#611 Typing in your username and password at the speed of light

Put your hand up if you type slow.

Yes, if you’re a clickity-clackity finger-punching purist whose chubby fingers stab at the keyboard with the rhythm and grace of a tiny bird picking pebbles at the park, then you’re not alone.

Stumbling over emails, bumbling over book reports, you touch-type with a finger-bouncing pace that backspaces a bunch, slows down in a crunch, and gets twisted and snarled on big word speed bumps.

Thank goodness you’ve got your username and password for some speed of lightning superfast quick-typing.

Oh yeah, baby.

Yes, when you log onto your computer, innernet, or email account your fingers suddenly take on a life of their own. They become possessed and you barely recognize them as they zip-zoom across the keys in a windy blur like The Flash.

Sometimes you really don’t even know your password because your brain has outsourced all memory of it to your fingersĀ  who somehow always manage to come up with it right when you need it most.


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82 thoughts on “#611 Typing in your username and password at the speed of light

  1. Totally true! I type pretty fast when I type notes in lectures and I do the same for username and password too. :)

  2. Sooo true i can zip through it but when i change passwords it sucks cuz i always type in my old one

  3. I’m am awesome at typing and it rocks!!! Eat that other things because AWESOME rocks!!!!!!!!

  4. I actually learned to type all my words pretty fast from typing my username and password.

  5. I know I’m pretty slow. My friends always laugh at me for being slow. I usually use one finger and punch in the keys one at a time. Sometimes it takes me hours to type a paper. But when I can type my username and password lightning fast, well… It’s always a AWSOME day!

  6. I have always been slow at typing and I’m glad something finally realizes it’s an awesome thing

  7. Especially when you have absolutely no key board education.
    And have you ever noticed how much fun it is to type the word people?
    yes, people
    aha, people
    that’s right, just one more for the road, people.
    and this is so safe, you can even try it at home…

  8. Passwords have been a subject of great angst for myself, and my husband as well…Having been actively and daily connected to the Information Super Highway you’d think it would be second nature to just input my info and go, buy that is not the case… This is a HIGHLY SENSITIVE subject because at least once a day (average is 4) I have log-on issues ; so for all you PASSWORD SUPER HEROS OUT THERE-ROCK ON YOUR AWESOMENESSES! LOL
    PS-Adult ADD/ADHD and OCD Components are a big part of my lack of signing on with Superhero speed-but only in those days when mixed with a good dose of neurosis… lol
    PSS-one I can share that helps me keep my accounts safe: I use a combo of two words; and two sets of numbers, and I cap at least 2 of the letters….. Has kept me safe-perhaps too safe when I can’t access my own accounts LMAO! OOOHHH AND THOSE DARN CAPTCHAS! I’m sure you amazing SuperHeros always get those on the first try, lol….

  9. Love it!
    The downside is when you have to come up with a password and it turns out ridiculously hard to type so you end up cursing the password but somehow never get around to changing it…

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