#623 The sound of snow crunching under your boots

Dim streetlights cast blurry shadows for your cold walk home.

Snow-packed mitts, floppy wool hat, and a drippy, sniffly nose cover your shuddery frame as you shuffle down empty side streets on your way to the cozy warmth of your waiting bed. Everything is an eerily pitch-perfect silence buried under a shadowy sheet of bright white. Pine trees sway softly, Christmas lights flicker, and the biting air ice-scrapes your frost-nipped nose.

Somehow the solid crunch of your winter boots against the packed road snow fills the night with a relaxing and familiar sound that marks tiny little progress towards cuddling up under warm blankets and falling deep asleep.

Like cracking frozen puddles, pushing soft drink lid buttons, or popping a spoon in a jar of peanut butter, the sound of snow crunching under your salty winter boots scratches a primal itch that just feels so satisfying.

So stuff your hands in your pockets, curl your head to your chest, and crunch loud and crunch proud deep into the dark, winter night.


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101 thoughts on “#623 The sound of snow crunching under your boots

  1. I always associate the sound of snow crunching under my feet with the brief, terrifying loss of balance that immediately precedes a fall.

    That could just be me being clumsy and paranoid.

    1. The sound of snow crunching is actually similar to nails on a chalkboard for me. It automatically sends shivers down my spine! At least I’m not the only one that doesn’t like this sound. haha

  2. I’m going to be in Britain rather than Canada this year, and this post sums up everything I love about winters. Definitely 1 of 1000 really awesome things.

  3. I think this is more awesome when you can stand on the top of the snow for a second or two when it’s really deep, then SHOOF! your boot goes right through. Repeat until satisfied, or out of snow.

  4. How do you always manage to time these posts perfectly? Woke up this morning to a beautiful layer of crunchy snow on the ground.

  5. I didn’t think it was possible, but you made me miss winter. For the first time ever, I’d trade today’s 68 degree weather here in SD for some nicely packed snow to clomp around in.

    Great post!

    1. The snow comes with ice in Illinois,too. This takes all the fun out of it. The roads are slippery, and everybody drives incredibly slow to avoid accidents.

  6. “Everything is an eerily pitch-perfect silence buried under a shadowy sheet of bright white.”

    Favorite line of a lot of favorites! (…and I don’t even like snow~this post is perfect for those of us who’d love to stop & savor it but are usually too freezing to enjoy it.)

  7. That sounds wonderful unless you have to walk the dog 4 times a day – I hate winter and it gets longer every year

  8. That sound always reminds me of visits to my Grandfather’s farm in Northern Alberta for Christmas. We would bundle up and go out around midnight to look at the stars.

  9. Ahhh… what a great post! I love this sound and the picture you painted with your words. Thanks for giving me something to smile about.

  10. That would be nice….. IF we got snow here in SA. Over a million peeps in this one city just hoping for at least half an inch of snow. I’m just hoping that one day, just one day I will be able to throw a snowball.

    1. Oh my gosh. Never mind that, because.. we are getting snow here! I’m going wild cause I’ve never thrown a snowball. Bottom line I’m excited!!

  11. this sounds creeps me out. i’m not usually bothered by things like this, but let me tell you the sound gives me the heebie geebies!

  12. I think this is more awesome when you can stand on the top of the snow for a second or two when its really deep, then SHOOF! your boot goes right through. Repeat until satisfied, or out of snow.Took the words right out of my mouth! NICE!

  13. Isn’t it wonderful that, despite what we hear about the state of our planet, snow is still white and boots still make the same noise, year after year. It’s comforting like a cup of mulled wine by the fire in the middle of a blizzard!
    Thanks for the fun and positive outlook!

  14. oh yeah. thanks for bringing this up
    I also find remarkable that the sound of everything is so much smoother when all is covered in snow…

    jingle bells….


  15. I was ploughing through fresh snow in the garden of my mum’s house, when it snowed in the UK back in February this year. Walking in virgin snow before the slush/ice kicks in is a pleasure that can’t be measured.

  16. I love this sound, especially when I was a little kid growing up in Nebraska. There was a lot of snow but to you that might now be significant. It was about sometimes upto 6 ft tall and for my house back then, you basically have to jump from the first floor window to get out. But in short, snow brings me back and I hope it will do the same with this generation of people, hopefully …

  17. I love that because it makes me feel as though the earth has a new floor…and the snow is the walls. Being outdoors in the snow makes me feel indoors as it is all padded and such. If any of that makes sense to any of you, marry me ;)

  18. Awesome post. You have got me in the mood for a wrapped up wintery walk. I have only just come across your blog. A daily must read. I have linked you to my blog. Thanks in advance for all posts to come I’m sure thwy will be truely AWESOME.

  19. This makes me happy that I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. It just snowed today! Also, what’s really fun is going sledding with friends when it’s dark. I’ve done that many times and despite the cold, it really is fun :]

  20. I’m Canadian, and I’ve had my fill of winter, but this post was a pleasant reminder of something good about the white stuff!

  21. Love the sound of snow crunching under my feet.

    Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the atmosphere and all the events of the christmas season.

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