#540 The TV Treasure Chest Moment

The TV Treasure Chest Moment occurs when you stumble upon an elusive rerun of your favorite TV show just as it’s about to start.

This champion channel-flip happens in two big ways:

1. The Missing Link. This is when  you suddenly realize you haven’t seen this episode before — ever! You love the show, you’re a huge fan, you’ve seen most episodes ten times … but now you landed on the missing link. Maybe you always knew this episode existed but didn’t get to witness it until today. You know you landed on a missing link if you find yourself saying things like “Is this the backwards episode?”, “So that’s when she got braces” or “Ahhhh, now I fully get another joke referenced later in the series. I am at peace.”

2. The Full Fave. Here’s when you find your favorite episode of the series and get giddy with anticipation. Maybe it’s the soup nazi on Seinfeld, the time Carlton gets cut from the frat, or that dark day when Jesse takes too many caffeine pills. Chances are good you’ve seen the end of this one twenty times and that’s exactly what makes the full version such a sweet release.

People, you know it and I know it: The TV Treasure Chest Moment is a great big rush of excitement in the middle of your family room. When it happens you’ve gotta dim those lights, pop that corn, and stare deeply at the glittery gold moment before you.


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43 thoughts on “#540 The TV Treasure Chest Moment

    1. That seems to happen to me a lot too; I thought it was just me! People always thought I was crazy for saying that. Thank you.

  1. You’re like some kind of omnipresent being. You are so skilled at epitomizing all of these experiences. I love it. :)

  2. Truly awesome. What’s also awesome is after a very long day, when you have absolutely nothing planned, and there is a MARATHON of your favorite show.

    Oh shit. So awesome.

    1. I’m so excited! I’m soo excited! I’m…so…scared! Lol. Could they not have picked a better drug? I’m just sayin. She went to rehab and everything!

  3. I remember my friends making jokes about shows that I haven’t seen. I didn’t watch Seinfeld until about a year ago (thank you reruns) and now I get all the jokes.

  4. And I kinda miss Saved by the Bell. I loved that show growing up. It was the ‘must see’ of middle school.

  5. This happened to me just this morning! An episode of Charmed that I missed somehow came on :) Very awesome.

  6. I feel like the advent of DVRs and shows on DVD means this will happen less and less often, which is a shame.

  7. This was actually a very big deal for me with the show Roseanne. I had seen every episode countless times EXCEPT the series finale. For some reason, each time it rotated I missed that episode every time.

    About a year ago I started to watch an episode and realized, wait – I haven’t seen this. OMG, I can finally see how the show ends!!!

    My Roseanne cycle was finally complete.

  8. You always just cut to the core of me. It’s like you get me. The only swap I would make is the Soul Train episode instead of the Frat episode. I love it when Carlton nails the Michael Jackson dance at the end. Great post!

  9. I loved every single one of your examples. I knew each one and could recall the specific episodes :) Another reason why your website is AWESOME!

  10. Hahah this is what happens every time the spongebob episode with the fun song comes on… the BEST!!

  11. What I love is when you’ve seen the show, so you settle in to watch, and – hey! a new scene!

    Some networks cut so much out of classic TV episodes (which used to run 25 minutes for a 30 minute show) that it’s hard to follow the plot. I love discovering a new scene.

  12. Just yesterday I sat down to watch a movie I had taped, and Monsters Vs. Aliens was just starting on HBO. I had seen it before, but got sucked right back in to watch it again. Then I watched my movie. Not a terribly productive afternoon, but it satisfied the couch potatoe in me.

  13. That episode of Fresh Prince? Clearly it should’ve been the one where Will and Carlton throw a party and get taken to court by Phil. The two different versions of the story are amazing.

  14. oh man, recently i got something BETTER.

    i was having a really, really awful day & i know at 6pm my favorite childhood show plays reruns, so i was happy to get home with some chinese & watch it. that day was my luckiest day ever – not only was the network playing TWO episodes that day (!!!) but they were two of my FAVORITE episodes (!!!!!!)

    totally turned my day around…

  15. I lived for the days when The Backwards Episode (Seinfeld) aired, it was my absolute favourite!

    Another AWESOME thing is when you get sucked into an episode of a show you’ve never watched, and it’s great. When you see the show again, you think “That last episode was awesome! I’ll watch this show again!” And then it’s the same episode. Somehow you’re not even mad because you don’t have any other episodes to compare it to. It’s just a rerun of awesome.

  16. Even though there are so many great sitcoms; come and sadly gone, it’s super great so many can be rented and/or revisited on the computer…and a marathon begins!
    I have to say it’s always so sad when it’s over.
    Although it came as a surprise and shock, because we really liked it, the way “Medium” was ended was tastefully done; well done!!!

  17. Ahhh this happened to me today two times in a row! I was watching tv with my younger brother and sister and we were watching spongebob and the F.U.N episode came on! Then after that it was the hall moniter and jellyfish jam episode! We jammed out so hard!! Haha

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