#371 Seeing old people holding hands

It’s what life’s all about.

Seeing old people holding hands is a symbol of a lifelong companionship full of knowing glances, inside smiles, and warm feelings in waiting hearts. As you watch them mosey down the boardwalk during the sunset you can’t help see the connection of two hands that helped shape the world. Those hands made meals, held babies, mowed lawns, and fixed cars. They held faces, went places, called friends, and touched stars.

They tried and built and grew together. They lived and learned and loved together.

Seeing old people holding hands is a simple expression of long lasting affection that fills our hearts with hope. They show us a future world exists of tied-together hearts and long lives lived with someone we love.


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  1. Gahhh! I absolutely ADORE old people holding hands! I also love catching an old man opening a car door for his wife or helping her carry something. It’s so sweet and such a great reminder that forever-love does exist.

    1. Exactly! My dad has a cousin who lost her husband after 55 years of marriage. A few years later she met another old fellow ( both well into their 80’s) and when they were together they were like a pair of teenagers in love. They held hands, she sat on his lap, and they only had eyes for each other. Now she is in a nursing home in the advanced stages of dementia but he visits her every day and sits and holds her hand and chats with her non-stop. Pure love!

  2. I’d put this in my top ten most awesome things ever. Old people know love. They have known their significant other for a long time and can’t live without each other. They are tied together. They ooze of a simple love that doesn’t need kisses or roses. They are there for each other and that’s all that matters to them.

    I’m seriously crying right now because the love I see in old people makes me so happy and makes me believe that yes, lasting love really does exist.

    1. Even more incredibly awesome is when you talk to the old couple and realise they were childhood sweethearts :,) soooooo unbelieveably sweet and awesome! :)

  3. Some of my friends and I call this Oldie Holdie and whenever we see an old couple holding hands we will say “Oldie Holdie” and then it is generally followed by an awwww and a sigh.

  4. Ahhh I always tell my friends how I think seeing an elderly couple holding hands is probably the most beautiful thing you could see. I’m so glad it was featured, as its probably the thing that brightens up my day the most.

  5. :-)
    I love this one so very much. I like seeing anyone holding hands, but when its an elderly couple, its just that much more special.
    My hubby isn’t much of a hand holder, but I am… so its kind of a weird situation sometimes. I get to hold his hand for about one minute before he’s done.
    When I see an elderly couple holding hands, I do hope that will be me one day. (with or without the holding of the hands, just the love they have for each other for so long) These old couples give me hope and they ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

    1. Rereading my comment I see where it can be misunderstood.
      I am in a very loving marriage, I’m just saying that seeing the old couples that still have the love going strong for years and years…that’s what I’m shooting for in my marriage.

        1. Pregnancy brain makes me read further into things or write things that don’t make any sense.

          This is my third visit to this page, and I still said, “AW!”

          This one HAS to be in the next book

  6. My husband & I have been married 52 years. I smiled when I read this because tho we still are in love, sometimes we hold each other’s hand because one of us is sick or the sidewalk is uneven & we don’t want to fall!! LOL

  7. I got all misty reading that one. Long time reader, but I’ve never commented until now. I absolutely adore seeing old people hold hands. I get teary eyed whenever I see it. Like there really is hope for true love out there. By far, the most romantic thing you could ever witness.

  8. This one is so sweet and awesome.

    I especially love the list of all the things their hands have done and been through. Older people really do have awesome hands!

  9. This is fantastic!
    When I see a real life couple holding hands, it can demolish any bad mood that I have in the works.
    It’s probably better than seeing newborn babies or puppies in my books.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. YES! Possibly my favorite post to date! Seeing that always puts the most genuine smiles on my face. Love it. Love old people. Love love. Love the combo of the two. :)

  11. This is beautiful. Thank you – it’s absolutely one of my favorite sights too, and I cannot wait to experience that with my sweet husband.

  12. The other day I was at Ikea in Avignon here, (I’m an exchange student in France) and there was an old couple shopping for lamps behind me, when suddenly the old man stopped and said to the woman “Je t’aime.” (I love you.) And she turned to him and said “Je t’aime aussi.” (I love you too) and they kissed—sweetest thing ever.

