#652 Using any item within reach to help grab the remote control so you don’t have to move

remote controlDusty sunbeams streak through the window while you lay on the couch in a blissful half-asleep cocoon. Sometimes during this hazy daze a little voice in your brain politely asks that the TV be turned down or shut right off.

In moments like this there’s something satisfying about keeping as much of your body completely relaxed and perfectly still as possible while awkwardly grabbing the remote with your foot, a rolled up newspaper, or another remote that just happens to be closer.

After you stab at it and coax it across the carpet, you do the deed and let a little smile curl on your face as you fade deeper and deeper into your comfy afternoon nap.


fishing net

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26 thoughts on “#652 Using any item within reach to help grab the remote control so you don’t have to move

  1. Definitely happened to me this afternoon. Used the book I should have been reading for class while I was watching television.


    1. hahah i always ask my cat to go get me the remote. i know he understands me, but he won’t do it. haha

      1. Pet trainers unite! I finally trained my rat terrier “Jay Jay Boy” to fetch the remote……try and guess how many remotes he chewed up before I could catch him.
        Jay is a great little boogie boy….and very, very fast!

        1. haha, i have a dog we call ‘Jacky-Boy’. And whenever my brother asks me to get the door for him i say “Get Jack to do it.” But, unlike your Jay, we haven’t gotten quite that far in Jack’s training.

  2. orrrrrrr…

    use another object to press “shut down” button on your remote.

    either way – AWESOME

  3. My sister and I used to save the toilet paper rolls or, better yet, the paper towel rolls, or, EVEN better, wrapping paper rolls to make remote retrievers. We were such MacGuyvers.

  4. That net you have there in the picture actually looks pretty good for the job. I think I’ll buy the first TV that offers one of those along with purchase for exactly this purpose.

  5. I like when you can catch it by one finger or so, and then slowly do the carpet roll of retrieval in order to acquire the tasty remote goodness.

  6. I think it’s funny that people will go days without watching tv or will totally change how they watch tv because they have lost the remote!

  7. Indeed. And I don’t know if the next thing has been on yet, I don’t think it was yet (as I did read all yer posts), and I know it’s wrong to kill, but how awesome is that sensation when you manage to smack the fly (whichever type it is) that’s been bothering you for ages. Not catch it with some paper or whatever, but simply smack it. Makes you feel like Xena.

    Amazing how beating such small, nasty, bugging things can make you feel like the king of the world.

    “Who’s the mannnnnnnn?” Or, in this case, the woman. :P

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  9. That is why I keep a golf club by the couch. It’s also handy for turning off the stereo on the other side of the room and scaring possums off my roof.

  10. My husband does this all the time with his feet and it’s just so groase to think about when someone else pickes it up with their hands or worse, a baby attempts to put it in their mouth, as all babies do! It’s my excuse anyway for getting him to at least think about it…where have your feet been today??? Hand, hoof, mouth disease…YUCK!!!

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