#253 Optimistic Weather Dressers

The jig is up.

Nobody knows what the weather’s going to be.

Not your nannie, not your newspaper, and not that guy on TV. So starting today we’re shredding the five-day forecasts, scrapping those swirling charts, and blowing the hot fronts out the window. Because after closer inspection we all sorta know what we shoulda known before: that the weather is what the weather is right outside our front door.

And as for the day — well who’s really to say? Partly cloudy, chance of showers, it could go any which way. So when it comes to what to wear… well it’s up to you, son. You can plan for a bad day or get ready for a good one.

Optimistic Weather Dressers are the folks walking around dressed for better weather than we actually have. “It’s going to clear up,” they seem to say. “Partly sunny, you mean, not the other way.”

Yes, there are all sorts of Optimistic Weather Dressers but let’s chat about three of the most common types:

1. Open Toe Flo. Sandals are mandatory in this woman’s books. Cloudy, windy, chance of rain – whatever you pick she’ll just wear ’em again. She’ll sandal-step over squished worms, salty slush, and mud puddles because her feet will survive the trip, she figures. She is ruled by comfort only.

2. Bare Leg Craig. This is the guy who wears shorts on the first non-freezing day of the Spring. Snow starting to melt? Shorts! First robin sighting? Shorts! Everybody else still in pants? Shorts, shorts, shorts!

3. No Umbrella Sue-Ella. She’s cruising around town on cloudy days wearing sunglasses without a care, concern, or umbrella. Dark days don’t scare her because she knows big drops aren’t a big deal.

Yes, today we salute the Optimistic Weather Dressers of the world. Let your thin T-shirt flap by the windy seashore as you smile and deliver a firm thumbs up to the rest of the world. Today we salute your bare legs, open toes, and optimism, my friends. Today we declare you


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“It has been my morning ritual to visit 1000 Awesome Things for some time now. I have grown to really appreciate everyone on here who comments and shares. We have had a lot of great laughs and a lot of big smiles. I even announced my pregnancy and welcomed my son Zach into the world through this blog.  Thank you to everyone in the awesome community for making my days!” – Bekah

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74 thoughts on “#253 Optimistic Weather Dressers

  1. Bekah!
    I recognised Zach the second I seen his picture!
    Congrats darl on everything!
    And yes I wear thongs (you call flip flops) all year ’round too.
    I just love them :)

    1. Me too! But we have far less winter here. I had an internship in Washington DC one winter, and the first day it got above 40 degrees, my fellow interns and I went sunbathing out on the lawn. Now, 40 degrees would make me bundle up in several layers.

      1. lol I went to college in D.C. and I was known for “seriously pushing the sandals thing” I would finally take out my winter coat and still be in sandals…and lets face it…rain kind of calls for sandals cause it’s better than getting your shoes all wet :)

        BTW: Zach is soooo cute

        1. My flip flops become slippery agents of death, like banana peels for my feet, when they get wet, which is unfortunate, because it rains so much here. I usually have to carry them in my hand and go barefoot when it rains, because I never plan for the inevitable afternoon thunderstorms.

          1. I totally know what you’re talking about! I have a pair of flip-flops like that too! (we call them my “suicide flaps”.. well, I guess I should also explain that we generally call flip-flops “flaps”.. but you get the idea)..

            So if there is any chance of rain, I upgrade to a different pair of flaps that have treads.. because otherwise it’s a day of constant near-death experiences..

            1. So then I would call mine “suicide flops”? That sounds like a deadly belly flop. We use the term “flaps” in conjunction with another word here that refers to something far more vulgar than footwear. “Suicide flaps” evokes a rather horrifying image :(

              1. Yikes..

                I feel like I opened a can of worms here that I did not intend to..

                *slowly backs away from potentially awkward conversation*

                  1. All the innocence is gone from flip-flops now. First “thongs” gets corrupted, and now “flaps”. Pretty soon you’ll have to buy them in that special section of the store at the back behind the curtain.

                    1. or just simple sandals, cause all flip flops are in fact sandals…

                      (random side note-never noticed before but is there a limit on the reply button? thats kinda sad in a way)

                    2. Yeah – now that we’ve proved that the reply button disappears eventually a few times, we’ve definitely removed all the UNCERTAINTY about that.. amirite?


    2. Hello – We migrate south to Aztec RV Resort in Mesa, AZ for the winter – which allows me to summerize my entire wardrobe year round! I too, wear “flip flops” all year and love it!

      We came home a bit too soon and found the cold weather hadn’t left yet! I still had my flip flops on!


  2. I am the opposite, the “Pessimistic Weather Dresser”. During the freezing wionter I wear spring coats, and wear my winter coats during the late spring! It drives my friends nuts… >:)

  3. I must say, I am an optimistic weather dresser. Mostly because I, too seldom believe the weather forecaster. I might more likely call myself the Prepared Weather Dresser, however, because you may find me in my rainboots JUST IN CASE….;)

  4. I’m not too brave when it comes to the weather. I usually don’t carry an umbrella, though. Its more of a mad dash to the car in the pouring rain and getting drenched. Unless its freezing outside of course. The kids love getting rained on.

