#644 When company events are scheduled on company time

clockThanks, boss.

When you observe the safe haven of our evenings and weekends by scheduling company events during company hours, we’re loving you lots. Because come on, we all have lots going on after work — clothes need washing, family needs visiting, and the kids have a sports tournament out of town.

So throw that company picnic on a sunny Friday afternoon. We’ll get the Frisbee going with the assistant manager and gather around the wobbly buffet table to try the secretary’s homemade potato-and-egg salad or the vice-president’s expensive, store-brought brownies. Get those team-building exercises motoring on Monday morning, when we all need coffee jolts and trust falls to perk us up for the week. And toss your recognition lunches in the middle of the week, when a chilled-out Wednesday barbecue helps get us through to the other side.

When company events are scheduled on company time, we get a magical little moment where the photocopier stops, lines slow down, and we all relax for a couple chilled out hours of


potato and egg salad

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15 thoughts on “#644 When company events are scheduled on company time

  1. I can’t stand when we have mandatory company events on the weekend (or even in the evening).

    I don’t get paid to see you people after 5pm, let alone partake in forced merriment.

    If you really want to make employees happy, instead of spending a buttload of money on a picnic, let us go home two hours early with pay!

  2. …again why I LOVED the years I provided care , life skills and early childhood education to infants-10 year olds, was an event with the best company ever every day!

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