#548 The moment in the shower where you decide to make it a really long shower

It’s a bad scene.

Alarm bells buzz when the clock clicks six and I become a barely blinking lump of groggy stretching noises that sound like Chewbacca after he’s been shot. Honestly, it’s a pathetic scene — me lying there with drool stains on my cheeks, deathbags under my eyes, and some bent and jagged bedhead.

Eventually I stumble into the shower and feel my eyes burning and begging to return to the cool and shady Cave of Closure. But I soldier on, shower on, soap on, and slowly let that hot steam wake me up.

Sometimes I just can’t let go.

No, sometimes I enter a little steam dream in the shower and end up slowing down and thinking to myself: This is good.

This is really good.

This should not stop.

Yes, in this magic mist of steamy smiles my brain quickly flips into Nothing Else Matters Mode, where all other thoughts just wash away in favor of showering a little longer and living for the day.

Hitting that moment in the shower where you decide to make it a really long shower is a great feeling. As the hot water beats down into your swirly, steamy headtrip, you get to relax and enjoy a few extra minutes of


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71 thoughts on “#548 The moment in the shower where you decide to make it a really long shower

  1. When some idiot of a roommate flushes the toilet during your shower so it becomes ice cold… not awesome.

    When the hot water finally comes back on and makes you appreciate it that much more… awesome!

    1. What I’ve always wondered about that: So does the toilet flush with hot water? That seems like a bit of a waste. Because if it flushed with cold water, wouldn’t flushing it make the shower go hot?

      1. Yeah, I was wondering about that. Whenever the toilet flushes when I’m in the shower, the shower water grows searing hot…then after a moment the tension disappears, and the water temp is back to normal. :)

  2. Sadly I live in a dry area with restrictions on water usage, so in all conscience we can’t have long showers. However this could be amended to : When you go on holidays, you are standing in the shower and realise you are somewhere with no water restrictions. Ordinary rules don’t apply and you have freedom to bask in the watery indulgence. Awesome!

    1. We have our own well, so there are no water restrictions. We also just installed an on-demand water heater, so we never run out of hot water. There have been times when it’s been a really loooooooooonnnnnnnnngggg shower. Truly awesome!

  3. That’s exactly how I feel every morning. It’s just so hard to step out of that little bit of heaven.

    Another bath-related awesome thing that I tend to indulge in is multitasking while taking a bath. The more common ones are reading and listening to music but I like to go the extra block and eat my meal while soaking :D

    1. To combine “Multitasking while brushing your teeth” with this one makes an awesome situation: brushing your teeth in the shower. Makes you feel so accomplished ;D

      1. Hm…I’ve never tried that, but I always use mouthwash right before stepping in the shower. The best part is when it’s time to spit, because you can just let it roll out of your mouth and drip down, and it doesn’t matter. :)

  4. I love doing this! Except, I live in the tropics, so it’s a long, cold shower to cool off. Absolutely awesome!

  5. The best! You know it’s gunna be a good morning when you can see the steam floating around the bathroom ceiling.

  6. I had a Long-ish shower this morning and was 15 minutes late for work and nobody noticed – Awesome

  7. I can’t imagine being my younger self that only took baths. What a fool I once was.

    What a genius I am now.


  8. This post resulted in the unfortunate image of Chewbaca taking a shower.. can you imagine what that drain would look like when he was done?


    However, assuming you are human, and not wookie? This is definitely awesome!

  9. Deciding to take an Extra long shower is indeed AWESOME. I like the ones where you refuse to open your eyes – refusing to admit that it is time to get up…. Only peek through the tiny slits to find your way there, and then enjoy the steamy hot shower and pretend that you are still in bed! hhaha…AWESOME!!

  10. It’s funny; I was doing this in the shower this morning, and I thought to myself..”Has this been on 1000AwesomeThings? If not, it should..”

    And bam. Here it is.

  11. This happened to me just the other day, and yes, it was truly awesome. I try so hard to be water and time conscious in the mornings, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it go. I like to think I brought enough refreshed happiness to the world following the shower that it made up for it!

  12. getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a big, fluffy towel still warm from the dryer.

  13. Some suggestions for the previous post:

    Easy and on-the-go food such as a pop tart or a nutri-grain bar, awesome! No cooking involved, just unwrap and enjoy the fruity goodness.

