#390 Being waited on hand and foot

Wake me up.

Take off my pyjamas. Put a shirt on me. Pull up my pants. Do up my zipper. Tie my shoes. Make me breakfast. Wash my hands. Put me in the car seat. Buckle me up. Blow my nose. Turn on the TV. Change the video. Change the video. Change the video. Take me to the store. Buy me a toy. Buy me lunch.

Hold me.

Give me a sucker. Stick it in my mouth. Pick it up off the floor. Clean off the dirt. Play with me. Make me laugh. Cook me supper. Put me in my chair. Cut up my food. Put it on my fork. Stick it in my mouth. Wipe it off my chin. Carry me upstairs. Sing me a song.

Bathe me.


This post is 5 of 1 2 3 4 5 for Kids Week!

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31 thoughts on “#390 Being waited on hand and foot

  1. Haha, love it! Pretty sure the picture of the kid with the hair sticking up has been used at least 3 times on this blog. It gets cuter every time!

  2. Ah! The hair kid again. He never gets old :3
    Anyway, I bet this entry is exactly what my 3 month old Godson is thinking everyday

  3. This is actually what my almost three year old niece sounds like, except she’ll add a please most of the time and replace all the me’s and my’s with her name.

    And She definetly thinks its awesome, cause she looks at you like you’re crazy when you try to get her to do anything by herself.

  4. BHB again! YAAAY. :)

    ‘Change the video. Change the video. Change the video.’ Love it :)

    Thems were the days…

  5. If only I could remember these days…..
    You brought back some good memories from when my daughter was itty bitty and gave me more to look forward to in a few months.

    Never get tired of the bed head baby…. you should just find a way to slip that baby in every post.

    1. I remember so much from when I was little … my brain is full of childhood memories and song lyrics. No room for other “important” stuff like political science lectures or shopping lists. ;)

      I love bedhead baby, too!

      1. I only remember little stupid stuff I use to do. Like the way I use to sing the word lasagna when that’s what we were having for dinner. Or playing a game with my brothers where all we did was hide under the bed pretending there were robbers in the house. Or trying to scream words without saying any consonants. Or being stuck in the middle of the backseat and all the windows would be down and my hair would fly every where and I would cry.

        Ok…now that I start typing some things, a lot of memories came flooding back in.

  6. Aw, this made me laugh! I love the way it’s written. Although, I guess that’s really no exception from the norm.

    It’s funny … when I was little and couldn’t do any of these things by myself, all I wanted was to do them independently. Now that I can do them all, this made me think about how nice it’d be to have someone else do it occasionally. Buy me a toy, buy me lunch, cook my dinner, AND carry me upstairs to sing me a song?! ;) It’s kind of like naps … kids don’t want to take them, but most adults crave them.

    Good memories :)

  7. A-A-A-H! I love, love, love this one! You had me at “waited on hand and foot” but then it just kept getting funnier and funnier! And then, to top it all off like a cherry on a sundae, BHB!

    …happy sigh…

  8. OK, Stop! I’m getting “post-traumatic stress disorder” reading this from when my daughter was younger ;-) Come to think of it, she’s STILL like this!
    Thanks for reminding me of those sweet memories!

  9. I went to a scrapbooking retreat last year, 2 days/2 nights of scrapbooking and being creative at a lovely resort away from my 3 year old and 1 year old and the messy house! We would all sit in a room working away, someone would come and tell us a meal was ready, we’d walk to the dining room, eat and then just walk away without cleaning up and get back to our fun projects. About halfway through I had an epiphany. “Woah! This is what life is like for my kids!!!”. I was totally jealous.

  10. I’m going to a horse-healing camp retreat soon and I cannot wait!
    Nearly every day of the week, I get to walk next door and do some of these wonderful things with my 1 year old grandson.
    I’m going to a horse-healing camp retreat soon!
    When I return, I’ll have my 5 year old grand-daughter for 2 weeks to wait on hand and foot and I can’t wait!!! I AM TRULY BLESSED:)

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