#583 Drawing on steamy mirrors with your fingers

Peel back that mildewy curtain and let’s get down to business.

Freshly soaped and squeaky clean your wet n’ steamy self towels dry and rolls on some Stink-B-Gone deodorant. But just before you pop from the hot steamroom into the goosebumpy hallway, it’s time to stop for a moment and be a finger-painting Picasso.

Yes, for a minute let the blurry morning haze and the upcoming stresses of school or work melt down and fade away as you start streaking your fingers up and down the steamy glass.

Crowds slowly gather at this stormy seashore and look over your shoulder as you calmly and quickly paint pretty pictures on your cliffside easel. Soon clouds part and the sun glimmers off the distant ocean waves as strangers stop walking their dogs, kids peek over from the ball diamond, and old folks hold hands and smile as you whip up masterpiece after masterpiece. Images pop up as they ooh and ahh — it’s a happy face, a heart, a house with smoke coming out the chimney, or a love letter waiting for the next person to have a shower.

Sure, in a few minutes the mirror fades to clear and your paintings drift away. But for an instant you’re a naked artist, brushing up against greatness, fame, and a cluttery bathroom counter.


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38 thoughts on “#583 Drawing on steamy mirrors with your fingers

      1. Chad, I totally use the hairdryer trick! In fact I know someone who owns a hairdryer solely for this purpose.

    1. Absolutely.

      Sometimes I like to just leave my thumb on there and watch the heat slowly melt away a frosty thumbprint all around it.

  1. Well, kind of awesome. What was REALLY awesome was when you were sitting alone on the school bus with nothing to do, but lo and behold, the frosty window could emulate your personal Etcher Sketch.

  2. I always used to write “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir, beware” then the letters would start to drip like blood. Actually who am I kidding with this ‘used to’ business? I still do it.

      1. I had to stay at a hotel a couple of months ago when that major snowstorm hit the NorthEast – written on our mirror, only visible when steamy, were the words “I’m watching you.”
        But I still might do next time I stay in a hotel.

        What I usually do is draw on the dew on my sister’s and brother-in-law’s cars if I’m the first to leave for work in the morning.

    1. mike, ha ha, yeah.

      And it’s always embarrassing when you come out of the mall and someone finger-painted “Wash me” onto the side of your car.

  3. Note to self: Never write an old girlfriends phone number that you just remembered, on a steamy mirror…and the wife wants to use the bathroom.

  4. I love this! I had an awesome day today and I drew out an entire scene from my day on the bathroom mirror after my shower. Sometimes I also draw on the steamy mirror after my brother’s shower. He doesn’t know how fun it is!

  5. It’s like a MUST DO thing :D Even if I’m using the bathroom way too long, and when my sis enters, she’ll smile because I left her some heart dribbles! Awesome!

  6. Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you to stop messing with their windows/glass/etc. What’s the big deal? :P I like leaving small reminders. :P Is that so wrong teehee :P

    1. OMG yes! My granddad never lets us draw on the windows of his car because he says they’ll ‘leave a mark’. Um, well what about wen it RAINS or even when it demists? Oh, well I never, it just turns invisible! How about that?

  7. Yep, makes a nice reflection on the mood of the day.
    Actually, I have a two felt tip pens handy there too. Notes (priorities).

  8. When on a quest, I did this every day and the words I wrote were:
    I won’t be needing your help today, signed God.
    With a permanent I recently wrote, awareness, attitude, authenticity…

  9. Every time the mirror fogs up I write in one thing I will complete – whether it’s in that day, week, month, or year. Whatever comes to my mind that I find interesting to accomplish, I write it. And I do it (:

  10. Billie-Rose, keep doing it. You never quite realize how much you miss it when you quit, so don’t quit and you’ll be saved the withdrawal and misery

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