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  1. I must admit when I read this post my heart sank! But then I remembered the date! :D “Awesome thing #275 : Not actually running out of awesome things and pulling a pretty decent April fools joke.”

    1. Oh my. I forgot the date until I read the comments…you did make me stop for a moment! But love it…another awesome thing, the”made you look!”.

  2. aw man, you guys scared me, I was just like WHAT? ;A; XD lame, Happy April Fool’s Day :’D

  3. ha ha yeah right! April fool’s right? at first i thought what the? are you serious then i looked at the time stamp…ha ha…awesome…all the reactions of your readers thinking…wtf…

  4. OMG, not awesome neil! I read it like three times, put the phone down while I contemplated why, why now, why when there are sooooo manny more awesome things left in this world. Picked up the phone to tell you just what I thought, when I saw the date stamp :( I’m going to go spend the rest of the night restarting my heart, thanks

  5. Actually, what I heard is that the blog will soon be titled 10,000 awesome things, so this wonderful happening continues for many more years! Yea!

    I can’t imagine Neil really wants to have a life apart from this blog, right?!

  6. You definitely got me, but to be fair, where I am it is not yet April 1, so I didn’t have that on my mind yet.

    1. This arrived in my inbox 11:45am April 2nd!!! I’m on the other side of the pond to you guys – I was over April Fool’s day jokes – not fair!!! :-)

  7. #275 Awesome Thing:
    That second of “wait, WHAT?!?!” before you realize it’s April Fools day.

    Happy April Fools you guys, love ya!

  8. and right after that disturbing (in so many “tones”), Grays Anatomy episode
    say what???!!!***
    SURE, boy meets girl, they ride off into sunset never to look back!
    That’s what I’d still be thinking if not for all those who wrote before me…
    thanks be to y’all…

    April Fool’s;)

    1. hey, mind your keys “Whatchamacallit”…it’s still March here!
      I forgot to remember my dad did salt switch to sugar every year as a kid!
      Is good to laugh at self too!

  9. I usually read in my RSS feed in outlook, which registers the time my computer receives the post, local time. So I was wondering why there was a new post at 9:01 on March 31st. Until I read it. Well done.

  10. I come from reading about GMail Motion (and falling for it) and then I fall for this less then 5 minutes after.

    It’s going to be a great day.

  11. Oh my, I was surprised and disappointed for a second, and then it dawned on me. Good one! Have fun today! Thanks for every single awesome post you publish!

  12. I was depressed for just one second before I realized the date. I see what you did there. ;) Hehe.

  13. I realy fell for this *blush*…not cool and a little embarrest. SOOOOOO glad its just an april fools joke…too funny.

    1. For today, my daughter decided to only speak in phrases from “trolololo”. So when I pranked her this morning, her response was “hohohoho”!

      1. Actually, now that the blog is officially 100,000 awesome things, he has 987,654 more things to write! Yea!

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