  13. old age romance is the solace of my life .. my lovely woman loves it now too ..she didnt use to notice that before till i pointed that out to her … in our old age .. would love to walk with her ..hand in hand .. fingers intertwined … enjoying the pleasure of her presence with me ..listening to her muttering n comments on the most overlooked things by many …constantly trying to make me participate ..but just smilingly i press her hand feebly n say ..’i love you n..o’
    it would be hard to say which life is better ..but for sure i am looking forward to it ..n probably saving my best for her …in old age..

    1. Mine too! Its so enduring to see old people holding hands! It gives me hope that not all marriages are boring and loveless and that love can last through the years!!

  14. I think my husband and I are two of those old people – though not quite as old as some of the couples in these pictures, we are grandparents. And we hold hands all the time.

  15. I loved this one – it put a smile in my heart. My parents often hold hands now – and when I see them do it I can feel the tenderness that has come from years of learning, and appreciating, and forgiveness (especially the forgiveness) that has gone in between them. And the peace that is there now -the love and trust and acceptance and support.

    Mega awesomeness.

  16. I honestly love seeing this too, but it made me laugh because did anyone else see last week’s Modern Family episode? Mitchell and Cam think they’re helping a sweet old man and woman get over a fight, and Cam’s sappy, thinking about all the things in this post, and it turns out the old man is cheating on his wife with the old woman.

  17. It’s so sad that we rarely see this, but when we do, it makes our hearts melt :) It’s proof of true love.

  18. I am another Bekah who thinks this is awesome, but I am not married or pregnant. It is awesome to find another Bekah who spells it the same way as I do though!

  19. makes you wonder and hope that someday when you grow old, you have someone special to hold your hands while you walk by the pavement – someone who can be with you for the rest of your life. truly awesome!

  20. I too hope that when I am in my 80’s that I have someone to hold … mind you I hope she is in her 20’s !!!!

  21. My best friends grandparents are so incredibly cute like this. She’s 90 and he’s 94. She takes care of him and holds his hand through everything. They have been married 73 years and I love seeing them together. It’s really true love.

  22. Hi, I just recently came across this blog and am reading all the back logs (starting from the most recent ones). I couldn’t help myself when I saw this one. Just this morning while I was on my way to work, I came across two old couples commuting to someplace else, and I was just thinking that it’s really touching to see old couples doing things together, going places, and just knowing that they’re still really strong for each other (*Side note: commuting in the Philippines is hard; it may work for us locals who are so used to it but it can be shocking to other people). So when I came across this just now, it just hit me because it was so coincidental with my own musings. It’s really awesome to see that time and everything else moved for two people but they’ll always be that same special someone to each other. I have some close friends whose weddings are coming up in the next few months, and I’m definitely including this in my best wishes for them.

    This really made my day!

    Your AWESOME insights are relevant even halfway across the globe. :)

    Alvene, from the Philippines

  23. So sad our now “enlightened” ways have largely lost this dynamic…we will be poorer for not having it in as much abundance as was in the past.

  24. So sad our now “enlightened” ways have largely lost this dynamic…we will be poorer for not having it in as much abundance as was in the past.

  25. See Happy News.com- Valentine’s story, 2012, about 6 couples living on the same block, married over 50 years! The laughter, bliss, tenderness, awesomeness…sealed with a kiss! Have tissue handy:)

  26. I just remembered this story as I was reading this, dunno if I’ve mentioned it before anywhere on this blog (prolly have but oh well)… my step-dad’s dad and his wife are like a cute teenage couple!! Although their cuteness doesn’t symbolise a lifetime of love and companionship, it does symbolise the fact that you can still fall in love when you’re old :) Papa met Audrey through friends and then they got married after knowing each other about 2 months :D He was 88, she was 90 :D I’m pretty sure. Anyway, a few years on and they’re still as cute and in love as teenagers in love <3 It's really a beautiful story!

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