#261 Baby to baby love

Erik and Danny have a baby.

I was at a wedding a few months back and bumped into the fresh parents after missing them for a few years. They’ve popped out a couple pumpkins since I saw them at school so our visit was full of adorable photos, diaper horror stories, and tall tales of terrible teething.

One of the best stories they told me was when they took their son Jaden to the park near their house. It was a sunny day and there were piles of snot-nosed rugrats running around screaming with eyes full of fire and fists full of sand.

Erik and Danny set up shop on a park bench and watched as Jaden wobbled over to a nearby baby who was playing alone at the foot of her parents. She was naked except for a puffy diaper and she looked up with big Bambi eyes as Jaden teetered over and looked down at her. They watched with interest as Jaden slowly offered her the rest of the soggy cracker he was eating … and then watched as the little girl’s eyes grew wide as saucers and she smiled a beaming smile.

Then she paused.

It looked like she was thinking hard for a brief moment before she suddenly… tore off her diaper, handed it to him, and ran off naked!

They burst out laughing but were also genuinely touched at this chubby-legged infant’s big hearted move to share some baby to baby love. She literally handed him the only thing she had and then blushed before seeking refuge in the slides.

And whether it’s handing off a soggy cracker, tearing off a diaper, or holding sweaty hands across the street, there’s something picture-perfect about tiny scenes of tiny loving that remind us most folks are pretty kind … and pretty sweet.


— Email message —

“I just wanted to send you this photo of Darcy loving your AWESOME magnet, which is prominently displayed on our refrigerator. Incidentally, putting things on your refrigerator is awesome — photos, report cards, spelling tests.” – Ryan from Boston

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  1. first of all there’s nothing more “baby” than a baby wearing only a diaper. that should be an “awesome” post haha. baby diaper butt. but on another note, there is really nothing more pure than baby to baby love, only because they have to rely fully on action to express love. they can not verbalize it, which ends up being a plus being they wind up having to emote an emotion, rather than just saying how they feel. what a novel idea. feeling feelings… hhhmmm

    1. Ironic and very insightful you should close with the statement you did.
      I’m driven by gratitude to be vulnerable here.
      I’m a few weeks into a, “Feeling feeling’s, for health and well being” study, which is gruelling to comprehend and put into practice!
      “Feeling feeling’s?!*” hmmm, AND there’s a Muse-“Uprising” HMMM?!!
      Since you made this beautiful statement, I was here to ask for help with the “how to’s”~no sooner~it all makes sense:
      here you are; Neil is; the precious little children & the perfect playground,
      to show us all how easy this is done!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
      For the interwoven tapesty of everyone and every aspect involving such an attentiveness that brought this “Baby to Baby Love” into the light to be shared…I applaud you! This is divine. Thank you for sharing the miracle~ enormous tiny scenes which say, we come by this naturally.
      And Neil, I see the masterpiece of the moments! Thank you!!!

  2. My godson gives me kisses (technically he grabs me by the ears and slams my cheek to his mouth) all the time and I absolutely love it. He’s always pretending to not be affectionate so I relish the fact that I’m pretty much the only person that he gives sloppy baby kisses to.
    I like even more the baby to baby love when like one baby reaches for another baby that they’ve never seen! It’s like a little love connection or something.

    1. I LOVE baby kisses. My son is just now giving ‘kisses.’ If you give him a kiss first and then put your cheek up to his mouth, he’ll move toward you, open his mouth, and stick his tongue out a bit, press his mouth against your cheek and shake his head back and forth every so slightly. I love it!!

  3. My kids have a love-hate thing going, and I don’t expect it to end anytime soon. One minute they’re at each others throats, and the next they’re helping each other to clean up their room so that mom doesn’t get mad at them.
    Because of the baby love I witness, I know that deep down inside they really do love each other!

  4. Beautiful tribute to friends, their new life, Jaden~Sharing the Baby to Baby LOVE, being shared…Actions speaking volumes. People giving a care to be aware. How precious the language of love is universal and eternal.

  5. I love that story, its so sweet!!
    We can all learn from babies. They are friends with just about everyone, they don’t exclude one baby cuz another baby doesn’t like it, they don’t gossip about other babies, they don’t backstab other babies….
    I learned a lot from my daughter while she was growing up, she could make friends with any kid. Didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, she always had instant friends. If there was a kid her age, she was always playing and sharing and hugging. And she still makes friends so easily.

  6. “…the only thing she had” What a beautiful story. Those two little tots are givers. Babies tell you early on who they really are. My kids are teenagers and their early personalities are still shining through…
    Ryan – I love Darcy’s little ear sticking through her baby hair! I can see the concentration in those fingers working so hard to get the AWESOME magnet. Sweeeet.

    1. Thanks, Mary! You’ve definitely got the concentration right. She is completely befuddled by magnetism. Neil, this post is brilliant!

      1. Or is it that she is enthralled with, and IS AWESOME!
        Ryan, been meaning to say all day, I’m a believer you can help someone feel feelings of true awesomeness by “posting” on the fridge…
        but seriously, you’ve made it perfectly awesome with your Darcy:)

  7. Babies are the things of beauty. I love them and love to kiss. The story is so sweet. If I could have been a babies I will watch him/her all the day.

  8. Baby love is soooo awesome. Not quite a baby but i Still remember when my just three year old niece saw two girls a few months younger than her. I’m sure they all could say atleast a few sentences but they never even talked. They just pointed to each others pretty shoes, their pretty dresses, giggled, grabbed each others hands, and didn’t let go for the rest of the night! They were literally best friends for almost 2 hrs, without ever even speaking, amazing!

  9. This is so cute! A lot of adults underestimate kids for what they’re really worth, even after saying, “Oh, kids are the future. Take a stand today. Kids hold the power of everything.” Seriously, it’s like they expect us to fix up global warming, clear up all the wars, prevent 2012 (I secretly believe that they’re afraid of it), and then when we have something to say, they’re like, “Oh, later, later. I’m doing something important right now.” Yeah, something “important” like posting a gooey message on Facebook. And then later, they’re like (well, for example, at school) “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” The kid says, “You said you were busy!” “Well, if it was this important…” Well, anyways, I’m clogging everything up. But this proves little kids are capable of kind thought and we are AWESOME NINJAS!

  10. Sorry! Follow my link above and you will see a great video of “baby to baby love”

    it is two twin babies “talking” to each other. adorable!

  11. Babies are really beautiful and cute. They are like nature. That means all time beauty. I’ve seen so many videos and photos of babies. But these are awesome.

  12. I just love kids. They are the flowers. They are the teddies. Just love them mmmmuuuuaaaahhhh. I wish me and ma wife will have 2 cuty cuty kids. Thanks for the post.

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