#690 When the person scratching your back finds that one really itchy spot

Congratulations on scoring some back-scratching love.

Convincing a special someone to scrape their fingernails across your unreachables is a big accomplishment. Once the magic starts, make sure you close your eyes, purse your lips, and throw out some deep mmmmm’s to keep it coming.

And sure, there may be some ticklish moments on your shoulder blades, some unnecessary clawing at your lower back fat, but once in a while, when you least expect it, the scratcher will change direction and suddenly move their hands right onto that one really, really itchy spot.


scratch it like you mean itPhoto from: here

27 thoughts on “#690 When the person scratching your back finds that one really itchy spot

  1. i was about to comment but lost my train of thought when i realized that this was posted at exactly 12:01am . then i checked all the others. they are too. i am astonished.

  2. When mama-san hits the “Itch” spot with her 10 penny nails, I could build a temple in her honor…. and thank her lots to.
    The perfect back scratch….awesome!

  3. My kitty’s back undulates when I give her a good scratching. Apparently, when I’m under the backscratching spell, mine does, too, according to my girlfriend.

    Oh, the greatest form of affection…

  4. That moment in class when your friend that is seated behind you finds the itchy spot and scratch it… The relieving sensation in it best. The itchy spot is the place where all the scratch starts and grows, certainly the good feeling is awesome for itself. Scratching backs is one of the most honorable gests a person can do to you. I couldn’t stop scratching my back while in was writing this reply. If you don’t have anyone to scratch your back to find how good this is, just buy one “scratching yourself” piece of wood in the shop next to you.

  5. This is one if my boyfriend’s favourite things! Along with scratching the back of his head whilst driving in the car – try it!

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