70 thoughts on “#358 When you sneeze and fart at the same time so nobody notices the fart

  1. Hahaha! I don’t know ANYone who hasn’t done this. It’s the perfect cover-up … UNLESS you’re a little kid who 1) doesn’t understand the subtlety involved in letting it be or 2) just doesn’t care. A couple years ago, my friend’s now-5 year old son did this … no one even noticed he farted, but he was so fascinated by the fart + sneeze combo, he decided to let everyone know about it.

  2. I read this every day for a little positive inspiration…today I had to laugh…awesome and unexpected

  3. I am so known for this in certain circles that sneezing and farting at the same time is known as “Peter Lynning” and I get a report on it every time one of my friends’ children completes my eponymous maneuver.

  4. really? that’s possible? LOL didn’t know. I have to try it sometime, if I would be able to do it. :D:D:D:D

  5. A friend of mine had to sneeze while in one of her college classes and she decided to give this a whirl and kill two birds with one stone. The sneeze didn’t come after all, but the fart was rather impressive. NOW she thinks it hilarious, but it took her a while to get past the initial mortification :)

      1. Faking either a fart, a sneeze or both requires to be very precise! Not the first time (won’t be the last either) that I tried it and was a major fail!

    1. yea just wait till your husband farts so badly,your son holds his nose whilst going to the fridge and politley passes out no jokes this really happened.To make it even better i tried really hard not to laugh or pass out either shame poor hubbie was feeling rather deflateds rotflmao!

  6. It’s been conjectured that the dreaded combination of sneezing, farting, caughing and hiccupping at the same time causes spontaneous human combustion… anyone want to try? (Make sure let your next of kin know where to post the reply so we can all read it later)

  7. Oh gosh… this brings back a horrifying memory. Back in high school, I coughed and farted at the same time during gym class. It wasn’t even like we were moving around, we were all seated on the floor, then it happened. It was a damn loud fart, I swear it sounded like an explosion because it was forced through the coughing. My friends were all sitting around me but no one said a word, no laugh, pitch silence between us. I don’t know if they really didn’t hear it because I was coughing or they thought it was a loud cough, or if they were just being mature and nice enough to ignore it. sigh…

  8. Even better (and going back to #951 – hearing a stranger fart in public) is when you hear someone fart and sneeze at the same time and they *think* no one heard it.

    Although really if a smell like that is coming out of your mouth – you may need to seek medical help.

  9. I read this to my husband and he laughed so hard, he farted! It is called ‘snarting’, by the way (which is better than sharting).

  10. Getting the timing right to pull this off convincingly is rather challenging. Usually, the sneeze sounds feigned, and the fart is merely enhanced. Due to the inevitable delay in synchronization, the sneeze draws attention to the sneezer, who then cannot suppress the fart. Or the fart introduces itself with a very high (or low) pitch, and the sneezer can’t possibly plan to hit the same note. Very tricky and only for the confident expert of concealment.

  11. Aerin’s insight is both informative and disturbing in it’s comprehensiveness. But, I say Bravo!

    The only issues missing are, of course, the inevitable laughing when you realize a) the absurdity of what just happened and b) that you pulled it off. The discipline to not laugh is rare, and requires years of experience and training.

    And, then, of course, there is the potential odor issue. Concealment here is beyond one’s control…

  12. What is funnier than a snart is when your daughter thinks that tap dancing after she lets an enormous fart fly will actually dirvert the attention from the huge noise that just erupted from her little bottom. That was awesome!

  13. My boyfriend tries to cover up his farts with coughing… and it never fails to amaze me that he thinks nobody will notice that he farted ;-)

  14. It is a really good trick…. but not in an elevator! Only works for a couple of seconds before people start wondering what’s wrong with your nasal appendice! Has it got rotten or what?!

  15. It is a really good trick…. but not in an elevator! Only works for a couple of seconds before people start wondering what’s wrong with your nasal appendice! Has it got rotten or what?!
    How to get out from a situation like that? Turn to the person next to you and start frowning while shaking your head in disapproval… but don’t try this if your only 2 in the cube; unless your so persuasive that the other soul will start wondering that maybe something slipt out unconsciously………….

  16. this trick is all about TIMING! i can’t tell you how often i’ve misjudged the timing and the two don’t line up…usually results in the initial sneeze moving down my body and pushing the fart out second.

  17. That art of snarting could come in handy for the poor Malawians who have been banned from farting in public,its now up to the Farting Special Unit to do the sniffing which might lead to more snarting and chocking!

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  19. hahaha that made me laugh! I enjoyed reading that truly awesome thing!
    Avery & Kitty Boy

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