#660 Stomping dry crunchy leaves on the sidewalk

crispy crunchGreen baby buds pop out in the spring, healthy leaves fly high to the sky all summer, and aging beauties flash and change colors in the fall. Then eventually they snap off and crack off and crumble and tumble down to the sidewalk.

People, it’s true — the sun rose, the sun set, months went by, and the earth actually tilted on its axis before this moment could appear before you.

So smile a big smile on your way to school and just enjoy the crispy crunch that comes when your sneakers smash a brittle little leaf into smithereens.


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45 thoughts on “#660 Stomping dry crunchy leaves on the sidewalk

  1. perhaps my favorite part of fall! I actually belong to a facebook group called “I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way To Step On That Crunchy-looking Leaf” which is SO TRUE.

    :-D Awesome.

  2. you’ve definitely had this one lined up for awhile, but you’ve been waiting for it to get more fall-y. that said, this is an AWESOME thing.

  3. The sounds of fall! I will purposely walk toe-to-toe in the little gutter thingy to get a whole minute’s worth of leaf-crunchy awesomeness.

  4. Mmmmm… I just drove right through the middle of a pile of leaves with me car today… You gotta lurve autumn. :D The wind… The colours… The sun… Indeed. :D

  5. Crunching leaves has always been one of my very favorite hobbies. There are few pleasures in this life as satisfying as stepping on a dry leaf and listening to it snap, crackle and pop.
    Just the other day, I’m walking to work and walking on a perfectly spotless sidewalk. Spotless except for one lone leaf. And not just any leaf: it was quite possibly the crunchiest-looking leaf I have ever seen. In my entire life.
    Heart pounding in crunchy anticipation, I race up to the leaf, determined to stomp that leaf before it blows away and out of my life. And suddenly, the worst happens. The wind takes ahold of that leaf and carries it off, far from my reach.
    My heart breaks.
    But I’m not letting this leaf go. It is simply too perfect. It zigs and zags away, but finally, the wind dies down and the leaf settles onto the sidewalk, poised perfectly as if it were asking me to step on it.
    I catch up to it and hover my foot above it, savoring the moment, because I just know it is going to be AWESOME. And then, quickly and firmly, I crunch.
    Never in my life have I crunched a better leaf. The brown, brittle shell of a former tree splinters and shatters under the weight of my shoe. The sound of the crunch echoes in the trees for what seemed like an eternity. And, the passers-by who were watching the entire ordeal applauded. It was truly glorious.

    1. well no one commented on this last year when they should have, but I will remedy that now. AWESOME comment

  6. There is nothing more satisfying the the crunch of the perfect leaf. But on the flip side there is nothing more disappointing then stepping on one that LOOKS crunchy but is terribly moist and dull.

  7. I think thats stepping on acorns that have fallen to the ground is waay more satisfying. There’s more crunch to it than fall leaves.

  8. My heart literally skipped a beat when i read this, Every morning on the way to school there is a 5 foot patch and it step on as many as i can. I do this on the way home as well…i even took pictures stomping on them hahaha

  9. I discovered this website a couple days ago, and every time I’ve walked to class since then I’ve thought about how that should be on this list. Awesome!

  10. I did this with my 4 year old Godson after a trip to the Zoo. It was the most amazing feeling running around the parking lot, absolutely exhausted from walking over 5 miles, stomping on piles of crunchy leaves with the little guy!

  11. Me and my friend will be walking down the sidewalk, and we both spot that one crunchy, perfect looking leaf at the same time. Then we bith run at it, and shove each other out of the way, and whoever steps on it gets bragging rights for the rest of the day.

  12. I was on vacation a few weeks ago where the leaves had already fallen on the sidewalk. I went out of my way to walk on them and to make sure they made a very obvious crunching sound.

  13. I especially love it when a bunch of different coloured leaves come together…a beautiful crunch!

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