#197 Chugging cold milk after chocolate cake

It’s like throat glue.

After you finish scraping the chocolate icing off the plate and fingering up every last crumb, it suddenly hits you that your entire face and mouth is smeared with the brown and pasty. Molars have new chocolate fillings, lips are smeared with sugary icing, and your whole throat is coated in a thin layer of the moist and delicious dessert.

Lean back on your creaky kitchen chair and feel the brown sugary molecules filling every crack and corner of your mouth. Rub your tongue around, close your eyes, and maybe swish your spit around for a l’il bit of homemade chocolate pudding.

And then get ready.

Because now it’s time to chug.

Pour a glass of ice-cold milk and send that White Rushing River screaming down your throat. Feel the cold rip into your cheeks and teeth and let those creamy rapids wash all the guilt away.


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48 thoughts on “#197 Chugging cold milk after chocolate cake

  1. I’ve already declared my extreme love for milk … but this one is just so dead-on. Nothing is better than chocolate on chocolate cake EXCEPT chocolate on chocolate cake followed by ice cold and awesome MILK!

    1. When the maintenance guys want in my ‘office’ (you have to have a code to get in and sometimes they can’t remember it), I tell them I won’t let them in until they have chocolate cake for me. I have yet to get my cake. :(

  2. Guilt! What guilt? “Be gone evil one”…from glue movie, “Drop-Dead Fred”:)
    No doubt about this awesomeness!

  3. I’m not a big milk fan. If I was to do this, it’d have to be chocolate milk. I usually drink Dr. Pepper when I eat anything chocolate that way it fizzes up real good in my mouth. Its so cool.
    And you get a high five for even mentioning chocolate cake with chocolate icing!!

  4. “Nail on the head” with this one! Chocolate isn’t quite the same without that cold milk to wash it down. I’m so glad I’m not alone in that rich, delectable feeling!

      1. You can still drink it though if you really want to, right? Isn’t there something you can take ahead of time to help? How’s that Lactaid milk? I’m slightly lactose intolerant; I only have a problem if I have a large amount of dairy (like a big milkshake).

      2. I use to take lactose pills. If you take them with your first bite or first drink of anything dairy, you will be fine.
        For some reason, after I had my first kid, my intolerance for dairy lightened up a bit. I could have milk and such and it only bothered me a little, so I stopped taking the pills. After my second kid, however, I am having no problems. Weird.

        1. weird-I went from intolerent all my life, to first pregnancy tolerant AND seriously couldn’t get enough!
          Second, semi-intolerent of most everything dairy and 3rd. back to intolerent, except for yogurt.
          This happened with silver and other metals also…weird babies eh?

          1. Ah, the mysteries of pregnancy! Not only did I lose bits and peices of my brain/memory, I lost my intolerance to dairy products!

  5. and save some for later in my beard too! haha

    hey, just want to say, yesterday i stopped by a local stationery store to pick up some “staples”, (like you didn’t know that), and at the bottom of the receipt in bold it read, “BE AWESOME!”
    we all shared a favorite awesome and it was awesome!

    1. OJ and chocolate doughnuts, too…mmmmmm! Another great one, beer and cake…yummy! Still, I couldn’t get through the day without milk…it is my go to drink for everything.

  6. I thought I was the only one who chugged the milk at the end, all of my friends always look at me like I’m the crazy one for waiting til the end to drink my milk.

  7. ahh, sweet, sweet dark chocolate cake, I love you. It might be hard to resist if not for the stronger draw of the healthy choices out there.

    1. Although I haven’t tried any yet, I’ve heard there’s a recipe book on how to bake sweets with vegetables and apparently you can’t even tell the difference! However; I’ve never really trusted the word “a-p-parent-ly”, so am a little skeptical, but then since my daughter told me about it and I do trust her, I may have to give this a try because she always has my best interest at heart and WE must have chocolate!
      Oh, and the glue movie…”Chocolate!” WOWZA!

            1. I think the guy was a good sport for putting the white dress on.
              Hearing impaired, neurological deficit and speed speech…not nsync!
              If I go to India, I’m going to retreat and “Eat, Pray, Love!”

              1. Yeah Wendy, it’s true. Someone ordered up a real kitchen sharing miracle this summer and I’m as amazed and annoyed as you are. Since we’re both determined to retreat, let’s make the best of it! http://justfriends.ca/

                1. Love the music and your attitude.
                  Wish I was techy; I think you’d like and hope you’ll find:
                  “Everything happens not to us, but for us,”
                  The Work of Byron Katie-katieisms on You tube
                  Flickr-Photo Sharing-Helper-B4-I Give Me A Hand,
                  photo stream by Hartwig Koppelaney.
                  So important in life to know these things-to thrive more awesomely!

                  I went to horse healing retreat and now one is being brought to me for as long as I want her here! I must get ready to “enjoy the rest of the ride:)” ttfn

  8. I thought I was the only one who chugged the milk at the end, all of my friends always look at me like I’m the crazy one for waiting til the end to drink my milk.

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