#547 Finding treasures in your Spring jacket pocket

Dig deep, baby.

When the weather warms up and the snow melts down, it’s time to pull out that thin dusty jacket from the back of the closet and toss it back on.

Now, just make sure you stuff your hands deep in those pockets and see if you can’t score some buried treasure that’s been held there safely all winter long:

1. Your favorite lip balm. You thought she was lost so you bought some cheap imposters from the drug store to tide you over. But now that greasy beauty’s back in business, baby — faded packaging, slippery tube, linty plastic cap and all.

2. A pack of gum with only one piece left. The top is probably folded down and creased over that one remaining rock-hard rectangle. You can give it to a friend or enjoy the minty molar-shattering experience yourself.

3. A Good Times receipt. This is an old crinkly receipt from a great night out a long time ago. Maybe it’s a birthday dinner, a grad party, or a wild girl’s night out on the town. When you stare back at that distant receipt and slowly remember where it’s from, you’ll eventually end up smiling at the memories. Good times.

4. That one really good pen. That smooth flowing ball point never gets lost. No, it just goes on long vacations to your jacket pockets, pencil cases, or board game boxes.

5. A contact lens still in its packaging. Say goodbye to your blurry winter.

6.  Green, shrunken orange. The bad part is you can no longer eat the orange. The good part is you get to smell like musty citrus for a couple days.

7. Travel pack of tissues. Sometimes if those small packs have been sitting for a while all the lint molecules try to escape from their plastic prison. When you zip open your pocket you catch them coating your liner in the middle of their slow and methodical jailbreak.

8. Random phone numbers. Sometimes I pull out a piece of scrap paper and there’s just a phone number on it with no name, no context, no nothing. I silently curse my lazy former self and spend a minute debating whether or not I should just dial it up to solve the mystery.

So come on, now — finding buried treasures deep in those jacket pocket caves is a bit like Christmas in the Spring. Yes, you score some tiny little presents from your past as you start a fresh new season with big beaming smiles and heartwarming reunions with some dear old friends.


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56 thoughts on “#547 Finding treasures in your Spring jacket pocket

  1. This reminded me of every year when I was a kid and we’d pull out the Christmas decorations and I’d always have to dig my hand deep down into the bottom of my stocking to check for any forgotten stocking stuffers. You never know when you might rediscover a pack of Lifesavers or pair of cheesy holiday socks!

  2. I love dialing stranger’s phone numbers. Sometimes yo can really connect with a person who you have never met before over a simple text or quick hello.

    …I’m semi-debating just posting mine…

    1. LOL that part is so true. So i switched purses today and i found 2 numbers with no names, my old chapstick, a good pen and not a pack of gum but a pack of jolly ranches with only one left.

  3. I once had a comb that I always had in my jacket. I don’t know why, because I don’t particularly obsess about my hair. I just kept it. Yay, weirdness.

  4. As a kid I waited and watched as the snow melted in the spring to find what toys I had left outside in the fall.

  5. I had a friend who used to put a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of her spring jacket before retiring it for the winter, so that she would be pleasantly surprised to find money when she pulled it out again in a few months.

    (Any assumptions you make about the color of her hair are likely correct.)

  6. I always like looking through my wallet at the end of the year.
    Or..sometimes at the end of a couple years.
    I still have receipts and notes from about four years ago sitting in there.
    It’s fun to read and remember them :)

  7. The other day I found a very special ticket stub in the pocket of one of my old jackets and it made me super happy :)


  8. Lip balm indeed! Once again you hit the nail on the head, how do you do it?

    You’re happy enough to be wearing a spring jacket after a long winter and then all the memories in its pockets just lift your mood that much more.

    This year I found a pair of earbuds I thought I’d lost!

  9. I’ll never forget the day I found my lucky earring (well, there are two, but I lost one). I have a jacket with two sets of pockets, and after a long winter of missing BOTH of my lucky earrings, there it was. In the inner pocket, way in the corner. It was a good spring.

  10. You forgot the best one! Money. Once I found a £20 note under my bed when I cleared it out for moving house. It was awesome!

  11. Oh, finding your favourite lip balm is the best! But I must say i definitely wouldn’t want to find an old, moldy orange from my pocket :’D

  12. In 1999, my junior high had these candies in the vending machine — Y2K Candy. Yes, seriously. The following winter, like around November 2000, I reached into my pocket to find a half-eaten bag of them! I had forgotten all about them, but finding them reminded me of how crazy everyone had gotten and how everything had turned out to be just fine when Y2K started. =)

  13. I love when I pull out my kids’ spring jackets, put my hand in the pockets, and pull out a bunch of stale multi-colored foil wrapped mini solid milk chocolate easter eggs, half squished and melted and re-solidified. The kids don’t care that they’re a year old, they still want to eat them! (I don’t let them!)

  14. When half way through writing a paper that has to be a certain length, you realize it can be double spaced.

    1. um, SARAH, I think you are commenting on the wrong awesomething, you’re looking for #549 if you want to enter the contest, so I would make that correction if I were you… I hope you get this in time for the big day. Best of luck< and have an AWESOME day!

  15. I have found:

    Lip Balm, 2 years old.
    “Lucky” walnut, 5 years old.
    Crinkly CVS receipt with beer purchase, 10 months old.

  16. Once I found $700 in a coat that I took out in the spring! I had done a really great craft show at Christmas and I didn’t have time to deposit the money in the bank each night, so I hid the money in various pockets! WooHoo! (each spring I still hope that I’ll find another stash)

  17. How about the first nice spring day that you get to drive with your windows down after a long cold winter… Awesome!

  18. I left an orange in my school locker over Christmas holidays one year in high school. My mother had scored the peel, and when I threw it at a wall (like any teenager would do), it split apart in a green cloud of dust. It was not a pleasant smell, and I do not recommend putting one in your pocket for any length of time!

  19. My favourite pocket find was fuzzy horse stickers. That’s right, I said fuzzy horse stickers. I’ll explain. When my daughter was 3 years old, we went on a vacation where we had to ride a commuter train each morning to get from our free digs (that’s right, I said “free digs”) into the city. So I often had some little toy or book in my pocket to entertain her. One of her favourites turned out to be some fuzzy horse stickers that her grandma had given her. She would peel them and stick them on various surfaces over and over. I think she was inventing a horse farm right there on the train. Anyway, finding a couple of these old stickers in my coat pocket years later was a fun and nostalgic trip back to the commuter train horse farm. Giddy up! It’s awesome!

  20. For a few winters when I was younger I would leave $20 in the pocket of my winter coat. Sometimes I would sneak down to the basement closet and raid the stash but it was sweetest when I would forget about it and find it in the Fall. Thanks Spring me for your generosity!

  21. I did the lip balm find just last week…only I did it twice! In an old purse I found my orange creme lip gloss I thought I had lost forever. Then, later in the week, I found my root beer kind. It was a great week for my lips!

  22. I think the best thing I’ve ever found in my pocket was a $400 paycheck from the year before!

  23. I once found my old iPod that I thought had been stolen in an old coat, definitely an awesome day that ended up saving me $200 to buy a new one

  24. Lip blam? Yes. Tissue? Yes. Green shrunken orange? Since when do people carry around fat fruits in their pockets?

    But yes, finding treasure in your spring coat is great. Especially when it’s money. :)

  25. finding treasures buried; a former self; a future self and faith as you dip deep within… definately awesome

  26. I found my ski trip name tag in my jacket from when I was like 11. My friend found something cooler though. My friend found a two dollar bill from way back before Canada got twoonie coins in 1996.

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