#323 The sound of a freshly cracked egg hitting a hot frying pan

Get crackin’.

Groggy and sore with jagged bedhead and an achy back you shuffle to the kitchen in stained sweats and mindlessly flick on the stove. Next it’s time to pop open the fridge and squint into the bright light before snagging some butter and the egg carton so you can get down to business. After tossing some butter on the crusty frying pan you swig some OJ and pick at your eyes while waiting till everything starts melting and bubbling. As the coils glow red the soft scents of melted butter slowly swirl and steam around you and that’s when you know it’s time.

Break a leg, crack that egg, and let the simmering sizzling begin.


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52 thoughts on “#323 The sound of a freshly cracked egg hitting a hot frying pan

    1. And don’t forget the pounds and pounds of bacon that are sizzling just as loud in the pan on the next burner over…

      Mmmmmm… BACON..

      1. The next burner over? *gasp* A true bacon enthusiast fries the bacon first, then uses the bacon grease to cook the eggs.

        1. You’re right.. you’re right.. I’m actually ashamed that I didn’t cover this myself..

          Particularly because my breakfast specialty is doing exactly what you describe, where I don’t even take the bacon out of the pan, I just crack the eggs on top and create and egg/bacon/bacon-grease concoction that is fantastic..

          /shuffles away with head down to sad Charlie Brown music..

          1. Don’t be too ashamed, Freddo, your creation sounds awesome enough to make up for your lack of initiating the idea of eggs following bacon grease. ;)

          2. Oh I’ve been missing out! Silly me! I’ve been removing the bacon and some of the grease as well before frying the eggs :/ Tomorrow when I make dinnkfast, things are gonna change.

            1. hehe.. you said dinnkfast..

              Let me know how it goes!

              btw: You have two options here – you can keep the bacon in strips, and have large strips mixed in with your eggs (great!) or you can cut up the bacon before you throw it in the pan and then have little bacon crumbles mixed in with your eggs (also great!). Either way, you can’t go wrong! :)

              1. Holy artery blockage, batman…That was delicious. But I’m not making it a habit. I think I can actually feel my heart having to work harder to get the blood pumping. And I left the bacon in strips, cuz that’s how I like to roll.

                    1. D’oh.. You mean I’ve been doing it wrong all these years???

                      No wonder when I send my friends e-mail with the following:

                      Subject: I’M GOING TO RICKROLL YOU M-F’ers!!!!!

                      and then just post a link to a Rick Astley video they never understand what I’m trying to accomplish..

                      Ooops! :P

    2. Hi,

      Sorry, for ruining your appetite :)
      Nevertheless, I would appreciate to one
      who would explain the chemistry of frying egg.
      Why does egg fry follows by sounds & bubbles?

      Thanks in advance,

  1. Exactly what I did tonight. After 7 hours of data entry, I came home too tired to care about dinner and made breakfast instead (since I already know I’m skipping it tomorrow)….mmmmm…..breakfast for dinner.

        1. I prefer acronyms, so I’m a straight up BFD sort of guy.. (Breakfast For Dinner)

          Whatever we call it, it’s AWESOME..

          For those of you who watch Parks & Rec (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you??), this reminded me of Ron Swanson and his quote: “I’m a simple man. I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food.” and then showed the following stock-photo poster in his office…


    1. I think that most of his pics are collected from around the internet, but I know that he always provides credit (see the link at the bottom of the post showing a link the photo’s source)..

      If he took all of his own pictures I’d begin to wonder why Neil is spending so much time around babies with bed head!! :)

    1. Yeah – sometimes when he posts about the awesomeness of Chinese Food, I feel like I’m hungry for more awesomeness an hour later…


  2. Lately I have been having a fried egg on toast most days for breakfast. It sets your digestive system off on a nice slow and steady pace for the day if you eat some protein and whole grains in the morning.

  3. This is one of my favorite memories from staying the night at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid. At home, we had the choice of cold cereal or instant oatmeal, but my grandparents would make us bacon, eggs sunny side up (on an old stove from the 50s) and toast to dip into the egg. Yum!

  4. I had a dream, I am 3 again, walking through Vancouver. an egg the size of the marine building appears with eyes like those in the frying pan, tuft of scraggly hair, feet big as a bridge AND he’s chasing me- he’s going to make me eat every last bite of him. I scream, but no voice. I run, but y’all know how that goes in a nightmare. Then I get my
    foot stuck in a railroad track. I am released when given wings to fly, monstrous egg is MAD as I gain distance, he turns to find his next victim. I soar happy and free, until wind fails me, I’m plummetting into a canyon- I wake up and I am a hero for the day… I narrowly escaped the disgusting allergic reaction to giant egg and falling to crack me all up, like the egg you just threw in that frying pan! ALL TRUE STORY!
    Now I have a friend who got sick when her hens were “beat up bad by the boys”, so this she did, mastered how to “grow” virgin eggs, and has won many awards. Many people don’t know this is possible, naturelle and now these eggs are good!! No more nightmares, and I too can have soldiers in the egg. This is healthy fun: soft boiled egg in egg cup of your choice, (many styles, even china, to choose from), carefully cut or peel top off, slice your toast in strips to size you like and have some fun dipping your “soldiers in your egg!”

  5. Not just the sound but the smell is awesome as well! I remember when my mom made eggs for breakfast when I was a kid. Those days I didn’t need an alarm clock to wake me up…just the smell made me wide awake!

  6. Do you know why I enjoy cooking? Do you?

    It’s eggs. I love cooking eggs. That’s all I cooked last year at college. I made the best eggs ever.

  7. Even better when it’s free range and from your own chickens. Just add some toast and tomato. Do love gravy on my eggs or toast, vegemite and egg. Breakfast for dinner – that’s a favourite in my house too. Eggs rule :)

    1. Normaly every week on wednesday or saturday a bunch of eggs is my diner, just sad I don’t have anymore chickens of my one in the garden.. So have to buy it in store, but fortunately eggs are not that expensive. I asked my dad already when hé’s going to buy new chickens but he says all the time it’s not good to eat so many eggs or so frequent, but it taste so good!

  8. This is a fantastic sound. It’s even better when you wake up to the smells and sounds of someone else making it FOR you :)

  9. …Steinbeck described the sound of eggs frying in a pan as “clucking” in East of Eden. I’ve always thought it was one of the most awesome descriptions of something I’d heard every day but hear differently now, after reading that, every time I crack an egg.

    Also, just watched your TED talk, good stuff. Actually – no, awesome stuff!

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