    (in baby voice) Aw!! Wook at my wittle man!
    I tried for half an hour to get a good picture, he kept falling over or pushing the book away. I was trying to get a good smile in there, but I finally gave up and put him in his bouncy seat and popped the paci in his mouth and he was content.

    Loving the book, Neil!!!!!! I’m already planning on getting 2 more of both books. Gonna give them to two of my brothers, I think they are in need of a good ‘pick me up.’

    1. Oh, and my DVR is set to record the Today Show.
      If I could get away with it, I would sneak over to the presidents office and watch the show, but I don’t know what time he’ll be in today.

    2. Yay, Bekah!! Zach is adorable! So cute that you can go back and link to the posts where you announced that you were pregnant, and here he is, on post #253, holding a copy of the second book and looking oh-so-cute!

      1. It doesn’t seem like its been amost a year since my preggo announcement. I do remember that I got my first Book of Awesome the same day I took the test. Great day! Now here we are, little one is 3 months old and there’s a second Book of Awesome!

        Oh, and yes….I know he’s adorable. ;-)

        1. Aw…he sure is adorable! Congrats again, Bekah! It was so nice and fun to see him in today’s featured email. :) Yay!

    3. He’s gorgeous! In that pic he looks like he’s just inviting the viewer to pick him up. He looks like such a cutie cuddler! Congrats!

  5. At college, I knew a “Bare Leg Craig” who wore shorts all year round, even when it was 20 below freezing and there was several feet of snow. It went beyond optimistic weather dresser. It was just plain crazy / weird! Yet oddly, seeing the sight was a reminder that nice weather was coming– even if it was a couple seasons away.

    1. I know one of those guys. His name is Allen. He ALWAYS wears shorts and never even a long sleeve shirt or a jacket….even when its snowing. He stayed mostly sick throughout the winter.

      1. For several years, my daughter’s bus morning bus stop was at a local school which also runs a daycare. Most mornings while waiting for the bus, we would see this same dad dropping off his adorable toddler at the daycare. We dubbed this dad “Shorts Guy” and would wager on his attire every day when we’d see his car pull up. He was a real shorts warrior, wearing them deep into the fall, and trotting them out way early in the spring. This year, his son is in kindergarten at another school so we don’t see him as much, but if we ever do see him in the neighbourhood, we always yell “Shorts Guy!” and high-five if he’s wearing shorts.

  6. I’m really not a fan of this whole poetry-slam-rhyming-thing you have going on on some of these entries. I tend to skip over them when I notice it, not gonna lie…

  7. Awesome is when you really judge the weather and dress accordingly. So many times, I got cheated by the look of the weather, only to take wrath of wind and bitter cold and feel stupid for not checking the weather before stepping out.

  8. Ohhhh so thats’s what it’s called!!? I’m definitely an optimistic weather dresser in that case.. My friends and I have always called it being in denial of the cold–basically I just couldnt wait any longer for the spring/summer! Glad its finally here (=

  9. ha! The weather out here can be really dramatic and is constantly changing so you have to dress for anything. On day it’s summer dress hot and the next day you’re wearing your winter jacket again. It’s always tease, tease, tease. . . I think of Spring winds/weather on the prairies and that Clash song in the same breath. “should I cool it or should I blow?”

  10. Awww, this made me want to call Bare Leg Craig back home and ask him if he’s wearing shorts yet in Iowa. Three cheers for “warm enough!” :-)

  11. I love being an optimistic weather dresser, when I first see spring dresses at the stores in January, I buy one and wear it asap. And I know a few bare leg craigs from college as well!

  12. Finally, I saw the man behind this blog in Today’s show. All I can say is I liked what I saw. Neil, you’re so humble and down to Earth…..just like us an ordinary guy who turned into an awesome guy. Keep up your good work!

  13. Just saw this quote and immediately thought of this blog so I figured I had to post it here!

    “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

    – Unknown”

      1. You’re welcome. I thought so too and figured a comment on the most recent update would reach the most people, so there you go!

        As for this actual post, I suppose I’m more of a realistic weather dresser since I hate lugging around extra layers when it’s too warm and I hate when I’m too cold.

        However, one optimistic thing I guess I do is never carry an umbrella. This isn’t so much because I hope it’s not going to rain, but just more of a thing that I generally wear clothing that if it gets wet it gets wet. I kinda like getting rain hair. The only thing I don’t like is rain going at my neck, especially in the cold. But that’s what hoodies are for. They dry!

  14. Today, I am an optimistic weather dresser! jajaja!!! I am wearing a dress and it is cold in Mexico City.

  15. I do love optimistic weather dressers.. but sadly, since I moved to a warmer climate, I must admit I’m not one any more..