    Kissing in the rain, something about both of you being soaked and cold after running through the rain or jumping through puddles together that makes the kiss just that much more AWESOME!

  14. As awesome as that is, I recently took a very quick shower tonight, and beating my own shower time record in time to watch the beginning of my T.V. show was also awesome.

  15. I have always been a shower person! Then one day I decided to turn on the shower AND put the stopper in the bathtub. Showerbath= instant awesome! I mean you have to fill the tub anyway, right?

    1. I do this! Not that often, though. Shower and when your done…its a nice soak in the tub without using extra water

      1. In Japan the shower is outside the tub, then they soak in hot water to relax. They don’t want to soak in dirty water!

  16. Did this last night. Was going to hop in for a quick shower, but as soon as the hot water hit me….. I decided I would stay until all the hot water is gone.

  17. I find that I think a lot when I am taking a shower. My imagination goes wild and I end up being in the shower longer than I planned to. Sometimes I am in the shower for a hour as my mind is thinking of war scenarios, and other endevers. Sometimes I get really good design ideas and I run with them. All-in-all I must say having a nice warm shower can be such a pain when you have someplace to go but it just so amazing that it makes you just want to make it hotter as your muscles are relaxing.

    1. U know sometimes when I just want to relax/think I take a hot shower and I can think freely and I feel amazing!

      1. Woops I ment to say “I know not U know looks like I need to go take a shower so I can start thinkin lol

  18. Finding mistakes in movies. His hair is messed up, now its not…oh, wait yeah it is.
    Where did that vase come from? Oh, wait its gone again.
    What did they just say? Did he just call him by his real name and not his character name?

  19. Watching a story unfold, day by day, over the course of a year. Especially comics like Homestuck or Irregular Webcomic

  20. Awesome Thing?

    When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for.

    So when I went to Catholic Elementary school, once a week we would have song practice so that when we had mass later in the week we would be know the music. My friend and I always had competitions where we would pick a random number song in the songbook and see who could open the book closest to the number we picked. It helped pass the slow song practice, and it was always super exciting when one of us hit our number dead on.

    But think about it. What are the chances of opening a book to the exact page that you were looking for? If you have a ton of reading to do, and open your textbook to the exact place where you have to start, doesn’t it feel like the assignment just got a little bit easier? It sure does.

    This one gets bonus points if the book is longer. The ultimate “opening a book to the exact page you were looking for” occurs with one of those thousand page dictionaries…the kind that doesn’t have the helpful alphabet tabs on the side.

    So next time you open a book to the exact page you were looking for, take a moment to bask in the glory of an everyday victory that doesn’t happen everyday. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for one of those little things that is just


  21. This might be my favorite post of all time.

    This is such an important key ingredient in true happiness. If I even take 3 extra minutes in the morning just to stand under the faucet and let that warm water beat down on me and fill my ears till I’m deaf and just stand there with my eyes closed…wow. It’s really one of the most wonderful things my body has ever felt as I let that water run down my back. I close my eyes and take deep, slow breaths through my nose through the water that runs all over my face.
    It can set the standard for the WHOLE DAY. It completely changes the vibe. Suddenly now, I’m stepping out of the shower rather than leaping, I’m walking to my bedroom to get dressed rather than power-walking, I get to WALK to my car all smoothed-out rather than doing the fast robotic walk, and I’m just casually WALKING into work, all chilled out, no panicking or paranoia. Even if it’s 8:05 and I’m already late.

    When I first read this post, I tried it out. Now every morning I have to do it. Even if just for 45 seconds. Just wanted to let you know that: You’re right man, life’s way too short to not enjoy something to this caliber of AWESOME. I’m not lettin life slip away from me.

  22. It happens nearly every time i step into the shower. I always tell myself that its going to be a shampoo and go day, and yet every time i go in, i end up staying longer and justifying it and in my head calculate what moment in my morning was just sacrificed for this.

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  24. Aww shucks, that is a pretty awesome moment. I really like this when you’ve woken up earlier than you need to, and you can afford that extra 10 minutes under the hot water — it’s great!

    With Love and Gratitude,


  25. It’s time to switch it up…not conserve; a real treat! Like somebody said on the “field trip”… POSSUM!
    Of course I know alot about Possums, yes, I do!
    Yep, cob-webs, it’s time=) ttfn

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