#685 Taking the stairs beside somebody taking the escalator

which route will you takeComing out of the subway, heading to the airport gates, or moseying back to the office after lunch, you occasionally walk with a friend and hit this classic fork in the road. On the right is a smooth-moving escalator with a bit of traffic and on the left is a wide-open set of stairs.

As your friend continues chatting and takes the first step onto the escalator, you cut off the conversation and leap onto the stairs.

Now the race is on.

Jump up those stairs, take them two at a time, do what you need to do, just chase the racing bunny that is your friend’s smooth-moving head all the way up. And if your buddy starts walking up the escalator, make no mistake: They are cheating. And if they hit a wall of tourists taking pictures or a family with a smuggled stroller gumming up the lanes, make no mistake: They knew the risks.

If you beat them to the top, it’s time to celebrate by taking gasping, wheezy breaths while grabbing your sides and wiping the sweat off your brow.

Congratulations, friend.

You just burned a calorie.


dog race all the way to the top

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28 thoughts on “#685 Taking the stairs beside somebody taking the escalator

  1. The stairs are almost ALWAYS faster. All around they are the better decision- exercise, get your heart pumping for just a minute and you’ll make it up faster. Win win!

  2. I’m finally caught up. Started reading this blog a few weeks ago… and I’m finally caught up.
    Anyway….I love taking the stairs. Its always faster at my mall. Its like the escalators go extra slow or something.

  3. I love the escalator. I stand off to the side to make way for the people who want to trot up them like stairs, and just relax and watch the fountains and mirrors in my own little Jetsons moment.

  4. Sorry, I’m one of those who take the escalator.
    As a 71-year-old, there are few sights more unattractive than seeing me sweat-covered, wheezing, and purple-faced as I clutch my heart, just so I can say, “I beat you to the top!” — as if I’d even have the breath to say anything.

  5. well, stairs are always faster. moreover, they are more useful for your health and there are not many people who use them because the majority prefers escalators: they are too lazy for stairs or they just follow the crowd.

  6. My friend and I did this race, she on the stairs, myself on the escalator. I won.

    She had tripped and fell on the stairs.

  7. Actually the awesome part is being on the escalator, passing them as they’re wheezing and flipping the bird since they wouldn’t be able to catch you.

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