#234 3:00am conversations with your best friend

I grew up in the burbs.

Streetlights and neon signs scattered red and yellow glows on empty streets and dark houses. Going out late at night with friends meant entering small worlds in bedrooms and basements away from the emptiness of the outside.

Whenever those hangouts finished the scene quickly cut to late night cruises through warm summer breezes till everyone got dropped off at their distant driveways three blocks away.

And if you were the last to get dropped off then it was on those driveways when you might have a great 3:00am conversation with your best friend. Curfews were cute but getting home later was nothing compared to the flickering connections you’d get when there was nowhere else to go.

Deep thoughts, dark thoughts, head twists and turns, there’s so much to burn when the moon’s up, the sun’s down, and you’re hanging with someone you love. When the buzz of the day just fades far away it’s time to crackle and connect in a tiny picture-perfect moment of


— Email message —

“We would like to share our Wall of Awesome that our students created in our library after being inspired by The Book of Awesome. We also thought it would help during exam time to focus on the positve things in our lives and reduce stress.” – Angela and Darcie, École Charleswood School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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27 responses to “#234 3:00am conversations with your best friend

  1. Wall of Awesome:
    – Ladybugs
    – Mini donuts
    – Happy endings
    – A rainbow
    – Hugs
    – Tophats and monacles

    That is a rather fantastic wall. (:

  2. Magda

    The end. . . and you know, I think it’s a pretty good one for those two.

  3. Jerthan

    Wow. AMEN to this one. These are the conversations that build and enforce lasting friendships. These are the times when filters go out the window, thoughts and ideas expand, and appreciation is gained. Beautiful.

  4. J

    Something similar but conversations with your friends when you’re both in bed and it’s dark. Those anywhere from 15 minutes to hours long conversations where it seems you can both be more open because the lights are off and you never know if the other person has drifted off. Awesome.

    • Liz

      I love theese, too bad that they happen only seldom. I have heard and told amazing things this way. In the morning you almost start wondering if it really happened.
      Once I talked with two of my friends until 6 AM when we finally drifted off. Later I was so angry that we didn’t endure till the time everyone else would wake up, which as it later turned out was only two hours away. But anyway – it was AWESOME!

  5. Beth

    Related: when you were younger (this was before the age of cell phones) and you wanted to talk to your friend at 3am, or whenever, very strategic planning was required. The plan was for one person to call at an exact time (3:00am SHARP), and the other person would be holding the phone waiting so it would only ring once, hopefully not waking anyone in the house up. Those were the absolute best calls of my life.

  6. Maela

    Laying in the dark, sleeping, dreaming, and zoning out all at once. Those are magic moments :)

  7. Kim

    I’m with J on this one! Love laying in the dark not needing to look at each other because you wouldn’t be able to see each other just makes it seem less personal or more like you are just talking to yourself and makes it easier to open up. I’ve got a friend here this weekend and I’m hoping tonight will result in one of those conversations!

    • Taylor

      Totally agree. Conversations with friends in the dark right before you go to sleep are the best. Every time I have a sleepover with a friend, we always say we are going to sleep, and then end up talking for hours in the dark. It just feels so much more genuine for some reason.

      • “…Are you awake?”
        “Cool. I was thinking…”

        That always seemed to be the start of my cousin’s late night conversations with me. We would discuss for hours what we were going to do the next day (and then couldn’t do most of it, because we stayed up talking, and slept late into the next morning!).


  8. AA

    The best 3:00 am conversations, are when you’re sleeping and your roommate just got home and just HAS to wake you up, climb onto your bed and tell you everything that just happened, because it was just too amazing/depressing/or scary to wait until morning.

    Somehow this never seemed to be annoying

  9. Krisfromparis

    My best 3am phone call with some close friends was last December, the night of the 24th…I was in Canada and they were in France…so with the time difference, it was already Christmas morning there and here I was sitting in an armchair in the dark, trying not to wake up anybody else in my house..and talking with friends who were just opening their gifts!! precious :)

    ps: that wall is awesome!

  10. wendywithaurora

    ~”3am~the moon~ hanging with someone you love”… quintessential ingredients to connect with the muses, and yes, create perfection.

    *The Great Wall of Winnipeg is Fabulous!*
    I imagine, less stress~more oxygen~good scores, with psyche on Awesome.

  11. KarenF.

    “Wall of Awesome”
    Inspirational! Exercise in Awesomimnity!!

  12. BirdieNumNum

    Sigh. Truly awesome. Along with people calling me, this is another thing I miss.

  13. Kathy

    Awesome is how Neil’s idea has taken off to become a global phenom that has inspired so many teachers to create similar projects with their students. What an amazing learning tool that the kids will remember all of their lives! Beautiful wall!

    • Taylor

      It really is a great thing to teach children! Too many children these days are unable to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and I really love that so many teachers have taken this idea and ran with it! :)

  14. Conversations in the dark with a best friend OR with someone you have the hots for — both are awesome! :-) Brings back so many memories!

  15. Its been so long since I’ve had 3 am conversations with anyone…well…except the baby. I do remember staying up all night on the phone talking about anything and everything with my bff back in the day. The first phone conversation I ever had with hubby ended up lasting all night. Great memories

  16. wendywithaurora

    yes please

  17. also awesome with a girl/guy that you have had an interest in all night and you finally found a way to get them to sit with you and make a connection.

  18. June

    I just had one of these conversations with a friend… it was LONG overdue. TOTALLY better when both you know that the talk was completely needed, and you both smile the whole time. I came home and found this post so I could bask in the AWESOME of it a little more.


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