37 thoughts on “#643 The sound of steaks hitting a hot grill

  1. That steak looks awesome, if I may say so myself.




  2. Mmmmm…. And I just finished eating a big juicy steak right before seeing this. That sound sure was fabulous!

  3. I’ve been working in restaurants and namely some grill stations for over a decade and that sound never gets old.

  4. I agree with almost all of your items of awesomeness, but I gotta say…the “tsssss” of flesh on a grill not so awesome for me.

    1. I’m a vegan, so I get where you’re coming from- however, this one can apply to a lot of different foods! I like the tssss of seaweed chips frying in a pan (trust me, there delicious)

  5. Mmmm I specialize in awesome things also and that IS awesome!

    Just as awesome- that first juicytenderbloody bite that melts in your mouth. Oh yeah!

  6. White hot coals…..big chunk of dead cow….large glass of ice cold barley pop….one hungry carnivore…… ……tssssssssssssss….Awessssssssome!

  7. Tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    *poke poke*

    Totally AWESOME!

  8. if were only talking about the sound… then the sound of a steak on a grill sounds exactly like heavy rain.

    listen carefully next time your around one of them and try to picture the other.

  9. The sound combined with the smell is like heaven!

    One of the restaurants near where I work has a bar right next to the open kitchen, as in you could reach out and poke the food if you were feeling saucy.

    I love that when I go for a really late lunch, they are prepping for dinner so they start searing a bunch of meat all at once. Mmmmmmm.

  10. Ya, isn’t it more like psssst, “I think this is really the end,” from the poor old dead cow.

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