garage which, sadly, does not include a kitchen. However, if we spend the weekend with my mom, we always wake up to the tantilizing aromas of bacon spattering and coffee brewing. Yum!

    I stopped by from The Happiness Project. Very glad I did!


  6. Yeah, this really doesnt work for a large section of the population–Jews, vegetarians, etc. I would personally substitute pancakes/waffles :-)

    1. There are only 13.2 million Jews in the world and about 2.8% of the world is vegetarian. I don’t know if I would consider that, “a large section of the population.”

  7. I cook it in the microwave. Two strips take about 2 minutes. I put the bacon in a microwave dish, and a paper towel on top and bottom of the bacon.

  8. I would love to wake up to the smell of bacon! Alas, it’s always me cooking it, though, so I never get to wake up to the yummy smell like I used to at my Dad’s. Now I use it to wake up my husband and kids! Although, if I had the Wake ‘n’ Bacon, I would most definitely use that sucker at least once a week!

  9. First – obviously this is TOTALLY awesome. I think when you’re done with this blog, you should start: “1000awesomethingsaboutbacon.com”, which would actually fairly closely overlap with “iheartbacon.com”.

    As for all of you vegetarians out there – don’t worry.. there is hope. Just check out this girl who recently came back to the dark side after being veg for 12 years… and capped off the celebration with 30 straight days of Pork! Woo Hoo! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mandydale/tags/30daysofpork/

  10. Absolutely! Mine was similar to Tamsyn. I was the one cooking the bacon, and for me it was the beautiful sight of my three small boys to come stumbling in with their sleepy eyes and little noses pointed at the table with a big breakfast on Sundays.

  11. I just discovered this blog-it’s great! I’m gonna make my husband bacon this weekend! ;)
    Add this blog to the list of Awesome Things!

  12. lol that reminded me of michael scott from the office! when he burnt his foot on the grill because he puts it next to his bed so that he can wake up to the smell of bacon

    1. I thought of that as soon as I read this! I went through the comments expecting someone to have mentioned Michael Scott and I was getting sad when no one did, so I’m glad you did :)

  13. First time I stayed over at my (then) girlfriend’s place, she made me bacon for breakfast. Man that girl was amazing.

  14. This brings back wonderful memories of being at my grandparent’s house as a child and being a bit scared to go to bed, because they lived out in the boondocks and it was scary at night, but then waking up with the sunbeams peaking through the drapes on the window and the sound and smell of the sizzling bacon in the kitchen that grandma was frying up and realizing that I had made it through the night and everything was gonna be OK!

  15. First thoughts on this one was when Homer wakes up to the smell of bacon cooking, and remarks “Mmmmmm, unexplained bacon…”

    I hope my housemate’s reading this :P

  16. love the smell of bacon X) mmmmm… but i hate it when its like >40% fat. urghh, vomit inducing.
    today, i didnt wake up to bacon at all. i might have done, if i hadnt woken up to my the sight of my grandma in a sling. not awesome :(

  17. Weird thing is…I love the smell of bacon. But when I eat it…I can only choke down about 2 pieces. And I’m not a vegetarian. o_O OH well :) enjoy the smell anyways.

    1. Trust me on this one- if you’re going to do it, JUST DO IT! Do not let anyone convince you that any alternative like turkey bacon is better for you…because it’s just atrocious really. Pork defo rules here!

  18. I can so totally agree! My dad cooks bacon every Sunday morning and this totally captured how I always ready when I smell that bacon :)

  19. OMG!! I was waiting for this one forever!!! I wish I could say a speech on how good bacon is, but, I can’t!! All I have the right to say is AWESOME!!!!

  20. Well bacon usually comes from pigs and pigs are disgusting animals that live in mud and eat garbage
    So no that is not awesome

  21. Loved when the smell of bacon was present in every room of the house while my mom made it for me and my sisters

  22. Yes! Just yes! I honestly don’t know anyone who like bacon more than I do. I was so proud the other day, when I made bacon in the microwave, which doesn’t smell as strong as frying it, and my little brother came downstairs when I finished eating and asked “is that bacon I smell?!” My mom couldn’t even smell it and she was in the kitchen when I was making it!


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