#442 Figuring out how we got on this topic

Do you ever find yourself chatting with friends when someone suddenly says “Hey, how did we start talking about this?”

That’s when you find yourself quickly unwinding your off-the-rails conversation by jumping backwards through scattered anecdotes and interconnected stories. As you unravel the jumbly mystery you’re suddenly a speedy detective racing back through the universe at warp speed to tighten a couple screws so your tightly twisted brain can relax back into a world that makes sense again.


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67 responses to “#442 Figuring out how we got on this topic

  1. Yes, this is awesome! It’s always really interesting to see where conversations can lead :)

  2. Panthalassa

    Hooray! I love this one. This happens to me all the time.

  3. Tana

    I’m usually the one who asks that question. I get in trouble for it sometimes. XD

  4. I love that! :) This also happens with my own individual thought processes, backtracking to figure out how I ended up thinking about something completely random.

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  6. Di Andrews

    Chuckles…I love this one. It’s more fun working out what the answer is than the answer itself!

  7. I love conversation math! AWESOME!

  8. Tammy

    Funny because my friend and I were driving around and talking today and this came up. It was a fun game to see who could remember :)

    We’re both leaving for college and won’t be able to see each other for a while so it was nice to have so much fun :P

  9. Laura

    You’re so right — your brain can’t rest until you know! It’s like when you try to figure out who sings a certain song or what movie featured a particular actor … thou shalt not rest until the answer has been unveiled.

  10. Ian

    This also works for when you’re trying to work out what you were going to say to somebody that was only loosely related to something about three conversational leaps ago.

  11. Tara J

    My friend and I do this all the time! It is so funny.

  12. The longer the chain of topics is, the funnier it becomes.

    Hey check out http://justsomepetpeeves.wordpress.com!!

  13. kathleen

    I always find myself backtracking my thought processes! It’s satisfying to get back to where you started. Awesome!!

  14. All the time. Sometimes its really fun to unravel a conversation and find out how you went from talking about your weekend to talking about your favorite high school teacher.

  15. Jane

    Yes! I love doing this. It’s fascinating how our brains associate and flex with each other.

  16. jdurley

    …because until you figure it out, your brain is TAUT with tension.

  17. Haha, this happens to me all the time. It’s even funnier when you’re done backtracking, and then have to go forward again to continue what you were talking about. :p

  18. I would have never thought of this! That’s brilliant. Thanks! Totally changing the subject, did you ever consider the awesomeness of handwritten, hidden love notes? Somebody mentioned this yesterday.

  19. Freddo

    This is totally awesome!

    And it reminds me of a game I used to play with a friend at work. We would both simultaneously think of our own random thing.. (Me: Peanut Butter! Him: “Kuala Lumpur!”). And then we would choose those as a starting point and ending point to get between using Wikipedia, but without using the keyboard to search for anything after getting to the starting page. So, we’d both get to the “Peanut Butter” page on wiki (or whatever the starting page we agreed on was), and then using only the internal links within the articles, we had to find a way to get to the page on “Kuala Lumpur”, as quickly as possible..

    After we were done, we could compare browser histories to see how we each managed to get from one point to the other, and all the twists and turns involved.

    Man, we could play that game for hours. It was awesome.

    • Freddo

      And here’s how it’s folks:

      Peanut Butter
      Breakfast Cereal
      Tony the Tiger
      Eye of the Tiger
      Sylvester Stallone
      Robert DeNiro
      Meet the Parents
      Ben Stiller
      Kuala Lumpur


    • Michelle

      OMG!! I learned this game from some guys at the AT&T store while buying my iphone. I thought they made it up but it’s real!!!!

  20. Okay, this post goes beyond AWESOME … this is EPIC!!!

  21. I talk so fast I’m constantly asking that question. Hunni and I were talking to friends today and suddenly we were talking about frogs. Huh?

  22. My friend Gail sent this link to me, it was as if she wrote it about our wandering conversations.

  23. Oh I love this post. This happens less and less as you get older (maybe you don’t have so much time for talking drivel as you did before) but I love it every time. You’re normally having an indepth conversation about cheese or similar!

    Love it – thank you!

  24. Haha, this alllwaaays happens to me!

  25. ashley joy

    I was just having this conversation with my friend on the way home the other day. I think its neat to backtrack on how we got there.

  26. I love it when this happens…it’s crazy the routes a brain will thumb a ride to. haha :)

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  28. Georgia

    i think you should include, sneaking a lolly from the pick and mix/lolly bins (whatever you have in wherever you are) at the supermarket/grocery store.
    you know what im talking about, the different types of lollies all sitting there without wrappers, each type in a big bin…..
    you pinch one and no one notices, and you continue your shopping!

  29. Haagendazs

    love this one…”spontaneity is sometimes boring”….

  30. xyz

    this is really awesome…i think everyone smtimes do it…

  31. i cant tell how you got on any topic…

  32. Ally

    This may be my absolute favorite Awesome Thing, it at least is of the ones posted so far.

  33. Cant figure the way ure getting on any topic.lol. However, it is still great.

  34. Hannah

    I do this all the time. It usually started with something really stupid, like how somebody’s fart sounded.

    (It was exactly like an old car starting.)

  35. You are very brilliant in every topic!

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  42. foreverhorsegirl

    yes! I do this all the time.

  43. Laura Mac

    the fascinating “train of thought.”

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