#665 Fitting every last thing in the dishwasher

Wedge those macaroni-and-cheese covered plates, butter-smeared knives, and sticky glasses in there sideways. Stuff in the stained Tupperware and double-stacked sandwich containers and then balance a crusty casserole dish on top.

Now if you think you’re done, you’re not even close.

No, now it’s time for the mad dash around the house grabbing leftover glasses from the bathrooms and greasy popcorn bowls from the basement. Then you have to come back and rearrange the clinking, clanging mess like a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t stop until everything’s jammed, rammed, and crammed.

And then stuff a few wooden spoons in the sides.

And a couple more forks.

And the can opener.



(Big congrats to Jen at CakeWrecks for her amazing new book which officially came out yesterday!)

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34 thoughts on “#665 Fitting every last thing in the dishwasher

  1. Yes, yes, yes! Who says you can’t stuff casserole dishes, pots, pans, and whatnot in the dishwasher (some of my relatives, actually). But for me, the more the merrier. There is a true art to dishwasher loading.

  2. Oh man, I definitely do that now that I live on my own. Back when I lived at home my mom would KILL me if I ever let the dishes pile up enough to fill the dishwasher. Awesome!

  3. Similarly, if you’re forced to wash the dishes by hand and you manage to create an improbable pile of dishes in the draining rack to save you having to dry any.

  4. I just tried this yesterday…. except it didn’t work and the slide-out tray-thing was over cumbered and it snapped off… let’s just say I learned my lesson and broke a few dishes…

  5. Oh. My.
    I am so all over this one! I love puzzles, and I hate housework, so if I can trick myself into thinking housework is a puzzle, it’s definitely a WIN situation. With a bonus prize of clean dishes!

    1. I literally cried at the sink once… at the age of 28.

      I was visiting my parents, who used to make me wash dishes even when I wasn’t home to eat the meal (work or practice); but since it was “MY DAY” they didn’t care. So I have dish-trauma from my childhood.

      By the time this happened, I had a dishwasher. They don’t, and the pile was GINORMOUS. So I started to cry, and my mother was like, “ARE YOU CRYING OVER DISHES?” Which made me laugh.

      I still don’t understand why I cried. It may have been PMS.

  6. I do the dishes around our house and my wife does the laundry. But I thought I was the only one who saw the dishwasher like a big puzzle. I also feel a pang of remorse if someone else does them and they didn’t cram them all in there…

  7. First of all, how did you get a pic of my dishwasher?!
    Also, how many of us parents put out the house wide call; “Kids….do I have ALL of your dirty dishes?” Only to be 1/2 way through the cycle and have at least one goober bring in a plate, fork & cup.

  8. Doing a half-full load of dishes is not awesome. But filling the dishwasher up to the nth degree, now that’s awesome!

  9. I have a really hard time loading the dishwasher which is weird because I have a real knack for loading a moving truck. That is, I can walk through a house and visualize how many small moving trips in a 20 ft truck it will take. And then when loading it, I can pack if full floor to ceiling.
    My wife and friends would load the truck half way to the ceiling and it’d be like “What are you thinking? Of course we won’t make it in 3 trips if you load it like that”.

  10. I am convinced that the only reason we were forced to take geometry was so we could figure out how to load all the dishes into the dishwasher at once.

    I miss having a dishwasher. Now we have to figure out how to fit all of our dishes into the tiny rack to dry, which seems a lot harder – maybe because there isn’t a door to slam shut!

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  12. You know what’s even better? When you do the dishes MANUALLY (we are the only ones in our family w/out a dishwasher, but not for long!) and they all fit easily on the rack.

  13. actually having a dishwasher- awesome! I don’t right now. My parents do so when I go home on break that’s awesome.

  14. I’m alot like Bryan, I can load a “mother” moving truck, car, paddy-whack, and back-pack, but dishwashers are just “puzzling” to me!
    They don’t work very well; somethings always have to be re-washed, yet it’s said they conserve water. I think that’s a conspiracy for the D/W maker’s. I’d sooner invest in boots for walking; candle-sticks and baker’s.
    Grateful for hands and all abilities to do so, I’d wash dishes any day.I find it meditative, therefore several things get clean, not just the dishes. Now that’s conservation and helping the world at large! Not “puzzling” at all.

  15. “grabbing leftover glasses from the bathrooms and greasy popcorn bowls from the basement.” Are you SURE you haven’t been stalking us?? haha

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