#537 Wearing your favorite pair of underwear and nobody knows

You know the ones.

Maybe they fit perfectly, don’t ride up, and leave nothing bulging over the edges. Yes, they flatter in all the right places and all the right spaces, baby.

Or maybe you’re a straight-laced Sally and they’re your wildly inappropriate pair that turn you into a G-String Rebel. Caution: RED HOT!

Or… maybe they’re just the perfect shade of the perfect color and you’ve had them in your dresser drawer for ages. Maybe they remind you of a special moment or a memory that’s fun to keep to yourself all day.

But whatever yours are, and whatever they look like, there’s something great about giving yourself a smile. Because hey, wearing your favorite underwear when nobody knows is a way think positive thoughts without doing anything too earth-shattering.

It’s a just a simple thing for a simple smile.

And you know what we call that around here.


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66 thoughts on “#537 Wearing your favorite pair of underwear and nobody knows

  1. I love the feeling of putting on your best pair of undies and just have an overall boost of self esteem and morale. A secret that is sure to make you smile all day long.

  2. I call these my weekend boxers.

    I have some meh plain ol’ regular run of the mill undergarments, but I also have one or two rogue awesome boxers that I wear on the weekend. Once I put those on I know that things are gonna go my way today. Booyah.

    On go the moose antler boxers tomorrow.

    And on friday, helloooooo hamburgers.


  3. Yep. No moving my pants around in peculiar ways as I walk to try to straighten out my underwear. Good fitting underwear, good day.

    1. hey I’m not the only one that knows that comic strip!! Thanks Daisy for making my day that much more…AWESOME!!!!

  4. Oh, it’s a little scary how true this is. Even scarier, I own the underwear in the picture.

    Hot damn. Awesome.

  5. My underwear makes me smile every day, there’s nothing like slipping on some gorgeous lingerie to everything better. If I have a bad day I take comfort that despite everything I still feel a little bit glam!

  6. This is definitely awesome. Knowing you have a naughty pair of underwear on is just the best.

    Even better, if someone you’re newly dating gets a peek when you’re tying your shoe or bowling and they have to do a double-take, like WHOA!

    Confidence booster! Sexiness multiplier! It’s those lacy boycut undies that just help you strut a little bit more. I think that’s AWESOME!

  7. i was thinking about this when i woke up this morning because today is SOO that day! this is awesome, as are you, neil. :)

  8. I once gave my bf a pair of panties for while she was in the hospital. When she got out she wore them to a doctor’s appointment, not thinking about it. She undressed and folded her clothes neatly and put on a robe so she could be examined. After the exam, the doctor stopped by the pile and picked up the brightly colored panties, thinking they were a tee shirt. His face turned bright red as he read “Flirt Instructor” on the panties, then apologized to my 66 year old friend.

  9. YA NEIL!
    TMI but mine are: pink and purple stripes… from Jacob Lingerie- best undies & thongs ever!

  10. The best is the favorite pair of undies – with the favorite matching bra! Makes you walk a little taller all day!

  11. omg this is hilarious. Enjoying the comments as much as the original post. lots of tmi, but very funny :)

  12. I love my undies. =] they definitely are a confidence booster. I strut around a little more elaborately on the days I wear ’em. =]

  13. Sometimes I dig through that drawer in a panic but once found I go straight for that pair of socks (the ones that stay all up all day) and that perfect under-shirt (the one that cuts off circulations at first but then becomes the eighth layer of skin).

  14. Haha, that is so true! And sometimes you can make yourself feel really good only by planning what underwear to wear the next day^^

  15. A thought from an RN working in the ICU and thus w/many EMS dudes/dudettes – they notice your underwear on the scene – does it coordinate w/your clothes, is it intact, etc. I am more careful now than I ever was about what skivvies I wear :).

  16. As a now married guy, who has been with his wife for almost ten years now, I have to say that I am surprised that NONE of the ladies that posted up here lister their favorite pair of undies as one of the three for five dollars cotton Hanes briefs that they got from the drugstore.

    So either those ladies are to shy to post, some of you are lying to seem more exotic or I am just the lucky guy whose wife favors “comfortable” and hideous panties.

    So which is it?

    1. I got rid of ALL my white cotton fruit-of-the-loom panties, personally. The only thing in my drawer is multiple colors and multiple styles! One of my buddies said that I have the most diverse undies drawer of any dedicatedly-single girl he’s ever met (I do laundry at his house – things get forgotten – it happens …).

    2. Actually, one of my favourity pairs of panties are a pair of Hanes briefs with little bows all over. Personally, I think they are sexy, because it’s not about how much is showing, but more about having the confidence to be modest and where something for comfort that I find sexy.

  17. I don’t necessarily have a favourite pair of underwear, but I always walk with a spring in my step when I know I am wearing some cute underwear.

  18. Every day is that awesome underwear day for me. I just don’t keep un-awesome underwear around. And not a one are those Hanes cotton $3 kind.

    1. No $3.00 Hanes from the drugstore?

      Neversabrina, could you possibly have a conversation with my wife?

      1. Ha! No Gee Bee. No Hanes. Hmmm…it certainly does have to be about comfort as well though. I just manged to find comfortable and sexy underwear. They are out there…I promise you.

  19. I have a special pair of lucky leopard print panties that I ALWAYS wear to job interviews, hidden beneath the black pants and white shirt. They may not always get me the job but I am positive they make me interview at my best.

  20. I used to buy expensive Calvin Klein and DKNY boxer briefs…then I realized that they weren’t going to magically get me action with the young ladies.

  21. This entry made me smile. When we were dating, I gave my husband a pair of boxer with football helmets on them (he used to play) and he LOVED those boxers. And once every two weeks or so, he’d turn to me with a twinkle in his eye and say “guess which boxers I am wearing?” Now, he ONLY did that when he was wearing the football helmet boxers, so it really wasn’t much of a guessing game, even though he would always be amazed that I knew even if I hadn’t seen him dress. But it always made me laugh. His love of those silly boxers from Target! It was a sad day when they had to be retired. I haven’t been able to find a pair he’s loved as much since.

  22. This is especially appropriate for today, because I’m wearing my favorite pair right now :)
    They’re especially great because, not only are they wildly comfortable and smooth under clothes, but also rather sexy.

  23. Haha I’m wearing my favourite undies right now, fruit of the loom Little Mermaid panties XP I’m 15 but I guess I cant get too old to stop wearing those cute kiddish undies that mom bought me from kindergarden to grade 7 :P (after that i started buying them myself) my undies are proof that I’m a kid at heart haha!

  24. Hell yes. I have farmer’s panties that say “Damn straight I’m the farmers daughter.” and two muddy hand prints on my ass. I iron those babys out just to add even more bliss to utter bliss.

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  27. May 16th., last post…I’m really not that far be-hind anymore! Woo-hoo!
    Having gone without for so many years, (literally at times; even being caught at ER like this), it’s definately something I never short myself of ever anymore.
    Comfortable; nice and if really lucky matching just feels so right.

  28. See, I guess I’m a weirdo when I come to this. Some women have a collection of really cute or comfortable jeans, for other women, it’s all about shoes, and for still others earrings or other accesories, but for me: my thing is panties. My favorite depends on my mood. For the most part, I prefer cotton, I’ve really grown to like full-cut briefs and hi-cuts, which I guess is weird for a woman in her mid-20s. They are just comfortable for me. My favorite pair out of all of them, though, is a size 10 Fruit of the Loom pair of briefs with green flowers all over them. YAY for panties!

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