#587 Taking your ponytail out

Okay, you know how good it feels when you peel your socks off at the end of the day? You know how your crinkly leg hairs all get a chance to relax, stretch out, and breathe a sigh of relief?

Well, taking out your ponytail is like that times a million.

All your hair unbends and finally points the other direction. Shivers shake down your spine as you bend your neck and shake your hair out. Yes, all the pressure just melts away and it feels like an instant scalp massage. Plus, if you tied your shaggy mane up when it was wet then it’s even better because somehow everything was twisted even tighter up in there.

Taking your ponytail out is the getting comfy equivalent of putting on your PJs, taking your bra off at the end of the day, or twisting around all your sheets and blankets in the middle of the night till you get ’em jusssssssssst right.


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68 thoughts on “#587 Taking your ponytail out

  1. it is also the equivalent feeling when you take a headband off your head after a long day of it digging into your head!

  2. Sitting in bed. . . Hair everywhere after a long day of it up wet. Thought i’d check the site before i tucked in . . . So great :)

  3. I can totally relate but for me putting my hair up in a scrunchie is really great too.

    I have very long, thick hair (which gets in my face) so sometimes it gets a bit much. Putting it all up in a ponytail before getting to work is awesome!

    1. I agree! I usually wear my hair down during the work day. One of the first things I do when I get home is to put it up in a ponytail. Then I take it down again at bedtime. Best of both worlds!

  4. I totally disagree, when I used to have long hair, and used to tie it back. Taking the pony tail out left my scalp painful. It’s like my hair enjoyed being up in that position.

      1. Bahah :) Like yer hair enjoyed being up in that position… :P More like the other way around, as it’s stretching the hair and breaking it, but I get where you’re coming from. ;) :D Love it myself. LOL

      2. I agree. Sometimes it really hurts for a little bit, but after a few good shakes when everything is where it’s suppose to be it’s great.

      1. Yeah but dudes usually don’t wear true ponytails (straight out the back of the head) they usually have their hair tied back (nape of the neck). Pony tail out is a totally different experience than hair untied.

      2. Hear hear!

        The #1 thing I miss about my long hair is not being able to mess around with it like that…. I miss my ponytail.

  5. This is such an amazing feeling. I love taking my hair out of a pony. I’m glad it’s taken its rightful place on the Awesome list.

  6. this is one of my favorite things. I very seldom wear my hair up because of how it hurts my head! Yet when I do throw it all up in a pony, taking it down at night feels wonderful!

  7. As a long haired guy, I know this feeling. I usually have my hair in a pony tail for work so it’s a great feeling to let my hair down once I get home.

  8. As a guy with short hair, i don’t know how this feels.

    But one thing i can say…there is nothing hotter than a woman with a ponytail. exposing the back of their necks is just too amazing!

    so the thought of letting it down is a bit depressing for me; and perhaps not on my ‘list of awesomeness’.

  9. But of course… However, if you can’t stand long hair on your shoulders, like me, it’s the opposite way around. Put it uppppp. :P

    Anyway… As this site influences us all… I was just thinking today, whilst cleaning up the kitchen, that another awesome thing is cleaning spray. I just love it. Spray, wipe. Spray, wipe… Heck, if they made one for the body, I’d use it all day long and during showers too. Spray, wipe, spray, wipe… There, all clean. Me-ow. :P It feels like havin’ a powerful gun in yer hand. :D

  10. I have to have my hair up for work and nothing is better than the moment when my hair comes down; my entire body sighs with relief.

  11. My awesome thing is actually the opposite. I often can’t wait to put my hair up into a ponytail when I get home from work. It’s also handy when I don’t feel like doing anything to my longish hair. I’ve thought about going short, but I like having the options!

  12. I have joyous shivers right now just thinking about how great this feels! This is one of my favorite feelings ever. Ahhhhhhh . . .

  13. Ohhhhhhhhh… so good! One of the reasons I enjoy wearing my hair in ponytails haha. :) Loving the list as always

  14. yes! and to those that disagreed, I have long hair as well. Don’t use the rubber-band/style. Use fluffy cloth-covered elastic. No pain, and yes! awesome :)

  15. I don’t have long hair, but I think it must be kind of like removing a toque or hat after a long day of playing outside….your hair kind of hurts, but definitely the good kind of hurt. So good to be free!

    1. You’re right, it is a very similar feeling. I like that this is a feeling everyone can understand.

      Ahhhhh, sweet relief.

  16. I would also nominate putting your hair up when it’s super hot out. That breeze on your sweaty neck…..heavenly.

  17. I swear to you, my thoughts right before I clicked on my bookmark for this page “Am I getting a headache. Ugh, no, I have a ponytail”.
    As soon as I saw this post, out it came.


  18. yes! it’s like all the ‘end of the day’ activities … taking your socks off, taking your ponytail out, taking out your contact lenses (especially that!) and slipping into awesome comfy-ness. much like mr rogers and his changing into cardigans and sneakers :)

  19. Two things: I like this feeling when I’m about to take a shower. I don’t like it when a go to bed. And, this feeling more likely happens when your hair is in a braid.

  20. Oh! No one has mentioned the amazing post pony tail removal scalp scratch? That’s like, the whole point of taking the thing out!

  21. After years in the military and stints of short hair…yes, letting out the hair is one of my favorite “ahhhhhhh” moments. Thanks for this website. It’s my other favorite “ahhhhhhhh” moment.

  22. My mom used to make me wear a ponytail to school like every day. But as soon as that car was out of sight, I yanked it right out. Then I put it back up in the bathroom b4 she picked me up.
    I hate wearing my hair up, so yes, this is awesome.

  23. oh such a GREAT FEELING!! another thing thats awesome that should be on the list; is that one person who knows EXACTLY what you’re talkinbg about. feels like ive just established a link :D

  24. How about getting to do all those things in the last paragraph at once? Wow.

    Also, if you tied your hair up while it was wet there’s this strange feeling of cold dampness right where your hair was bunched up once you take it off. I love that feeling.

  25. I thought you were a guy. Anyways…

    I used to wear my hair in a ponytail, very convenient when playing man hunt or capture the flag-you can’t have hair in your eyes when you’re gripping the flag, nearly making it over the boundary line. But I chopped all the hair off, and now I sport short hair. But yes, after having you hair up and tight, they finally get to relax.

  26. This reminds me…
    *With hands, take face cheeks, pull back as far as you are able to without breaking anything and then say this,
    “Mommy, mommy, my pony tail is too tight!”
    You’ll have them all laughing till it hurts.
    And then there’s this one: (not hair related, but funny nonetheless):
    *With hands and as much skin as you can muster up all the way back from your ears, squish face cheeks forward and say this,
    “Bus driver, bus driver, can you please open the door!”
    *as for pony tails, they are painful; they are for ponies, and I’ll just leave it at that!

  27. So, how many of women compare the wonderful feeling of taking out our ponytail to the taking off of our socks and allowing our crinkly leg hair to breathe?!!! Stupid writer on this one! Sheeesh! I wanted to post this to my facebook page until I read the leg hair thing.

  28. Since donating my hair I’ve lost this awesome thing in my life and found another one: Feeling light as air after cutting off a lot of heavy hair. =)

  29. Absolutely love that feeling! It’s as if you’ve just been released from prison after a whole yeaaarr!

    Ps. App of awesome= app of my heart 

  30. I’m so happy cuz this is the only app of awesome that doesn’t do porn, awesome app u rock

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