#395 When your taxi driver knows all the shortcuts

Bouncing beltless in the backseat you’re zooming down dark streets, slick roads, and slippery lanes. Doesn’t matter if you’re cabbing back from cards, hitting the downtown bars hard, or flying home for a quick recharge. Nope, the only thing that matters is if your cabbie knows the secret sidestreet shortcuts that shave a couple minutes off your ride.

Yes, today we salute all the Cab Drivers of the World who swerve and curve down one-way streets, hidden on-ramps, and tight alleys like champions.

Thanks for making us feel like we’re in an action movie.

Thanks for making us feel


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23 thoughts on “#395 When your taxi driver knows all the shortcuts

  1. Just last night the cab driver charged us less to take us to the impound to retrieve my friend’s car that was towed. That is as close as I can get to shortcuts because there really aren’t any shortcuts here in this part of Arizona (grid system).

  2. And thanks for taking the efficient route that is costing us slightly less than it could’ve!

    This week has been all about some shortcut lovin’. :)

  3. We learned a better route from our place to the airport from the Airport Taxi drivers. That was pretty sweet.

    On another note, I’m starting to wonder if I should be making a side bet about shortcut-related entries.

  4. What’s better is when they actually take them!! I’ve offered a larger tip if they get there faster. =)

  5. I just want to know where there are cab drivers that take short cuts and why do I always end up with the ones that take me on the scenic route so they can get extra mileage out of me :(
    (Probaby because the only time I take a taxi is when I’m out of town, and they know I’m a tourist.)

  6. I just obsessively stare at the meter…my heart is racing, palms are sweating and all I want to do is ask the guy to pull over so I can walk the rest of the way. That is why, I love the pre-paid taxi ride…5 bucks? Yeah, let’s go!

  7. I’m finally, after a month of solid reading, all caught up! :) Loved being able to read as many entries as I wanted each night after work. Waiting for new ones is gonna kill me!

    There’s two ways to my house, one is totally faster, so I make the drivers take this one, as they sometimes try to get a few extra coins off me by taking the scenic route!

    Can I just say, that the ‘gang’ on here comprising of Freddo, jdurley, Bekah, Laura and any others is hilarious! I always scroll down to find out what they, and everyone else, think of the post!

    Keep it up Neil! I’ll be buying the book when the next paycheck comes through! Hopefully there’s copies in Ireland!


    1. It IS hard to wait for the new awesome thing … but it’s always worth the wait :)

      You’re so sweet! You should join us; we’d love to read YOUR comments!

  8. I love taxi drivers who know how to skip a traffic jam.
    Unfortunately many of them prefer the slow lane in order to make few more bucks.

  9. I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates and will be returning.

  10. Taxi cabs don’t do that here becuase they know they can take total advantage of the fact we have no other transit where we live and town is far too far a walk!

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