#375 Finding out someone has the same birthday as you

Finding out someone shares a birthday with you feels like stars aligning, hearts criss-crossing, and lives twisting and tangling together.

If they share your actual year it’s even more special because you grew up sharing moments and memories and histories and horoscopes, too. Libra to Libra, Pisces to Pisces, you break it down around town chatting about childhood birthday parties, deliciously disgusting foods, and hometown habits that died hard.

Suddenly it’s a reminder it’s not just about you because someone else is partying hard on your party day.

Suddenly it feels like you’re sharing a secret.

Suddenly it feels like a friend.


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127 thoughts on “#375 Finding out someone has the same birthday as you

  1. Every year, I am the same age as my cousin for one day, then the next, he is older again. Not exactly the same birthday, but still awesome.

    Being the first to post a comment: Also awesome.


    1. Mom has been best friends with her friend since kindergarten. My mom had me Aug 24, 88. Her friend had her son Aug 23, 89. So for one day we are the same age and then I’m older again. It’s just crazy awesome that it happened to be that our families share this as opposed to some random person I met in college and only found out his birthday randomly or something.

  2. I love instant and effortless connections like that. Hey there, birthday twin, we share the best day of the year!


    1. Mine too! We’re birthday twins!

      It’s also Ryan Gosling’s birthday and Anne Hathaway’s birthday. That’s all the famous people I know…

    2. Happy birthday to Kara and Trevor and all of the birthday sharers today!

      Thinking of all the people who share a special day just gave me a warm, fuzzy, we’re-all-connected kind of feeling…sort of like I always felt when I was a kid and saw that xmas Coca Cola commercial about teaching the world to sing.

  3. March 23rd for me! I’ve only met ONE person with the exact same birthday as me (3/23/87), and she was a customer of the store I work at.

    Also, she was the only person I’ve met that has the same birthday as me in general. The following celebs share my birthday: Ric Ocasek from The Cars, Chaka Kahn, and Perez Hilton. :/

    1. Mine is also march 23rd and I just met someone at a small get together with the same birthday. Definetly felt the energy before I found out.

  4. I met a girl in high school who was born on the same day as I was, a half hour before me, in the same hospital, though in a completely different city. We could have been crying next to each other in the hospital nursery.

    So awesome.

  5. My younger brother and I share the same birthday, he was born two years after I was… It’s very nice because I feel very close to him, and he is the best brother I could have asked for.


  6. I still remember the first time I met someone with the same birthday as me. I was (almost) seven, and it was at summer camp, and it was SO EXCITING, it was almost too much for my six-year-old body to take.

  7. I have tons of birthday twins, but my favorites were the three I knew as a kid. There’s nothing as fun as birthday partying hopping with birthday twins before going to your own!

  8. I’ve only met 2 people that have the same bday as me. In the fourth grade, when I moved and attended a new school, there was a girl in my class that had the same bday as me…year and everything. Friday the 13th!! Woo!
    Just a couple years ago, one of hubby’s friends had a kid on my birthday.

  9. I’ve met at least 6 people with the same birthday as me (July 19th). Four of us were all in the same college course last summer. Crazy!

  10. Great one! There was one boy in my middle/high school who had the same birthday as me. We weren’t friends, but we always said “happy birthday” when we ran into each other in the hall on our special day. :)

  11. One of the most awesome things about this blog is knowing that there are people out there who find these little things – like having the same birthday as someone – as completely awesome as I do. Every single thing you come up with makes me smile!

    Incidentally, I share my birthday with Ivanna Trump, Cindy Crawford, Kurt Cobain and Rihanna. AWESOME.

  12. Mine’s tomorrow!
    And my sister-in-law has the same birthday, how nice is that! I emailed her this post, hope she likes it.
    Tomorrow we’ll meet and wish eacheother Happy Birthday, it’s awesome!

  13. I knew this girl at summer camp that shared the same birthday as me – we were even born on the same year, in the same hospital!

    Incidentally, I think sharing a birthday with Jack Nicholson and Bettie Page is immensely cool. :)

  14. I’ve never found a birthday buddy…yet.

    But my brother and sister share a birthday – no, they’re not twins, they’re 7 years apart!

    1. I’ve not found my birthday twin yet either. The closest thing to a cool event on my b-day so far was that Princess Di and Charles married on my b-day.

  15. Also awesome: one of my best friends’ birthday is the day before mine, so we can party hard the night of his birthday, then when the clock strikes midnight, it’s my birthday!

  16. I LOVE birthday twins :) I have a coworker, a cousin AND a good friend who all share my birthday (June 2), it’s great!

