#238 Sticking your foot in the door just before it closes

Close call.

You almost had to open that door from the fully-closed position. Hands on doorknobs, fingers on sweaty bacteria, we don’t want that. Good thing you wedged your sneaker in there before it shut completely and saved us alllllllll the hassle.


— Email message —

“Hi Neil, my friend Amy discovered your book on her birthday, and we stayed up until 3 in the morning while she read it to me, and from then on I was inspired to keep a log of my own personal moments of Awesome like #16: Slurping all the half-melted mini marshmallows off the top of your hot chocolate in one fantastic slurp, and #20: When you’re sure you’ve gained weight but the scale says you’ve lost 2 pounds! Here’s a picture of Amy and I with my book.” – Jaclyn

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30 thoughts on “#238 Sticking your foot in the door just before it closes

  1. Not having to touch the door, especially in a public washroom is definately awesome.
    And writing your own little awesome book, as awesome:)

    1. And how’s about “catching your foot before it goes in your mouth”~
      Opening the computer this morning the top 1000 had some “puzzling blue highlights,” I had to investigate, when “holy wow”, a search bar magically appeared!
      Since it was “my” idea and suggestion just yesterday, I began to feel alot like “Bruce Almighty” and thought Neil Pasricha and team are “The Almighty Father’s!” With elation and filled adrenal glands; heart bass kicking and keyboard racing~ I was about to embark on the remarkable in a really big way when I heard the voice of “My Old Friendly Giant” say, “Look up- Look way up,” and behold, there it was…as it has been all along. “Search” and you may find exactly what’s been there all along:)

      1. Sometimes a rarely but spectacular event occures along this same vein. “Toejamming” as I like to call it. It looks something likes this. First, you nimbly remove your foot from you mouth for the swoop to the door to gently wedge it open. Success! You then put your other, free foot in your mouth. This is accompanied by a short hop at which point you sadly lose your balance and tumble into the person immeditely in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you are entering or exiting, the result is confused hillarity, often at your own expense.

        1. Hillarity AND could just be the collide of head over feet love, resulting in a REAL LIFE Wedding!
          I’m a die hard, eh!

            1. Perchance were you “Fumbling toward ecstasy?”
              BTW, have you seen the prize winning you tube video of this gorgeous Sara Mclachlan song, setting~ “Lord of the Ring’s”?

  2. also awesome is slipping through a door just before it closes….you feel like a ninja. (bonus: double doors)

    1. All the better to speak to the masses with!

      And suspiciously reminiscent of a #389… :P

        1. Pointing out near repeats….wow, you are in trouble when Freddo sees your comment.

          Oh, wait….

          1. What’s going to happen when I start spamming the blog comment sections recommending people check out my new site offering over-the-counter male “enhancements”?

            Who’s going to put me in my place? We should deputize someone else to take over as “sherriff” if that situation ever arises!

        2. Good call, Freddo! Seems as though Neil has been having a lot of good door karma lately.

  3. I nearly broke a friend’s foot once when I slammed a door against the doorframe after they’d slid their little tootsy in between.

    My bad, you guys. :P

  4. I love doing this. I always look like a fool because I normally have to extend my leg really awkwardly in order to stop the door, but it is so worth it. The thought of grabbing a public door handle with my bare hand makes me cringe, so I always try to go for the foot-wedge, or the last minute slide through the door without touching it maneuver. Works like a charm.

    “60 percent of the time, it works every time.”

  5. I don’t know why but this made me think of something you can add to your nonexistent 1000 Annoying Things list: when doors look lighter/heavier than they really are.

  6. I love your blog! I had my own “awesome” yesterday. Awesome is getting your google calendar reminder to make a credit card payment, then remembering that you paid that card off last month. THAT was awesome.

      1. Unless you have one of these, in which case you’re fine:


        See that? I’m just outright plagarizing links that people posted in old, similarly themed posts.

        Imagine what’s going to happen when Neil does a riff on the old “Atoms” post and does a post on “Protons, Neutrons and Electrons”? I’m sure I’ll show up and recycle all our old Heisenberg jokes..

  7. I am sometimes called the human door jam because I always feel obligated to keep the door open with my foot, even after I make a great catch.

  8. agreed. ninja-ing through the door (slipping in JUST before it closes–literally centimeters, or millimeters if you’re a super ninja, from your body) is definitely AWESOME. even more AWESOME: ninja-ing through the door when your friend is behind you so they have to exert the effort to reopen it.

  9. I love, love, love this! :-)

    In fact, whenever a door was closing in front of me, I would often speed my gait in order to catch the door.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  10. I do this all the time. One time I actually jumped trough the gap, but i would recommend it cuz I twisted my ankle pretty bad when i landed on a wet spot on the floor.

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