    Mostly, I got so used to getting to wear fun winter fashions (chunky sweaters, wool slacks, coats & jackets of all kinds) when I lived in colder areas, I’m now always looking for an excuse to wear them here in San Diego..

    “Oh? Did the weather just dip down to 61 degress? Time to bust out that trench coat.. Is that a cloud that just formed on the horizon.. better pull on that turtleneck sweater..”

  16. I am so this person! I wear flops year round and haven’t owned an umbrella in about 6 years because I found if I ever bothered to carry one I just lost it. I just always dress for the weather I want instead of the weather I was given!

  17. this was me today. you have no idea how happy it made me that this was coincidentally the awesome thing of the day. i call it retaliation in hopes of changing the weather, im wearing a skirt and its a cold and rainy vermont spring day

  18. The last two days my coworkers have told me I am “so brave!” for wearing capris and dresses in the thirty degree weather. I just reply with, “I am hopeful and ready!”

  19. I read the first Book of Awesomes about 2 months ago. I loved it, so did my teenage children.
    The book so inspired me that I started my own blog, http://www.forawesomemoms.wordpress.com , it focuses on the positive things in my life that I want to recognize, which would probably otherwise go unnoticed, overlooked or brushed off. The book and the blog have helped me feel blessed and thankful for what I have.
    Thank you, Neil for the inspiration.

  20. Love this post! I’m not the optimistic weather dresser, but I do enjoy seeing them. My ex-hub was that guy who wears shorts and sandals all year. On the coldest days he might put socks on with those sandals. I’ve never been one of those dressers because I’m typically cold. I’m the annoying one in 85 degree heat who’s carrying that sweater, just in case.
    Crap, I missed the Today show! I’m so bummed! I was all ready yesterday AM to take a break from writing my last grad paper, but then it was canceled. After being up all night Sunday night, I slept in today and didn’t see it. Shoot, hope it goes up on youtube or something. Oh, and by the way, took my research final last night and am now officially finished with grad school. yea :)

  21. Note- “Open-Toe-Flo” has not completely braved the weather, as “she” still “wears” her winter leg hair!
    Rick Mercer recently had a skit on dress code of Canada-hilarious!
    “Oh Canada”, gotta’ love it all!
    And congrats to Zack on making Awesome fame:D

  22. Being from California, cold weather sounds extreme. I mean of course, it gets pretty cold (by that I mean like 40’s) every once in a while but even then I’m not all too happy about it.

    I admire those people :)


  23. What about the other way around. The girl who wears long sleeves despite the shining sun. The guy wearing jeans to the barbecue.

    Cold weather is a good thing, hot weather is year round.

    That is why I look forward to Optimistic weather dressers when it pertains to maybe acquiring some coldness.

  24. Bekah, isn’t there “Even More Awesome” to your story?
    I thought I read somewhere else on the blog that you and your husband were engaged or married just days before 1000 Awesome blog started?
    and isn’t there something else too, about your daughter?
    read, you said , “perhaps Neil has a secret window into your world?” haha
    Correct? Seems more than coincidental…so divine!
    It would be a great day to tell all since you do seem to have so much going on in line with this movement…now even the day your son is featured, so is Neil Pasricha on the “Today Show”, so very Awesome for you and yours!!!

  25. Awesome! This is one of my favs. I always keep an eye out for optimistic weather dressers. They have opportunities aplenty here in Canada! I see shorts and flip flops below freezing on a regular basis. Hilarious!

  26. Congrats on the Today show appearance, Neil! Despite my lack of recording technology and inability to stay up all night to see it (I gave in at 4am…), I finally found the clip on Hulu. Great job!

  27. I guess you can call Kiwis optimistic weather dresser. Even during a snow storm you can spot the odd guy in shorts or the girl in a singlet and flipflops.
    I started to dress a bit more optimistic, but I just cannot get myself to wear no jacket when it is colder than 10 degrees celsius =D

  28. It snowed here in Wisconsin yesterday & today I’m wearing flip-flops & capris… a girl can always hope, & that is AWESOME!

  29. You know, watching that Today Show clip reminds me just how huge this site and the books are! I think of it as a small community of people who read the blog and leave comments, forgetting that millions check it out! Wow! Congrats on the wonderful interview, Neil! Life is awesome!

  30. i almost freeze at the sight of seeing girls wear short shorts on a cold day! and those really thin cardigans that they wear on chilly mornings? omg!

  31. You have to admire the guys/gals who are brave enough to wear momentarily inappropriate attire in the hopes that the cloudy gray skies will morph into clear blue sunny skies. I say good for them! I wish I was brave enough to wear shorts on days when it looks like the sun ain’t gonna be shining. I always chicken out at the last minute, and then kick myself later when it is hot out and I am stuck sitting in jeans and a sweater.

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