#658 When you meet up with a group of friends and they stop talking to celebrate your arrival

meeting up with friendsSometimes you’re late for the date.

Stepping into the dark restaurant, shaking off your umbrella, squeezing past the bar, you don’t know what you’re gonna get: Who’s gonna be here? Have they already ordered? Will there even be a chair?

If you’re like me, baby butterflies flap in your stomach when you stumble into Tonight’s Social Scene for the first time. Brushing rain off your eyebrows, unzipping your jacket, you smile nervously as you spot your friends and walk over to their crowded table in the back.

And if your entrance is marked by heads turning, forks dropping, fists raising, and loud cheers, it means you’re hanging with a great group. So smile and accept their little Welcome Package of hugs and high-fives.

It’s gonna be a great night.


high ten

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33 thoughts on “#658 When you meet up with a group of friends and they stop talking to celebrate your arrival

  1. I was recently in Chicago for a family wedding. The night before, the whole family (30+) got together at a restaurant and had the upstairs room.

    I was late because I had picked up my parents at the airport, dropped them in front of the restaurant and then had to park and walk back.

    I hate being late and especially to a big family event. However when I walked in with my sister and cousin, everyone began clapping and cheering!! We did it for everyone after us who were late as well… It was a great feeling!!!

  2. nothing better than this warm reception, especially if you were having second thoughts about heading out. best!

  3. this is an amazing feeling, especially if you’ve been away for a long time and haven’t seen them in ages.

    gotta love your friends

  4. Yay! Seeing great friends after a long time is awesome.. and what better way to kick it off than with a big celebration when you get there.

    No other story here – this one just brought a smile to my face. AWESOME.

  5. It’s best at family reunions when your father in law hands you a beer and says: “so who gave you the new address?”

  6. I’d love that! Sad to say i don’t always get that. :(

    I think mostly people just give you the “great-you’re-finally-here-can-we-order-now” look. *sigh*

    I am looking forward to a good crowd like this!

  7. I always get nervous whenever I’m going out to meet friends because I’m worried that I’ll be there too early and no one else will have arrived yet and I’ll have to sit by myself for some number of minutes.
    So it’s always a comforting thing when I arrive and one of my friends spots me and flies out of the restaurant screaming my name, runs across the parking lot and then gives me a giant hug as soon as I step out of the car.

  8. Thats a great post you made there. I didn’t know of that until i read your blog post. Christmas is around the corner now and i’m trying to look for a Zhu Zhu Pet hamster for my daughter and a Mindflex Game for my Son…

  9. Sometimes, I say I might join you this evening. When I arrive late, there is cheers. This also happens to others who doesn’t have enough time to share with us, even late, its good to see them arrive. Its also awesome to see someone arrive late when you think s/he’s not coming.

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