#339 Being the first of your friends to discover the latest Internet joke

You’re a modern day explorer.

Surfing electronic waves, battling pop-up storms, and sidestepping phishing nets, you’re mapping the distant shores of cyberspace. Soon it’s time to grab one of those extendable telescope things, climb the windy mast, and step into the little basket before staring deep into the thin horizon.

After squinting and staring into the distance your eyeballs suddenly pop when you spot a sandy shoreline full of biting babies, rapping grandmas, and grainy videos of some guy getting squared with a tennis ball. Soon you’re yelling to friends on the mop deck, drafting a scroll for the queen, and getting everyone to come visit this new world.

Sure, Captain Cook sailed deep and Christopher Columbus sailed far, but they’re not around anymore and brother, you are. Yes, the baggy eyes, carpal tunnel, and painful throat scurvy was worth it.

So today we say thanks for sailing the seas and finding all those distant islands of


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28 thoughts on “#339 Being the first of your friends to discover the latest Internet joke

  1. I’m usually way behind on the latest Internet jokes/videos. That’s ok, though. I’m happy that other people have the savvy skills [& time] necessary to pioneer the tumultuous terrain that is the beginning stage of a viral Internet funny. Thanks for that!

    1. Agreed. My friends are awesome for finding things for me to look up so I don’t have to do it myself. I was just introduced to LOLcats and invisible sandwiches two days ago. Way behind the curve, I know.

            1. What was I thinking?! Is there ever a “too late” for a solid Rickroll?

              I’m gonna go with no. Thanks Freddo!

    1. LOL. When I was a teenager, I had the CD that came out with the original Hamster Dance song, the techno remix, and another remix. I played it every morning on repeat before we opened the store at my summer job and it drove everyone nuts. It became a game for my coworkers to hide the CD from me and see how long it took me to find it. Then one day it disappeared forever…

    2. @geektween is giggling uncontrollably! Get ready for the hamster dance to be introduced to a whole new generation…

    3. THE HAMSTER DANCE!!!!!!

      My sixth grade English teacher was OBSESSED. And that was way back during the dark days of dial-up, so she would open it first thing in the morning and let it load and then play it for us sometime during the hour. She played it almost everyday.

      But yes … you might have been the first to discover this. I think it might really catch on!

  2. I just discovered your site through a link on Positively Present, and I have to say, I am not all surprised that your site is listed in the “Inspiration” section. After reading about your appreciation of the little things I can’t help noticing the awesome little things in my life as well. Thanks for sharing your optimism!

  3. My hubby will try to read me a joke from his email or something and 9 out of 10 times, I have heard it already. Mostly from my grandpa, he’s all about those internet jokes.

  4. YES! YES! YES!
    I can go to Adelaide Australia, Alaska and NASA, to be dazzled by the brilliance of Aurora Borealis, AKA Northern Lights!
    I discover in another space, Aurora is Goddess of dawn. I learn she has a brother sol- sun and a sister- lunar moon.
    All of this I am able to marvel in, while on journey from an arm chair in my den with the warm fire crackling from the wood stove in the living room…
    at least 72 degrees farenheit inside, while -20 outdoors. I open the window a crack to feel a little closer to all the places I can take my imagination to play… stationed from right here and now…I’m discovering pits, bags and sags under my torso as large as the ones under my eyes, but they all say to me “World Traveller, Well Read, BRILLIANT!” and…

  5. Being the first to discover great websites like 1000awesomethings and passing it along is also awesome.

  6. I’m probably the last of my friends but I just discovered your blog. Cured my inexplainable bad mood. Love it. Thank you!

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