#193 The moment after the lightning and before the thunder

Here comes the rain.

Black clouds cover the sky before jumbo drops start pounding down all around you. Drenching clothes, splashing windows, everyone runs for cover with wet cheeks and rain hair.

And when giant cracks of lightning suddenly splinter the sky and fill everything with eyeball-searing flashes of bright white, it’s like holy cow. Did you see that?

The moment after the lightning is a little stomach flip of anticipation as you wait for the bass-roaring boom of thunder to land with a bang all around you. How big will it be? How far away was the lightning?

It’s completely humbling to see the world suddenly stop while Mother Nature has a screaming fit. When nothing matters except the storm you’re forced to soak into the zone. Hands tightly grip steering wheels, crowds huddle on porches, and we all stare out raindrop-streaked windows watching it all come down.


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37 thoughts on “#193 The moment after the lightning and before the thunder

    1. Oooh.. You’re good! I was going to link to Chad’s article as I was reading this, but smarty-pants Laura beat me to it! :)

        1. AND?!?

          By the way, Nutella-loving awesome friends, I had a Nutella & strawberries crêpe in Chicago this weekend at a place called Crêpe Town (go there ASAP if you are in the area) and it blew my mind. Although I found out yesterday you can get Nutella crêpes at IHOP …

            1. How have you not tried it yet!?!?

              You mean you didn’t pull it out of your grocery bag, and sit in the front seat of your car in the grocery store parking lot and just started shoving your face into the jar’s little opening, leaving you covered in chocolate hazlenut spread and shame, in equal proportions?

              You, TrixieRix, are a stronger person than I..

            2. What are you waiting for? You will indeed become addicted to it as I did. I tried it out of pure curiosity since everyone was talking about it on here. Now, its almost an everyday thing I must eat.

    2. LOL..I just had this converstation with the mother-in-law. She said, “Count the seconds and that’s how far away it is.” I just smiled…cuz ya know, in-laws are ALWAYS right and you can never prove them wrong.

  1. Yay! A picture from Sam over at Daily Dose of Imagery!

    I’m sure most of you are already familiar with his work (he’s done the photos for the Books of Awesome, but he is a really fantastic photographer from Toronto, who I’ve followed for years and years (long before I had my new favorite blog here to follow!)..

    Recently, I’ve gotten more into photography, so I’ve spent even more time over at his site, but for those of you who haven’t had a chance to yet, head over and check it out.. his work is really phenomenal!

    1. Oh, I haven’t been over there in a while, since the Blogroll was removed, probably. That’s cool he’s done the photos for the books!

  2. The anticipation right before the thunder is great. I’m always wondering if its going to be a loud clap or a low ‘growl.’ I love watching lightning anyway, the thunder just adds a little bit of drama to the wonderful show.

  3. I love this! I love thunderstorms and earlier this summer in SC we had crazy thunderstorms just about every night. The brighter the lightening, the greater the anticipation. I would stare out of my window, watching the rain and lightening and listening to the thunder. Ahhhh =)

  4. We’ve had SO many of these shows on the west coast this year, with hail so large people were literally filling coolers, while others were taken from their 2-wheelers, (wouldn’t bikers love that), to shelter.
    “When nothing matters except the storm, you’re forced to soak into the zone.”

  5. There is no other weather pattern that is better than a smashing thunderstorm. I love it! Energizes me!

  6. Sucks for the people who have what I believe is called Astraphobia, a severe, debilitating fear of thunderstorms, but Awesome is where you find it and this one’s a goody for me and my family :)

  7. Anything related to the weather is awesome! It stimulates the senses and makes one feel alive…one of life’s best moments!

  8. O. M. G. This is happening RIGHT NOW! I was just talking with my family about how cool the lightning was looking, lighting up the sky while we were in the car, and then I turn to look on my screen and this! :D And btw, I love thunderstorms!

  9. Yep, this little gap of time is awesome, because if there’s no gap, that lightning is hitting way TOO close for comfort. Not long ago I was driving in the country, and lightning struck in the field nearby. My whole car shook. When the lightning and thunder happen at the same time – terrifying!

    1. I do agree that the lack of gap is terrifying at the time but awesome seconds after the fact. That making-everything-shake business is exhilarating.

  10. I LOVE thunder storms, it’s my favourite part of summer! As a Christian, I always think of God’s immeasurable power, how small we are down here, helpless in the storm. His fury is represented by the cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning, but His grace isn’t far behind. Anyone else love the smell and huge sense of relief after a good storm?

  11. I have been afraid of lighting all my life. I remeber when I was little my grandmother would say, unplug everything and be still whenb a storm would come through.

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