#506 When the person you’re meeting is even later than you are

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.

You’re late.

Racing, running, rushing, you’re checking your watch and picturing your friend tapping their foot and rolling their eyes while waiting for you.

That’s why it’s great when you arrive hot, sweaty, and breathless just before they rush around the corner hot, sweaty, and breathless, too.

Now no one has to feel bad.


— Email message —

“Hi Neil, It’s nice to be able to put a face to the author of 1000 awesome things! here is my “awesome” that i wrote down last night at the book of awesome launch: Finally tagging the person that you’ve been playing phone tag with. Cheers, Fiona.”

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46 thoughts on “#506 When the person you’re meeting is even later than you are

  1. Haha! I definitely just read this, and I’m late! I was pondering whether I had time to read it or not, so this is hilarious! Hope they’re late, cuz with a comment and all, I’m not doing great haha….


    Tonight. This happened TONIGHT.

    My friends threw me a belated party and on my way there I was stuck behind the worst bottle-necked traffic EVER due to a car accident up ahead. I was PANICKING … how ungrateful for me to show up late to my own party! The anxiety was unbearable.

    Then … I get there … and find out … they, too, were stuck in traffic! HALLELUJAH. A few seconds to catch my breath and it was allllllllll good.


    1. Ha ha! They were probably panicking even worse! Oh no! We invited Laura to a party, and now she’s going to get there and no one will be there! Worst. Surprise. Ever.

      1. Hahahaha, jdurley!

        I never thought about it like that.
        So true.

        “Guys? Anybody? … No?” *frown*

  3. I’m usually really early and don’t mind to wait on a late friend. My bff is always late and when I’m running late I know its not going to be a big deal.

    1. WOOHOO!!! Hubby just called to tell me my Book of Awesome just showed up!! Now I wanna go home so I can read it!!!!!

  4. My dad makes it a point to always be someplace a half an hour after he says he’ll be.

    It’s nice to be able to count on that.

    1. So do you always tell him to be someplace a half hour earlier than you want him there? (I do that with a notoriously late friend. heh.)

    2. Omg, my dad is the exact opposite. You can pretty much count on him to be that EARLY to any event. I’m all for punctuality, but that’s almost too much. Haha :)

      1. I’m an early person. I freak out if I even think I’m gonna be late, so I make it a point to try to get there early…even if that means I have to wait.

  5. Like I always say, you’re not late if you’re there before the boss is! I love it when I’m like, 35 minutes late, and just when I’ve gotten settled in at my desk, my boss comes in and it looks like I’ve been busily at work for hours!

  6. This is what I am KNOWN for…unfortunately. I have several friends that when they give me a time to meet say, “It’s clock time, not Anita time”. So when they are late too, HURRAY! :-)

  7. I dread the feeling of being late. It makes it so much more awesome when they are a little later than me.

  8. This happens to me allll the time. So much so, that I’ve stopped the hot sweaty out-of-breath-running part, ’cause I know the other person’s gonna be late and it’s perfect for me to take my time :)

    So. Awesome. Thanks for the reminder :D

  9. Although I’ve been aiming to be on time… or rather early for everything, I still have those moments where people who depend on my promptness and I’m manage to let them down. This is an often reminder of how it feels when I’m not the only one who is late. Thanks for sharing!!

    PS: I received my “Book of Awesome” in the mail yesterday and I’m loving it!! Thank you so much for all that you do in changing people’s lives!!

  10. Also awesome, is when you are late for class but someone else comes in later than you so the pressure of being late-est is now on their shoulders and not yours!

  11. But what about that feeling you get when you realize you did all that rushing for nothing? That’s not so awesome. I suppose not being as late as someone else is pretty good.

  12. Today I went to Chapters and bought two copies of your fabulous book. My sister was with me and bought a copy too. The woman behind me in the line had two copies too. It’s flying off the shelf. AWESOME!
    P.S. It was nice to see Mike’s name in the acknowledgements. That was awesome too.

  13. this happened with me and a friend for a while… when ever one of us was running late, and text the other one, turns out the other one was also running late. by far too.

    AWESOME coincidental identical accidental lateness!

  14. This always happens with our SE teacher, who is a tyrant. The only good thing about his classes is that he is always 5 minutes late. But it’s really annoying when you rush and get there late and the other person is late too, so you’re left wondering “Oh gosh, I hope they haven’t left without me or gone to look for me!” That part sucks. But it’s a relief when the person rounds the corner before you can start panicking or standing around looking like an idiot.

  15. As a substitute teacher I love it when the school secretary is tardy. I get to my assignment late and no one is the wiser.

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  17. Neil, I read your interview from the Reader’s Digest & am at once attracted by your awesome things in life! I hope everyone of us can observe and enjoy the trivial joys in life like you rather than stay depressed or cry over the spilled milk.
    Cool man, just stick to it!

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  19. I used to be so ridiculously early, until I read this was a sign of anxiety.
    Then I ran so ridiclously late, until I read this was a sign of arrogance and disrespect.
    So I tried ridiculously hard to be right on time, until I read the sign on the door- CLOSED.
    Finally, I got in-synch; accept the large and small turns, and “Step In Time.”

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