#511 The moment on vacation when you forget what day of the week it is

Let’s see here.

Saturday we got here. Sunday we did nothing. Then after that we did nothing. The next day we did nothing. And we’re doing nothing now.


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“Greetings from Sweden! After finding your site, I found myself ordering The Book of Awesome almost immediately afterwards. It is a wonderful oasis of love and nostalgia for a soon-to-be Swedish teacher in music. Thank you for making my days rich and joyful.” – Linus

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61 thoughts on “#511 The moment on vacation when you forget what day of the week it is

  1. Oh this is SO good. Nothing like getting lost in the nothingness (or even busy-ness!) of a great vacation.

    Then you return to reality. But we’ll save that downer for a different list.

  2. Oh man…this happens to me on a regular basis. Unfortunately sometimes it’s in the middle of the school week when I think it’s Thursday on a Tuesday.

    But during vacations it’s nice too.

    Okay…I really gotta study now. But first: a story.

    This happened AS I WAS WRITING THIS!

    A reason why college is awesome.

    If you follow my comments, you’re a stalker. But you may also know that this week is finals week. I’m currently sitting in the library and it’s jam packed with people with noses in books cramming for the last two days of tests. Everyone was so preoccupied that it took a little while for everyone to notice the dozen or so footie-pajama clad students running amongst the tables throwing out candy, all the while yelling “Good luck! You’re almost there!”

    Security wasn’t pleased. But the students definitely were!

    Anyshwoop. That’s my life.

    1. Colour me a stalker. Also, colour me green with envy, I may have done better on my own finals if footie-pajama clad students threw candy at me!

      Good luck!

    2. That is great! Wonderful way to forget you stress of finals and have a good laugh, for a while anyway. Wish I could have seen that!

    3. If anything even half that exciting happened in my school’s library, I’d be there all the time. Ok maybe not, but I’d be there more often.

      Similarly, though far less cute and random, when I was driving on campus last night headed toward THELASTCLASSOFMYWHOLELIFE, I drove by a fraternity house hosting a “pool party” with some strategically placed front yard kiddie pools (complete with “lifeguard” on a one foot tall platform).

      Anyway, they had a sign that read “Honk to see us shotgun a beer!” Whenever someone honked, two girls standing at the sidewalk grabbed a handful of candy from a big trick-or-treat pumpkin and threw it into/at cars that honked. It was like a reverse parade.

      Like I said, less cute (and maybe more illegal and dangerous) … but still funny.

      1. That sounds so funny! Sounds like something out of one of those college movies, hahahahaha!!

        And a big CONGRATULATIONS on your last class!

        1. Yes! Congrats on being done!

          We don’t have fraternities here, at least not in the traditional sense. I feel like I’m missing out, lol.

            1. Oh … I hope you don’t think I was dissing fraternities. You better believe I would rather have taken a turn into that frat house parking lot and attended the pool party instead of going to class.

              1. Oh I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m just remarking that I used to think that way myself, but now I’ve kind of taking a liking to the fraternity life.

                It wasn’t the polo-shirt tipped-visor life that I saw in movies and, therefore, anticipated.

    4. Cary, I may slightly stalk you, but that’s only because your comments are so(appropriately) AWESOME!!!!
      (p.s. love the whose line references)

  3. ha ha i’m a college student and i have that problem. but i do understand how amazing it is to not have to care what day it is because it means nothing.

  4. how is Linus soon to be Swedish? is it just a case of marrying in or is there some more complex re-nationalisation process? heehee

    1. I’m thinking he means he’s a soon to be music teacher- the fact he’s Swedish just adds to the story?

  5. I love this moment! What day of the week is it? Who cares? It doesn’t matter anyways. Lovely.

  6. Being the control freak that I am, this actually freaks me out. I hate not knowing what day it is. It throws me off~

  7. Yeah…..I do this on a regular basis. Especially on weekends. I get confused and think I’m having two Saturdays. Crazy!

  8. I love that feeling, whenever we go camping in the summer, it feels a whole lot longer than it actually is. Oddly enough though, not knowing what day of the week it is means that nobody ever gets tired of camp goolash and pb&j for dinner every night.

  9. actually, having just moved to Dubai I’m getting rather confused because the ‘weekend’ here is Friday and Saturday. Which throws my whole day-spacial perception off completely!

  10. This happens to me daily. *sigh* the life of a graduate student. Can’t wait until my Thanksgiving cruise to celebrate my emancipation!

  11. I’m going on a 10 day trip to Europe in 2 weeks! I can’t wait for the day that I forget what day it is!

    and on a side note, I just got the book as a gift last night! I read through every awesome heading before going to bed. Love, love, LOVE it!

    1. Careful forgetting what day it is in Europe- over here, in England, everything closes up extra early on Sundays. Continental countries (particularly France, Spain and Italy) are worse for it!! Other than that, have an awesome time in Europe!

  12. I’m in the middle of studying for exams now, counting the days until this is over and I can finally forget what day it is.

  13. I love how simple and sweet your blog is….

    Thanks for sharing the awesome things in your life.



    “The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, AWESOME, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”
    Henry Miller

  14. at least im keeping my promise

    but…. I have not been on a vacation in so long, so I can’t remember the last time i had this A W E S O M E feeling.

    I do go on a kindof vacation in the middle of July, so i’ll try to think of this then.

  15. I just wanted to say thank you for getting me through finals week with these little bits of awesome!! The end of the year has come crashing down, and juggling exams and papers and never ending practice (I’m on the rowing team) gets a little overwhelming- until I sit back, take a breath and give myself a two-minute unwind checking today’s bit of awesomeness. You’re keeping me sane!

  16. oh my gosh it has been so long since we’ve had a vacation. How I long for this awesome feeling of forgetting the day of the week because it just doesn’t matter. Aaaaah :)

  17. On vacation after about 4 days of just fun, great times, great people and much water in a remote area, what day is it?

    Ha! Who knows and who care’s, great question for us to figure out, I love asking when no one remembers and not on drugs.

  18. Lol i forget the day of the week everyday.

    P.S. The guy from Sweden is quite attractive…

  19. i alwayz assume itz thurs or sat. usually planning goes like this:
    oh do u wanna get 2gether on thurs?
    isnt it thurs?
    no. tuesday.

  20. I have done that.. worst, I forgot that I must go home tomorrow early morning.. that I go party with my friends all night.. the result.. I pack my bags rushing to catch my flight.. really really tiring but I had fun..

  21. Ha! I just took a week’s vacation off of work, while I was on Christmas break from school. Awesome!

    I enjoyed spending my time playing video games and watching movies with my boyfriend. And, of course, having to check to see what day it was.

    Thank you for this. 1000 awesome things has brought so much more joy into my life. ^^

  22. Yes, I have it also when I’m on vacation. It’s just because you aren’t thinking at anything at all accept how to enjoy your vacation the most and having fun. And because you don’t need to go to school are work that you aren’t really thinking about the day it is. That’s what I like very much when you’re on vacation, nothing to worry about, no stress.

  23. Love the baby picture.
    Looking very forward to a vacation in the fall when I won’t care what day of the week it is upon departure or arrival; leave it all up to the guide as to which day we have to……not even going to say it=)

  24. who is Linus…. I need a last name or FB profile or something!!!
    Me and him look ridiculously alike…. (minus the long hair) We could literally be twins… If there is anyway you could get me in contact with him that would be AMAZING thanks!

    Cheerfully Jobe

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