#443 Looking up while underwater

Sunlight shimmers and glimmers across shaky waves as treetops twist into melted shadows. Silence clogs your ears as you drift alone in your secret underwater chamber deep in the ocean darkness or shallow in the backyard pool. Bubbles scream up all around you as you float like an astronaut in zero gravity and the world around you just smears and smudges and drifts away.


Photo from: Chris Keeney Photography


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51 responses to “#443 Looking up while underwater

  1. Laura

    I LOVE this. I love being in/around/near/beside/on/under water. Looking up from the bottom of the pool is something I still love to do.

    Unless it’s a lake. Then it’s dead fish, boat oil, and murky water up above.

    Or maybe that’s just the lake I most recently visited. Eek.

    • Freddo

      ugh.. what were you doing underwater in such a lake.. sounds sort of gross..

      Are you sure by “lake” you didn’t mean the gulf waters surrounding Deepwater Horizon?

      • Laura

        I may have been swimming in a sewer or water treatment plant, it’s hard to say.

        Hahaha … totally kidding. But the dead fish thing was for real — poor guy had an unfortunate run-in with a boat propeller.

        Side note: until pretty recently, I thought ALL lakes were more on the dirty/murky/dead-fishy side (that doesn’t stop me from swimming in them, mind you), but I’ve since witnessed some clean and pretty lakes. So glad I’ve seen the light!

        • Freddo

          Yikes! At least you didn’t have an unfortunate run-in with a boat propeller!

          Remember: “Safety first” out there everyone!

  2. Carole

    Haha perfect! I love how you always come up with the randomest things that are so obviously awesome but that we don’t take time to notice.

    Can’t wait for the book of awesome 2!!!!! :D

  3. Sam

    oh hey, there’s another sam! :)

    anyway, i love this. love love loooove this

  4. Oh, this one’s really, really awesome. Especially in those rare moments when the water doesn’t sting my eyes!

  5. James

    Ooh, first one that isn’t awesome for me (since I’ve started reading). Being underwater, silence clogs your ears, you desperately try to get to the surface but the currents drag you down, you can’t breathe, you start to panic…


    • Erin

      This one is best enjoyed while calm and relaxed :) thus, minimal risk of panic and fear.

      calmly submerged, looking skyward while sun rays filter all around? pricelessly awesome.

  6. Tana

    Best done when it’s raining. Then you get to see the raindrops hit the surface.

  7. I agree, this lookup up while underwater is fun. I also like looking down and seeing the sunlight shimmer and ripple across the bottom of the pool.

  8. poeticchronicles

    This appeals to me! I love swimming, especially underwater. I wrote this poem thinking about this situation : http://www.poetic-chronicles.org/blue.php
    I love your blog by the way :)

  9. Kim

    Still do this at the age of 34 and don’t plan to stop. Even my boys are starting to clue into this bit of awesomeness. Watching the clouds float by in the sunlit sky, trees gently swaying, birds in flight.. all seen through the shimmery looking glass of water …. It truly is AWESOME!

  10. When I saw the title, my first thought was “I wonder what picture he’ll choose.” Didn’t disappoint! =D

  11. Cassandra

    The BEST!!

  12. Kaitlin

    I was definitely thinking about how awesome this was when I was at the pool the other day. Whenever I think of something awesome it usually pops up as one of your posts in the next few day. That’s AWESOME!

  13. Elysa

    i am a wimp and refuse to open my eyes under water :) i use the excuse that i wear contacts and don’t want them to wash out of my eyes.

    i haven’t worn goggles since i was a little girl, but listening to you all describe how awesome this is… i may have to go out and get me some so i can experience this again!

  14. Yes, yes! A must at the pool!

  15. Umiyama

    I kind of miss the email messages that used to be attached to the posts. At first they were neat, then they got repetitive, but now that they’re gone I kind of miss hearing about how people were cheered up by the book. It’s a nice contrast to all the sad or annoying things that happen every day.

    I usually try to do something fun each day, so I’m really enjoying this blog because it’s giving me new ideas of things to enjoy. Even if it’s as simple as eating potato chips or the small accomplishment of putting away laundry, sometimes a small thing can really turn my mood around before I go to bed.

  16. Hello – beautiful words. But if you’re going to use my image, please add a photo credit “Photo: Chris Keeney Photograpy” – thank you

  17. oops. A typo on my credit line “Photo: Chris Keeney Photography” – Thanks

  18. I haven’t done this since I was little!!! So cool.

    PS If you like this blog, check out http://justsomepetpeeves.wordpress.com, you won’t be disappointed!

  19. Even better when you are 40 years old and just learning how to swim!!! I could just do the backfloat all day long…AWESOME!

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  21. The only time this was not awesome was when I was whitewater rafting and the raft got sucked into a hole. I was completely underwater, but still sitting in the raft. It was very surreal. I thought “This can’t be good.” And then the raft popped up and shot me into the rapid. A friend on the shore threw me a rescue line. So, yes, looking up from underwater is pretty great most of the time, but a friend who will rescue you when it isn’t is what I call AWESOME!

  22. Super Duper Awesome! Love ittttt.

    Found your site through a CNN article and now its my homepage at work.

    Love the mushy wushy nicey feelings this blog evokes.

    Well done.

    In a world where people seem attached to misery, this is a lovely thing that celebrates happiness :)

  23. Colleen

    This is so cool. Today I bought a waterproof digital camera and was taking pictures from underwater looking up at the sky and my friends in the lake and pool where we work. And it is awesome!

  24. cocoa

    I love doing this at night with a full moon. Or in extremely bright sunlight.

  25. c

    Awesome…unless you get water up your nose..not awesome.

  26. Peter

    This is cool. Cause i’m didn’t know that beofre

  27. Peter

    I’m sorry, it’s before

  28. Peter

    And I hope Ms. Sarah may look at my comment

  29. Tommy

    I love that it’s like sleeping on a cloud, except when you forget to cover your nose.

  30. Tiffany

    This is why I want to get certified to be a SCUBA instructor. I can do this all day and show others how to love it as well.

  31. Jena

    this one i actually find a little eerie since it kinda sounds like what you would experiance while drowning…..

  32. emmy

    I tend to avoid this most of the time because water normally gets up my nose when I face my face (ahaha) in any direction other than down. But when I look up and no water gets in, then it is well and truly
    But I’m not finished :P Once I was swimming and I happened to glance up and I saw this ‘thing’ above me and I freaked out thinking it was a giant fish… but then I realised it was just my reflection on the underside of the water surface. I never knew it reflected things from both ways until then! And I think I’ll add a waterproof camera to my Christmas list so I can use it during January at the beach!

  33. Wow. I love it so much !

  34. Thats a little bit frightening in my opinion.

  35. wendywithaurora

    Especially when raining:)

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  39. brittney

    That reminded me of when I was a young girl swimming in my backyard. Whenever I had done that it felt like all my stress and worries had disappeared because of the mesmerizing beauty that came from above the water.

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