#664 Running for the bus or train and actually catching it

running for the busI’m no runner.

Strap a pair of flashy sneakers on me, snap on an elastic waistband, and tie my golden locks back into a ponytail and I generally have no idea what to do next.

But when the bus is coming around the corner or the train is pulling into the station, watch out, man, because I am off. Yes, no matter what I’m wearing, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m talking to, if I see the faint possibility of catching that bus at the last second then I’m gunning it.

We all know that Just missing the bus is something you’d find over on 1000 Annoying Things, that non-existent netherlist we’ve mentioned a couple times before that also features #995 Finding out your shirt is inside-out partway through the day, #994 When the public bathroom only has one slow, lukewarm hand dryer, and #993 Getting an all-lettuce bite in your Subway sandwich.

When you run and actually catch the bus or train it’s a great thing.

slow hand dryerFirst off, it means you managed to wait the absolute least amount of time possible. You didn’t check your watch four times and constantly stare up the street for the bus to appear on the horizon. No, you put your head down and bolted and ended up hanging around the curb for 0.0 seconds. Not bad!

Secondly, you score a little Mini-Workout High. Who cares if your cheeks are glowing, your neck’s glistening, and you almost twisted your ankle on the sidewalk? You don’t, because you just got some cardio in. Now you can crumble into your plastic pastel-orange seat satisfied your arteries shook off some fat chunks from the afternoon birthday party.

horseraceLastly, you give everyone else on the train some entertainment. Yes, it’s important to mention the Horserace Bettor effect you have on others. See, everyone else sees you walk onto the platform, bug your eyes out, and bolt into Super-Businessman as you start your race. It’s an adrenaline rush as they cheer you on. Will Dress-And-Running-Shoes Lady squeeze between the newspaper boxes? Will Stroller Mom get her two year old up the escalator past Teenage Cell Phone Mob? There is drama and sometimes cheering.

People, when you frantically wave at the driver from fifty feet away, leap across the platform, or jump in those slowly-closing doors, you made it. Stare up at your fellow passengers, take in a few deep breaths, and smile with your big sweaty face.

You just won a gold medal in being



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40 thoughts on “#664 Running for the bus or train and actually catching it

  1. I remember one time I was running to catch the bus, but I just barely missed it. I even knocked on the door of the bus in the street, but he said that he wasn’t allowed to open the door once he left the stop. I knew that it had another stop down the street, so rather than give up on it I sprinted 3 blocks, weaving through people to make it to the corner at the same time as the bus. The bus driver cheered at me saying “I knew you’d make it!”

  2. LOL! Good article!

    It’s a top feeling when I jump on the train just before the doors close. It is also entertaining seeing someone else just make, especially a fat bloke.

  3. I once ran for the bus on the way home from work, I just made it and when I went to pay the bus driver said, ‘Just hop on, runners don’t pay.’


  4. Can we get a nod for the lazy high heeled ladies like myself in the city?

    I used to have a 30minute bus ride, and sometimes my muni line would notoriously bogg up and two buses would come within 2 minutes of each other. Whereby, the first bus is sardine packed and the whole bumpy ride consists of seeking for air pathways from the windows while standing awkwardly above a sleeping alcoholic bum with the perv dude next to you brushing your body a little too frequently.

    OR… you could realize that there was a MUNI-bogg and take the near empty bus by waiting a mere minute and have a seat by the window all to yourself, open up the morning paper, take a sip from the thermus and smile: ) ahhhh…. lazy revenge.

  5. Haha! This reminds me of the time when my friend and I were walking down the stairs to catch the (Toronto) subway train, and as we were walking I heard the bell ding, signaling the closing of the doors. Without thinking, I immediately grabbed my friend’s arm and flew down the stairs, jumping almost all of them, and ran right through the closing subway car doors, dragging my friend behind me. We slid through and bashed against the other door inside the car, and then these two guys started clapping for us. Epic!

  6. When I was a LOT younger I could run and catch the bus every time. But every time I did catch one ….my mom made me let it go. She never let me have a bus!

  7. Over here in the UK the bus drivers will not open the doors for you- even if they are stopped at a light right next to the stop! No love for the bus chasers at all.

  8. except when you make the train, celebrate your “making it” high… and then the conductor comes around and tells you you’re getting kicked off at the next stop, because jumping onto a moving train is not allowed. haha. epic fail.

  9. even better:

    thinking youre gonna be late for the bus so you rush, and as you round the corner you see the bus waaaaay off in the distance, so you leisurely stroll the rest of the way to the bus stop…

  10. This is so awesome and I’m constantly doing it. The buses around here never really show up when they’re supposed to, so it’s always a guessing game.

    But recently, I’ve taken up a new task.

    Beating the bus.

    Since the buses in my area are so erratic, I’ve been opting to walk for the last couple of days. At first, I feel like I should wait, or don’t even really feel like walking, but I do and the entire time, I’m looking over my shoulder, waiting for that damn #2 North to rattle and whiz by. But, strangely enough, I’ve arrived at work the last three consecutive days before the bus even got to my stop! It makes me feel powerful and a little bit lighter in the loafers; feeling that is totally


    1. Just so you know, “light in the loafers” is Southern slang used to mean effeminately homosexual.


  11. nice. This must mean that I’m Awesome overload, cause I do this almost every day! I always dash for the train on my way home, cause who wants to wait another 15 min after work!

  12. on the contrary: the worst feeling in the world is when you see the bus, sprint towards it, JUST miss it, and see the people on the bus staring or laughing at you.

  13. …Once I was racing for the bus and accidentally fell down a hill, because I couldn’t stop fast enough. Most embarrassing moment ever, especially since some of my friends were already on the bus, and it was a college shuttle, so everyone was a classmate in some way, shape or form.

  14. My experiences with this haven’t been quite so awesome. Once I dived onto the bus, feeling the doors almost catch my backpack, only to discover that it was the wrong bus. Another time I just caught the bus and was really proud of myself until I realized that my phone had fallen out of my pocket during the sprint and was probably lying in pieces on the sidewalk. When I got home I immediately grabbed my bike, raced back to school, found the phone in the grass, put the battery back in, and-miracle of miracles- it lived!

  15. Once, I was staying at my aunt’s house in Jersey City, and as she leaves at a condominium far from the subway, I had to take a bus to get to the subway station so I could go to Manhattan and another bus to go back home.
    As the bus had especific time to get to the stop, sometimes when we were at the train, coming back from a day of shopping in Manhattan, we would look at our watches and realize that we had only 2 minutes before the bus arrived at the stop. When the doors of the train opened, we would run like crazy with lots of shopping bags to the bus stop. We could see people around us laughing and cheering for us. When we managed to catch it, it would feel totaly awesome.

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