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  1. You got me, Neil. You got me.
    I read this just now and I was like “D: NOOOOOOO!”
    But then I noticed the timestamp like all the other gullible people.
    Keep up the awesome.

  2. Not funny Neil…. like teachers aren’t tortured ENOUGH on this day…
    Detention for you!! Ha Ha ~ your Judd School Pals

  3. He he. Happy April Fools, you jokester you. So far, I’ve endured salt on my toothbrushes, little girls hiding in the bathtub, and a coffee mug moved to an undisclosed location and NOW this!! What’s next?

      LOL, that would be one April Fool’s joke NOT TOLERATED in my house!

  4. NO!! I NEED my awesome thing for Friday!! Cute joke, but, come on Neil… give it to me!!! (-:

  5. I totally pranked the geektween this morning. At her breakfast place, I just put my glass of “Green Goodness” (which looks like thick pond scum). She looks at it, horrified, and then moves over to my breakfast place, where there is a glass of milk and a plate with toast and a fried egg. “Hey!” I yell, “that’s MY breakfast. Yours is over there” pointing again to the glass of pond scum. Another horrified look. “April Fool, Sucka!” LOL!

    1. But you’re telling me that you actually drink that Green Goodness yourself, the other 364 days of the year? Feels like you’re the one being pranked my friend!! :)

  6. I’m glad I wasn’t the only who for a split second thought this was real. I’m glad it’s not! Happy April Fools Day everyone!!

  7. at first, i thought, ‘what is he talking about?’. then i remembered it was april first.
    (did he also do that the years before? oO)

  8. April fools??? ?? ¬¬ .. you really got me… in my country we dont conmemorate this date… i have to read the comments..

  9. I was like WHAT! That can’t happen. But then realized the day. Great April Fools prank! I love this site!!

  10. My heart dropped and I almost cried.

    You got us good, Neil. You got us good.

    Another awesome thing for you to add to the list- Falling for an April Fools joke.

  11. i usually suck at pulling or picking up on april fool’s pranks, but i knew this one when i saw it. there is just too much awesome to quit now.

    #277- getting better at seeing how much awesome there is in the world. because it really is a habit, not a gift :)

  12. I was freaked out for a second, but thank goodness it’s April 1st. Otherwise, this would be not awesome at all :)

  13. I almost had a heart attack when I read this. Then I remembered the day. Hardy har har. But really though, bravo. Nicely done.

  14. I got scared. This is the best blog. But I looked at the calendar just before since I have a lot of soccer matches on this month to watch. Ha.

  15. Oh My God! My heart stopped beating for a second… You really fooled me, thank god it wasn’t true!

  16. My heart fell!
    I thought, WTH, there’s 276 more awesome things to go! How can he run out of them?
    Then I came to the comments to see what ppl were saying about this and I realized it was April’s fools. Fooled me! hahaha. Very funny, Neil.
    This morning I put soap on the door knob and my son went “Ewwww!”
    And I put crumpled paper inside my daughter’s boots, hahaha.

  17. Man, I was thinking “but I just found you. You can’t sign off now.” Totally forgot it was April fools. Awesome!!

  18. seriously, i felt as shocked as if someone told me the sun was going to stop shining! i actually almost started crying!!

    you’re funny!!!

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