    I have yet to find someone who shares my day & year though… (1981)

  17. In the summer of 1997 I was playing at a classmate’s house. Her neighbor, Jenna, came over to play with us.
    Not only did Jenna and I discover that we had the SAME BIRTHDAY (born only hours apart), but we found out we had playdates as babies. It was like finding a long-lost sister.
    That fall,she started going to my school. We’ve been like conjoined twins ever since.

  18. I don’t think I have ever met anyone with the same birthday. My birthday is July 9.
    I remember when my cousin was born, on my mom’s birthday! Pretty cool. :)

  19. I’ve never met anyone with my same birthday before, but I think we should all throw a big party next year for 11-11-11!

    1. I was thinking that when I wrote 11-11-10 on a paper the other day … :D

      P.S. It’s even on a Friday, so I bet people WILL party about it!

    1. Hahaha, sad. I would cry if I had the same birthday as hitler. I would just be annoyed if it was the mother-in-law. That being said, I am too young to have a mother in law, so IDK. But, I’ve seen the way my mom is annoyed with our grandma, and I can actually understand because it annoys me too.

    2. I share a birthday with Hitler.. and Columbine.. and “Marijuana Day”

      No, I don’t smoke or cook weed into my birthday cakes.

  20. Awesome is when your birthday matches with the person whom you admire or have a crush and that’s what happened with me and I was like oh my gosh!!my instincts are right..we are somehow really connected to each other.

  21. Just googled and found Geddy Lee!, Michael Biehn, Stephen Dorff, and Peter Jennings share my day, but then, Mussolini shared my b-day, too.

  22. Rarely does anybody have the same actual day as me. But, I know a LOT of people with it in the same month/week. Anybody out there had their b-day this past monday? Let’s see…

  23. They say that in a group of around 55 two people will share a birthday. At my school of about 40 employees we had 6 people who shared 3 birthdates (including me). 2 share the year too, like Steph @12:58, they were born 30 minutes a part at different hospitals. I have known others who shared my birthday (and year), but the best birthday buddy ever is my son born in 2009 on my 33rd birthday (9 days early).

  24. I met a guy (who became a very close friend) who has the same birthday (june 7 1987) and we were born in the same hospital. Within 30 minutes of each other.

  25. This is pretty awesome, I’ve met like 8 or 9 people with my birthday, and know of at least one celebrity that shares it.

  26. I met my best friend in second grade because we had the same lunch box and then later we found out we had the same birthday. Same year same day same hospital and her name was my middle name. What a small world! Lol

  27. My neice shares my birthday with me 15 years apart. Looses it special something when you have to share with a relative, my two oldest kids share the same birthday 18th november 3 years apart and my daughter has another sibling born on the same day to her dads’s new partner!

    1. Sorry that should of read 18th Febuary, My birthday is on monday and my neices is too she even has a make up of my name hers is shayne mine is shay.

  28. I had a birthday buddy my whole life until just a few months ago… I was born on my uncle’s birthday, so we always had a special bond.
    He died of cancer.. In two weeks I’ll have my first birthday without my Birthday Buddy…
    Sorry to bring my sadness to the awesome-fest, but my mom definitely gave her brother an awesome gift that year: a niece! :)

  29. OoooOO, and the more special your birthday is, like if you’re born on some weird date like the 17th of Never, the better that gets.

    Special bonding, I guess. Although I once met a person who was NOTHING like me and born on my birthday. Actually, that was the only person I met to be born the same day as me.

    However the thought that somewhere inside they might be haunted by the same feelings I was made everything real special I suppose. LOL

  30. Perfect timing: yesterday was my birthday, which I share with two good friends from high school (we were all born in the same hospital on the same day), and a coworker’s daughter.

    Thanks for the freakily apropos chunk of awesomeness! :-)

  31. i found out yesterday that my dad has the same birthday as donald duck. guess who is getting themed presents this year?

  32. THIS IS CRAZY! My friend and I have the same birthday which is November 12th and that’s the day this was posted!

  33. In my 50 years I have met well over 20 people with my birthday (including my daughter!), and continue to meet more every year. I knew a biker named Butsy with my birthday, a poodle, friends of my kids, a neighbour, coworkers (one born same day, year and hospital!) and strangers. Not sure what goes on in August but May 20th is a really popular day!

    1. wow, Bernie, that’s impressive!

      LOL, re: what goes on in August! I remember there was a whole whack of people in my school year, all with May birthdays, and when we got old enough to figure out what that meant, we wondered what was going on in the summer the year before!

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