#453 Getting all sweaty and jumping in

Time for some fun in the sun.

Spiking volleyballs in the backyard, tossing frisbees at the beach, or just running around in your bathing suit on the scorching sand, it’s always fun getting hot and sweaty before racing to the edge of the dock or tip-toeing to the front of the diving board. Now with your forehead dripping, eyeballs stinging, skin sticky and sweaty, you stare into the deep water and smile before splashing right into a cool refreshing world of


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36 thoughts on “#453 Getting all sweaty and jumping in

  1. man this makes me miss summer so much!…

    in australia here we’re smack bang right in the middle of winter… :(

    bring on summer!!!

  2. It’s the BEST! Ruined only by those pools that make you take a freezing shower before you enter.

  3. Did that this past weekend after my boyfriend ran and I biked to the beach, ran right into the cold water, so refreshing!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH! this is summer all in a nutshell for me. i have read all the awesome things and this one so far is my absolute favorite!

  5. This is my world right now with little children in my house. The pool is right down the street, so we grab our goggles and towels every afternoon and take that dive in. I join in with everybody else! Who cares about my age? It’s AWESOME!

  6. Just a few weeks back, in a very girly/ooh, I-don’t-want-to-break-a-nail/queeny kind of way, I said to a friend, “I really don’t like to sweat. I usually only like to sweat when gardening, and when doing one or two other things.” Er, um…I didn’t really mean it the way it sounded, but I can tell you this….your post today describes EXACTLY one of the other two times I really like to sweat.

    Nothing beats when you’re all hot, tired, sticky, salty (and crunchy if you’re lucky enough to be at the beach), and just downright thirsty for the cool slake of water that you know is going to bring such an immense shock and delicious relief to your body…now that’s an awesome reason to sweat.

    Thanks for making me feel not so lazy.

  7. The summer heat in the Northeast US has raised the pool into the 90’s several times. What a surprise then last weekend when I hopped in all sweaty forgetting that we had had several overcast days and cooler temps. Suddenly 75 degrees felt cold. Awesome though!

  8. I did that with some friends when we were on a trip in Nepal!
    It was really hot in the sun so there was nothing better than just to jump into the lake!

    absolutely awesome!


  9. #453a – a sauna next to a fresh water lake, steam-up, jump off the dock and repeat as often as you like. After an hour or so, your body is soo relaxed it’s awesome. A short snooze in a hammock is equally awesome.

    #453b – slipping your pool/lake/ocean chilled toes into a sun-warmed pair of sand-free sandals, awesome.

    #453c – SETUP: heading home, dirty and tired, after a long roadtrip. A scorching hot day, driving in a car without air conditioning. Stopping at a random lake on the highway and taking a cool, refreshing dip with friends. The awesome part isn’t even the swim, it’s actually the change in moods when you get back in the car ready for another couple hundred miles. AWESOME.

  10. Luckily, I have a pool at my house. I do this every time I mow the yard during the summer. Oh so refreshing!!!

  11. I love sunbathing and getting really warm on a beach, then jumping into the cold ocean and becoming cold, then coming back out and lying on the beach again. The cycle just repeats for the whole day!

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