#493 When that zit growing on your forehead suddenly just disappears

Acne is not our friend.

Blackheads multiply, whiteheads spread, and pimples pop up before prom, people. Yes, our silky smooth skin gets junked up with oily messes as we’re straightening ties and squeezing into prom dresses. Baby, whether you’re rocking Forehead Volcanos, The Rudolph Nose, or a full on Pizza Face, we’ve all been there and we know it ain’t pretty and we know it ain’t fun.

But that’s what makes it great when those bumpy omens of zits to come sometimes just disappear overnight.

Oh sure, you scoped that new baby zit in the mirror last night and you tucked it nice and tight into bed. Yes, you thought you’d wake up with it burning nice and bright smack dab in the middle of your forehead.

But instead … it’s just gone, gone, gone away.

Never to be heard from again.


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— Email message —

“Dear Neil, a few weeks ago I logged on to complete my favorite Sunday ritual.  After reading Postsecret, I saw where Frank mentioned The Book of Awesome.  I logged into your website and after reading a few hours I ordered your book. This past weekend, I went to see my girlfriend and was excited to see her.  But the weekend was horrible and I cried the three hours home. When I got there, I was so excited to see your book had come, but was still feeling the depression that follows a breakup.  Now I am happy to say that everytime I want to cry, I open your book and read.  I have laughed, cried, and felt better than I have in a long time.  Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to.” -Brittanie

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45 thoughts on “#493 When that zit growing on your forehead suddenly just disappears

  1. I’m glad you’re giving credit to the disappearing zit, because I was just commiserating with a friend about her unfortunate Surprise Zit … one of those that just suddenly appeared without any kind of warning.

    This is most definitely a situation worth celebrating (Disappearing Zit, not Surprise Zit)!

  2. i am currently experiencing the exact opposite..
    i dont know how.. but last week a pimple decided to rock up in my ear…
    it was starting to go away and i couldnt feel it anymore…
    when BAM.. i woke up this morning to touch my ear & it was sore and big once again..:(

    But i can appreciate the greatness when a pimple dissappears miraculously!!

  3. yes yes and yes…as a teenager i can completely and totally relate to this and would agree it is completely awesome !

    1. Its not upside down. It looks like the picture was flipped, like the camera took it backwards or something, but its not upside down.

  4. This morning I woke up with a 1 pound coin next to my pillow, I asked my wife if she knew about it, she said it must be rent from my new friend. When I looked in the mirror I had a MASSIVE spot on my forehead, after a shower and quick squeeze, by the time I left for work, it had pretty much healed. YAY! And was a pound up, thanks to my missus’ humour! AWESOME!

    1. it’s not upside down. looks like she took it with photobooth (on a mac) or something like that because it’s just mirror-image. :)

  5. You know, I totally love your blog! It’s so light, innocent, and calm. You’re not one of those who try so hard to post an entry when in fact the best topic is only at your fingertips.

    Please also visit my blogsite. http://lindley101.wordpress.com/

    I’m looking forward to getting a copy of your book.

  6. I dunno, I still think it’s kinda exciting to “remove” the zits yourself in some fashion. Even though the actually popping of them is probably unhealthy and disgusting.

    …And yet….

  7. That’s me in the picture and no, I wasn’t holding the book upside down. My lovely MacBook decided to take the picture like that. I messed with it for a few, then realized how the picture looked wasn’t important… It was what the email said. :)

  8. Ha ha! Great use of the Rudolph pic!

    I always thought zits were a teenage thing…it’s one big lie they tell you. It’s so cruel! Adult ache is the worst.

    1. Agreed to both of your points!

      I guess it was naive of me to think my skin would be blemish-free once I turned 20, but …

      1. I hear that! I’m almost 22 and one found it’s way into my face overnight. I just keep wondering when I’m gonna be able to stop buying three step programs to wash my face.

      2. Nope, sorry to say that I’m in my 20s and acne is still going strong. Luckily it’s not nearly as bad as it was back in high school…but we’ve still got a ways to go.

      1. If it doesn’t link to anything, does it even qualify as “spam”?

        Also, is futilities a “typo”?

        Btw: Quintaldo is an anagram for “Lando Quit”, which might be a cryptic explanation for his apathy about Neil’s success. If Lando Calrissian quit the Rebel Alliance and went back to his role as smuggler on Cloud City, I’d be depressed too.

  9. Congratulations on “The Huffington Post” article! The disappearing zit is awesome – I still get them once in a while even at my age of 59.

  10. The amazing dissapearing pimple is an awesome thing, especially for a teenager like me. Just a few weeks ago I experienced the dreaded “Rudolph Nose” (and hope never to again!).

  11. Neil, your job is fantastic. I’ve been reading the site since last year, but I think this is my first comment (and I don’t know exactly why, I’m so sorry about that). The book have open my eyeys. I would give away one of my favorites books (for me there’s no such sacrifice like this) just to get The Book of Awesome (I’m sure it would be a amazing substitute) – but it seems a little impossible ’cause I’m from a little town in Brazil. My best friend and soul sister are going to USA at this July vacation… guess what I’ll ask her to bring straight to my arms. Really hope I can have your book, then I’ll can send my own email message. Every little thing here light up my day – the hope, the smiles, the won fights, the feeling of home and all the loyalt that I’ve find here has put a finger on my heart. It hurts in a beautiful way. It’s like a little AWEOSOME pray. Thanks for everything! Wish you more amazing things: you are just starting. Nathalia

  12. It’s so funny that this is the post for today because I literally just left the bathroom and was pleasantly surprised that I had a disappearing zit. Thanks for reminding me how awesome it is Neil!

  13. Wotcher!
    Nerd alert.
    Wish I was a metamorphmagus like Tonks. NO ACNE! :o I’m so jealous.

    Oh, I’m sorry, I’m a Harry Potter blogger. Don’t get out of the Sci-Fi world very often. :| ;)

  14. I like to post this comment .It helps a lot.The one thing I do know for sure, if that day comes, is that when it’s wedding cake cutting time, I will NOT make the same mistake I witness at every wedding. I will not be serving Champagne with dessert, but rather the slightly sweet and fizzy dessert wine,

    Thanks and Regards

  15. As a fellow sufferer of acne, I completely agree with you. If I ever wake up and find that I had less pimples then when I went to sleep, I am ecstatic! Great stuff again :)

    Tom’s last post..Acne on Chin.

  16. I am Canadian and famed for a big bright red nose in the winter.
    I remember the first time I watched Rudolph, I cried tears of joy…I was around 3 years of age and I remember finally feeling a sense of belonging.
    Thank you Rudolph and Misfit Islanders:)

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