45 thoughts on “#650 The first couple hours of the roadtrip

  1. The first few hours are always wonderful until between hours 5 and 6 when I ALWAYS just remember that I left my clothes in the washer.

    1. I always remember about 20-30 minutes out of town, but i always wait for about an hour until i tell someone so they don’t grumble and feel obliged to turn back so i can get it.

  2. I like this part, but only after when you clear the places you already know, like your hometown. Then, for everyone but the driver, it’s Stare And Comment On The Scenery time.

  3. Great post! That pic reminds me of driving through the maritimes which I did almost every year until I was 16. Awesome!

  4. You’re flying high above the clouds, the car is invisible, the day is just beginning and the whole world stretches out before you like a map.

  5. I just randomly came across this page and truly it’s just a great read. Had to book mark it because I agree with a lot of these things, just a great way to look at the dimple things in life, great page! Keep up the awesome work!

  6. In those first few hours, you still have fun and fresh things to talk about with your road trip compatriots. You haven’t yet got to the part where the conversation wanes and you have to resort to either playing car games (zitch dog, anyone?) to singing along to the mix tape cassingle stuck in the tape deck (…and I would walk 500 miles…)

    1. Or until the point when you get stuck in a snowstorm in your car with your college roommate in front of a motel. ;)

  7. Spring 1975, Arizona to Wisconsin on the last days of old Route 66. Four days with wife and baby, big U-Haul truck going east to a new life. Awesome!

  8. And you are actually getting along with your back seat-mate because absolute boredom has not kicked in yet……hour 3 and up – Mommy, Toni’s looking at me again!!!! Am not, Rockee just stick her tongue out at me…..ahhh, memories of a 6 hour car trip to Johnstown PA….

  9. Hey dude! I’m kinda new to your site and the first thing I had on my mind was “How did this guy become so successful?” If you don’t mind, can you tell me how because I run a humor blog and I just wanted a few pointers

  10. It’s always the best part [excluding the reaching destination part].

    Like all others have said,

    – the tank is full
    – tummy is full
    – bladder is empty
    – butts are not numb yet
    – legs are not numb yet
    – conversations are still fresh and not boring
    – songs have yet to be replayed
    – money in wallet is still full
    – no injuries or accidents so far

    all in all,


  11. I love the feeling of stretching your legs after a few hours on the road. What’s better is if you can stretch out (or curl up) in the backseat with a strategically positioned pillow. I absolutely love road trips. The only occasion for buying Pringles and Twizzlers for me.

  12. I went on my very first road trip by myself a couple months ago. I was going back home to visit my Dad after not seeing him for a few years. It was a 12 hour trip and I had a hotel room booked halfway. I have never felt such freedom in all my life. I will never forget the look on my Dads face as I pulled into the driveway. (He never seen me drive before)

  13. When you get to the open road and there isn’t any other cars in sight, so you can kick off your shoes and take off your seatbelt and just relax in the sun, sipping your ice water with your sunglasses on.

  14. so
    ive been on this snowboard trip for five months now
    and weve had a lot of shit happen to us
    failing brakes
    broken alternator that kinda stuff
    but just remember
    things can always be worse

  15. The “I’m 20 and invincible” power drive: hour 44, nearing destination and all chat between you and your driving companion stops. Eerie silence settles in (not the normal breaks in conversation), like absolutely everything has been said and you’ve used up all the words: you’ll never speak to each other again. Then, in a blink, you’re both off the rails and gibbering insanely – random sounds, words, screams, laughs. The car stops for the last time, the reset button pushed and everything is normal again. Hey friend!


  16. Bu then it gets to the part were you’re driving through the desert and you can’t find a thing on the radio except for mariachi and the occasional country station that wouldn’t be so bad except it doesn’t stay but for half a song.

  17. I used to love field trips…well, not exactly a road trip, but if you forgot something, there’s always going to be someone willing to share with you. And there’s the benefit of not getting bored, with everyone’s spirits soaring high. And hopefully no cranky old teachers. But on road trips, it sucks when someone suddenly remembers something they forgot, and you have to turn back. But as an awesome ninja, this doesn’t happen often. :)

  18. I’m not anal on typos…just think this is cute…
    Gotta love Isaac’s comment:
    “just a great way to look at the ‘dimple’ things in life.”

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