#611 Typing in your username and password at the speed of light

Put your hand up if you type slow.

Yes, if you’re a clickity-clackity finger-punching purist whose chubby fingers stab at the keyboard with the rhythm and grace of a tiny bird picking pebbles at the park, then you’re not alone.

Stumbling over emails, bumbling over book reports, you touch-type with a finger-bouncing pace that backspaces a bunch, slows down in a crunch, and gets twisted and snarled on big word speed bumps.

Thank goodness you’ve got your username and password for some speed of lightning superfast quick-typing.

Oh yeah, baby.

Yes, when you log onto your computer, innernet, or email account your fingers suddenly take on a life of their own. They become possessed and you barely recognize them as they zip-zoom across the keys in a windy blur like The Flash.

Sometimes you really don’t even know your password because your brain has outsourced all memory of it to your fingersĀ  who somehow always manage to come up with it right when you need it most.


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82 thoughts on “#611 Typing in your username and password at the speed of light

  1. AWESOME!! I am a pretty good typer, but I’m lighting at my username at work.

    I forgot the password for my school email account because I forgot the combination of keys I use to type it like lighting….

      1. Here’s a tip for this situation: use your favourite password, but add a number to the end. eg. If your password is “ewoksrule”, then when work makes you change it, you go with ewoksrule1, and so on.

  2. I’m so glad other people get this, too. For whatever reason, the ridiculous speed that I type my password with always brightens my mood. Maybe I’m weird, but I’m glad I’m not alone!

    1. You’re not weird when a whole other bunch of people shares your awesome thing! And you’re def. not alone :D

  3. Fast typing is always awesome, especially when it concerns sensitive information.

    The thing about Firefox is that it can save your username, and it’ll pop up when you type the first few letters! Awesome!

  4. This is me! It’s fantastic. Sometimes I type my password so fast I don’t even remember doing it or if it’s right but I press enter and I am magically logged on.
    I still think I type fast for only using 2 fingers, I am too lazy for touch typing bah.

  5. “Yes, when you log onto your computer, innernet, or email account”

    I don’t know whether you meant to put innernet or not, Just thought i’d mention it :)

    1. i remember when i had dile-up i needed a password to start the internet connection, and i believe with Firefox you can set a “master password” that makes it so that you can only access stuff once you put it in

  6. I like this feeling, even if you end up putting the wrong password in when you cycle through about 4 on a day-to-day basis.

    But then you get to try again to set a Finger Speed Record!

  7. My mind has been blown! I’ve always enjoyed running through my usernames and passwords but I’ve never given it the awesome recognition it deserves.

  8. It’s funny how I think about these the day before they are posted. The one day it snowed so far this year in Texas I remember thinking how it’s such a good feeling under your shoe when you walk on fresh snow. I also just typed in my username and password into facebook yesterday at an insane rate. I never think about it but I did yesterday.

  9. I am online since the late 90s. I use to have all my passwords in my head. I forgot some as I got older though. Sometimes my fingers do know it before my brain does haha.

  10. My mother was an “old school” secretary knowing shorthand and olllllddd typewriters, and she taught me how to type.
    I can type over 75 words per minute……..but I can only spell 4 correctelally.

  11. I have 92 wpm and 98% accuracy (when I try hard), so pretty much everything comes out as fast as my password :)

  12. Ha ha! I’m pretty fast on the computer and so that results of my mom hearing it in the living room when I’m in my bedroom. Though on the other hand, my mom is the “hunt and peck” kind of typer, and is very slow.

  13. haha i have 16 digit password for most of my accounts, however my brain DOESNT know what it is, but my fingers do!
    I just place my fingers on the NUMpad and off it goes! 100% accuracy all the time.

  14. Speed isn’t my problem, it’s remembering what xyz444 goes to what www.
    AWWWWG…It is sooo frustrating when the red sentence pops up…”incorrect username or password” or “username already taken……”.
    My computer is soooo lucky I haven’t gone postal. Too many passwords. Some need only 4 letters, some 3 letters & 4 letters, some…AWWWWG.
    But me gets smart. Yep. I make a short cut and “rename” it the username and password for that site or item.
    Then, I made a file ‘CODES’ and use notebook to keep ALLLLL of them in and can easily update at will.
    Hey, what-evvvvvvver works for memory recall. Right?

  15. Haha, so true. I always forget the password from my work computer. So i just put my fingers in position on the numerical keyboard. And then it comes by itself!

  16. I raise my hand half way up mostly cause one I’m not to bad but sometimes I’m horrible and two I don’t have chubby fingers ;)

  17. Love it! Best feeling ever! Even better when someone sees it and comments on how impressive it is!

  18. Wow u r amazing please email me my class has bean righting awesomes since we found the book!!!!

  19. I think u should do something like wiping the drool of ur face or going to the spa!!!!!

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