#659 When you suddenly remember it’s a long weekend

friday at 5pmMonday is the new Sunday. First off, your TV-watching schedule is messed up. The baseball game was last night so now you’re flipping past Wheel of Fortune and sitcom reruns. But no big deal, because even though the night before school or work is a bit of a drag, you can at least rest knowing you’ve got a four-day week.

Sunday is the new Saturday. Now you can make late night plans without excuses. No sister-in-laws will be zipping up diaper bags and tying their kid’s shoelaces in the front hallway at 8:30pm this time. Nope, on long weekend Sundays the party’s just getting started, so toss the seven-year-old on the bed full of jackets upstairs, and get ready to rock.

Saturday is Uncharted Territory. This is the Bermuda Triangle of the long weekend. You’ve got two more days to finish your algebra homework, plant the tulip bulbs, or mow the lawn, so that all falls off the radar. Yes, today’s the day for a movie marathon, long drive to see the grandkids, or late night out with your old friends from high school.

When you suddenly remember it’s a long weekend it’s time for some head spins. Your brain races with possibilities ahead and you’re filled with a tingly buzz of excitement. Yes, you ran up the bumpy hills of Monday and Tuesday, scraped by a muddy Wednesday, and clawed through the frozen tundra of Thursday and Friday.

Now you’re at the top of the mountain breathing the fresh air of the long weekend.

And it is glorious.


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23 thoughts on “#659 When you suddenly remember it’s a long weekend

  1. I just had this feeling today, as tomorrow is a holiday for us Canadians (probably not a coincidence). Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! We’re such gluttons down here in the US that we take two workdays off for the imbibing of delicious foods. Roll on, November!

  3. I also work weekends but am looking forward to someday having that long weekend joy (when I get a “real” job ;) , and I can definitely remember it from when I was a kid! Nice one. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  4. Vow ! How amazingly written to bring the feeling to surface. I feel even more happier ( I know the correct grammar is ” happy “). I just wanted to accentuate that I was already feeling happy and, after the writing here, I felt even more happy.

  5. Just imagine how awesome it is for Columbus when he remembers it’s Columbus Day. Not only does he get an extra day off, but it’s named after him!

  6. I would add something in a similar vein – saving up your extra hour during the “Fall Back” weekend to do with as you please.

  7. Appears it’s finally gonna warm up again … It genuinely would be a wild winter this season throughout the county. Is seems just like spring time won’t come soon enough.. Awaiting summer months months ahead !

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