#375 Finding out someone has the same birthday as you

Finding out someone shares a birthday with you feels like stars aligning, hearts criss-crossing, and lives twisting and tangling together.

If they share your actual year it’s even more special because you grew up sharing moments and memories and histories and horoscopes, too. Libra to Libra, Pisces to Pisces, you break it down around town chatting about childhood birthday parties, deliciously disgusting foods, and hometown habits that died hard.

Suddenly it’s a reminder it’s not just about you because someone else is partying hard on your party day.

Suddenly it feels like you’re sharing a secret.

Suddenly it feels like a friend.


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127 thoughts on “#375 Finding out someone has the same birthday as you

  1. I always have a ‘birthday twin’….because I am a twin :P….would that be considered cheating? Because that’s not my fault ;)

  2. I love this post…i felt exactly the same way when I found someone who shared a birthday with me. thanks for the daily dose of awesome!!! :)

  3. When I pledged a club (kinda like independent greek life) I got a big sib, to help me through pledgeship.

    The most amazing thing was she had the exact same birthday as me. March 2nd.

  4. I was born on my father’s birthday.
    My whole immediate family was born within a week, actually. A little lame having to share one birthday cake though.

  5. i thought it was odd. 29 years ago i started the trend in my family. i was the last baby born and came on my sisters 9th birthday. every neice or nephew has been born on someone’s birthday thats a relative. it’s odd. i share my b-day with at least 3 other people. and now we expecting another baby next month and she is due the day after our grandma’s 83 birthday i bet you she comes on that day.

  6. The moment of joy when you hear your friend doesn’t like cookies. <— haha you get to eat all the cookies by yourself! :)

  7. I used to not like when someone had my same birthday but I work at a hospital on the Birthcenter and this year there were 4 babies born on my birthday! Now I like sharing my birthday!

  8. I Think it is wery awesome when you find somebody who is born on the same date and year like you.I find one friend who is born on the same date like me.I fill wery awesome …..and i think its very btf..i am happy…08.12.1975

  9. I met my best friend in college on the first day and found out a month later we share the same exact birthday (including year)!!! I love the fact that every year I get to celebrate with my long lost “twin”!!

  10. Bonus points if your birthday twin is a celebrity! I don’t know anybody with the same birthday as me, I swear March 26th is the least common day to be born other than February 29th, but I know of two celebrities with my birthday.

    1. Happy birthday tomorrow!!
      Unfortunately the bonus points don’t apply when you don’t like the celebrity. I share mine with the Olsen twins and thank goodness Tim Allen is there to even it out for me.
      Celebrites that share your birthday include~ Keira Knightley, Kenny Chesney, Martin Short, Steven Tyler, Diana Ross and one of my favortie poets, Robert Frost

  11. One of my friends has my same birthday, year and was even born at the same hospital. Sher was born 6 hours after me. We’re twins!

  12. I was recently at a party and I was talking to two people I had never met before, and somehow we discovered that our birthdays are May 2nd, May 3rd, and May 4th. not quite the same as this post, but pretty awesome!

  13. When I added a co-worker to my facebook, back when you had to say where you knew them from, the guy, who likes to make things up, said we went to high school together. ( we didn’t)
    Then I found out that not only did we have the same birthday, we were the same age, so it was exactly the same birthday.
    Best part? The high school he graduated from was the same school my Mom graduated from! 25 years earlier.
    Too funny!

  14. I met a wonderful guy when I was living in Cork, and he was living in Dublin, and he texted me a few days before my birthday to say he was coming to Cork for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Ended up that it was the same day as mine, and we had our birthday celebrations together with our mutual group of friends! And this year, in 10 days’ time, I’ll be flying back to Ireland, and will be celebrating my second birthday in a row with him :)

  15. I love finding little connections like this with random people. I mean, how can you not become instant friends when out of 365 possible days in the year, you were born on the exact same one!

    This is also how I feel when I meet a fellow leftie. It feels really special, because not many people I know are left handed, so when I meet one I get super excited. Ah, the simple things.

  16. I love finding little connections like this with random people! I mean, how can you not become instant friends when out of 365 possible days in the year, you were born on the exact same one!

    This is also how I feel when I meet a fellow leftie. It feels really special, because not many people I know are left handed, so when I meet one I get super excited. Ah, the simple things.

  17. I was one of three people in my grade school all with the same birthday, we were always excited to celebrate it.

  18. I knew one and as adults we’d get all child-like giddy on “our” day:)
    My first love and father of first child and I were born just a few days apart and were in the same hospital nursery, but never knew until we met in another city we’d both relocated to 12 years later!
    How cool is that!

  19. My parents shared the same birthday (5 years apart) and as a child I can remember thinking everyones parents shared the same birthday !!!… even more weird though, I later learned that some neighbours in our road, around my Mum and Dads age, also shared the same birthday and….. I know this is incredible…it was same day as my parents !!!!!

  20. I found out last year that I have the same birthday as Hitler and my family and friends believe its a laughing matter but I find it strange. Also I have the same birthday as two school friends and a bengal tiger I met in a zoo; we were all born on the same day, same year. Also there is my cousin who is 6 years older than me!! Lots of people… 20th April xx

    1. You just reminded me, my oldest sister and my second oldest sister are birthday twins, born on the same day three years apart! In the newspaper announcement it actually read that sister Cathie was a birthday present to sister Jennifer:) Then three years later, only 2 days earlier I was born…making us near birthday triplets…for real!!!
      Thanks for sparking this memory in me, Karen:)

  21. funny, i was just thinking about whether or not finding out someone has the same birthday as you was on 1000 awesome things and then i check my app of awesome and its there as the awesome thing of the day! i recently found out a coworker has the same bday as me. she was like aww man my birthdays on a wednesday this year so i said so is mine! then i ask her when her bday is and she goes october 3rd. ahhh mee too!! My other birthday twins include gwen stefani and ashlee simpson and a few other friends and a cousin

  22. ♡♡♡♡ I met a guy few days ago we share the same birthday and same year…:| love him so much

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  24. I am dating the love of my life, who I met through an online dating site in January 2014 and he and I were born on the exact same day, same year in two different states. I also share a home with my identical twin sister and her boyfriend is five years older than the three of us, so the four of us have a lot of celebrating to do when our birthdays come around again in November.

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  26. Omg i found my birthday buddy and he turns 16 in 3 days and i turn 15 but the weirdest thing is i really like him and he likes me :D

  27. I met a german girl who was in travel in 2008 ..after fwst conversation we found that we have the same date of birth day ..month and year 1 april 1983.. it was so big surprise for us both ..she traveled more then 3000 km …destiny brought us to each other ..but bad poeple stoped this vobtact betwen us ..i still searching to contact her but i dont know how ..coz i havnt her name . If someone know a getman girl who have this date of birth plz contact me by mail to : ouderrou@gmail.com … thank you

  28. My boyfriend and brother share a birthday! My husband was born December 15, 1983 and my brother was born December 15, 1987 :) Another fun fact: my twin sister and I have the same birthday as my boyfriends sister December 2, 1985. (Same year and everything!)

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