#407 The Inlaw Nap

The Inlaw Nap is any nap you manage to pull off at the inlaw’s house. As long as it’s not during Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas present unwrapping, or while the birthday cake is served, it is a completely legal nap and fully counts as spending quality time visiting the inlaws.

Whether you skip out on setting the table, ditch helping with the dishes, or just miss a couple hours playing cards with Grandma… it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is you pulled it off.

Yes, you answered a phony cell phone call in the other room for twenty minutes, you snuck into the kid’s fort and fell asleep in the cushion barracks, or you hid on a pile of jackets and scraggly blankets in the spare bedroom.

All that matters is you pulled it off.

All that matters is that you’re


Frank Warren of PostSecret is a longtime friend of 1000 Awesome Things and is currently on tour!


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47 thoughts on “#407 The Inlaw Nap

  1. Aww, no in-laws.

    I love the idea of crawling into the blanket and couch-cushion fort, though. :)

    Frank Warren came to my old university’s campus a couple years ago but I wasn’t able to go see him. Sad.

  2. Up until recently I regularly took naps at the in-laws. We’d go over to their house for something simple or just to visit, but we end up staying ALL day. And this happened very often, since they only live 5 minutes down the road. I’d just plop myself down on the couch and fall asleep until hubby woke me to leave…sometimes I’d fall asleep by accident.
    I don’t do it now cuz it seems they have finally accepted that I’m here to stay and will talk to me.

  3. My husband somehow manages to do this on most visits, but I’ve yet to achieve this holy grail of illegal naps!

  4. I had an “Awesome Things” moment the other day (maybe it’s something you’ve already written about, but I thought I would share.)

    I was looking at my very full to do list, and I realized that I had already completed most of the items on the list and I had just forgotten to check them off. That moment of realizing I wasn’t as busy as I thought I was was golden.

    1. For a cheery name like Dancing Stanley, your post is pretty angry. Everyone may not be able to relate to the in-law nap but the idea itself is funny.

  5. I don’t have inlaws… yet, but I have pulled this off at my aunts house and other family gatherings. it is usually because I’m tired and I always feel bad about sleeping when I should have been spending time with the famfam. But it does FEEL awesome:)

  6. I have to buy my nap at the in-laws house. its a 2-to-1 payoff: I cut their grass for one hour, I get clearance for a 2 hour in-law couch nap. I know I didnt sneak it, but its still Awesome!

  7. As the person who has to set the table and do the dishes while you nap, this is not quite as awesome for me. You know what’s awesome? Having the visit at YOUR house next time, so you can do all the buying, preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning while I make a pillow fort in the other room with the kids. /

  8. This is completely worthy of being one if the 1000 things. I love this. I always take advantage of this nap. It could be at the in-laws, your own parents, or aunt/uncles house. Everyone complaing about the nappers an having to do dishes…… Somehow you have gotten the nicest house and you decided to have people come over so pleaaaaaase! :)

  9. I love this nap too and am so excited to hear that other people do as well! One epic trip, I took four naps in one day. Amazing!

  10. My MIL is a pain in the butt and wants to be fawned over during every second of a visit to our house. I escape by taking a nap in my OWN bed. My husband gives me the “death stare” not because I am napping while she is here, but because he wishes he was too.

  11. I escape by taking a nap in my OWN bed. My husband gives me the “death stare” not because I am napping while she is here, but because he wishes he was too.

  12. Oh man, I LOVE those naps. But the thing is, I can’t control how long I nap. So I usually end up sleeping for five hours. Once I’m asleep, I ain’t waking up.
    I can’t sneak these in unless I’ve had a good sleep the night before so I don’t have a three hour ‘phone conversation’.

  13. Haha! This reminds me of my step dad! Every time we go to my grandmas house (his mother in law) he falls asleep on the same couch with his mouth hung open lol

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