#693 Waking up really thirsty in the morning and finding a glass of water that you can reach from your bed

right there when you need itMaybe you scarfed a salty bag of chips before bed, had a bit too much at the bars, or woke up on a friend’s old pull-out couch with a mouth full of dust and cat hair.

Either way, when you blink your crusty eyes open and feel your mouth scratching like sandpaper, there’s nothing finer than spotting a calmly waiting glass of water lying just in front of your face.

After silently congratulating the you of last night for good planning, you smile slowly, chug it fast, and snuggle back into your dreamy golden slumbers.


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34 thoughts on “#693 Waking up really thirsty in the morning and finding a glass of water that you can reach from your bed

  1. This reminds me of the AWESOME thing that happened to me yesterday. When your stomach is so empty you can feel that first swig of ice cold water hit your gut. Feeling things on the inside of our body is rare and unique enough to be Sensationally

  2. Haha. This is so true. However, in college this was also true for that half-full bottle of warm, flat beer. Mmm… drink it up. :)

  3. I do this every night because no matter what I wake up dying of thirst. It only stinks when my glass is empty because I drank it in the middle of the night or is warm because of the heat :-(

  4. YES!!!! If it is in the AM or in the middle of the night I ALWAYS wake up thirsty; especially if I had 1 too many the day/night before! I try to put water next to my bed ever night but when it isnt there I get so mad!!!! Who wants to walk all the way down stairs in the middle of the night or in the morning while trying not to wake anyone else up in your house BUT you have to get the water or IT SUCKS! This is SOOOOO true! HAHAAHA Sometimes when I am so thirsty I think I had asked someone aka my husband to get me water in the mist of my slept and then realize I was just dreaming it! I like this awesome thing ALOT!

  5. The downside…..waking up thirsty, knowing the glass of water is there……and knocking it over while you’re half asleep.

    1. Greg, I feel your pain. Next time, put a sports bottle of water next to your bed. This is better than a glass anyway, since you don’t have to sit up to drink out of it. In fact, if anyone in my household is sick, I always give them a sports bottle of water in their bed. Throw some ice in there and wrap a cloth around it and it doubles as a cold compress.

      1. Sure….now you tell me.
        I’m still working on a way to get the morning coffee automatically fed to me via IV tube.

  6. Waking up to a glass of water is so awesome but waking up and having to leave your cozy bed to take a pee is just as awesomely bad!

  7. realizing that the half-empty bottle of beer on the nightstand is actually a rinsed out beer bottle with water in it!

  8. The absolute best thing is having a bendy straw in your cup! You dont even have to tilt your head up to drink the water~ I do this every night!

  9. I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like yours instead.

  10. This is not an easy thing for cat owners. Half the time the glass will have either been knocked over or “flavor-enhanced,” in both cases due to that classic killer curiosity.

  11. i keep a bottle of water beside my bed every night because of this. No more dry sticky mouth for me.

  12. I love it! Awesome!
    I sometimes wake up with such a scratchy throat that I gag when I try to speak, so having that nice bottle of water RIGHT there for me is just heaven! :)
    So yeah, it’s pree awesome if I do say so myself ;D

  13. This is Awesome! Often my boyfriend will get up at some point in the early morning because he is thirsty and then he will bring water for me for when I wake up :)

  14. I’m a college student and this is the best after nights of drinking and You are super thirsty when you wake up. As soon as I turn over and see the glass of water it feels amazing!

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