#183 Sleep lines

Sleep lines are any line on your body when you wake up from sleep.

They’re little indents on your arm from the pillow case zipper. They’re creases on your face from your corduroy covers. They’re just cute little lines and dents on your arms and legs that tell everyone that you just went down for the count.

And went down for the count good.

Yes, sleep lines tell the story of your beautifully restful nap. Maybe you were hanging in a backyard hammock after cutting grass on a hot and sunny day, maybe you were sleeping in with your husband on your weekend getaway, or maybe you were snoring on the ride home from work at the back of the subway.

No matter what, the sleep lines show a little moment of relaxation in the middle of your hectic life.

For bonus points add drool stains.


Photos from: k_oosterhouse and here

29 thoughts on “#183 Sleep lines

  1. Sleep lines were a big part of my high school chemistry career. I sat in the back and I would put my head down while I … uh, took notes … and my watch band somehow always ended up embedded into my cheek. My friends in the class after that always knew. Sleep lines — very tell tale.

    I LOVE seeing sleep lines on little kids’ faces. Adorable! :D

  2. The first thing that came to mind when i read this was……high school!! Those movie days, sitting in the back of a dark classroom sneaking in a quick nap…..or even better substitute teacher days! The watch indents or text book lines on your cheek were always a dead give away! whoops! AWESOME!!!

  3. Yes! I literally fell asleep on my face on my couch yesterday afternoon, was SO worn out. Woke up with lines all over my cheek and front of my arms and legs from the fabric.

    It was quite rewarding :).

    1. Yes, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of unsightly lines across my face – which I ALWAYS seem to wind up with, for reasons unknown to me.

      However, as Laura said, there is something about sleepy-eyed children with mild blanket criss-crosses across their cheek that is unbelievably cute. ;)

  4. I woke up this morning with what looked like scratch marks right over my eye. They ran from the top of my eyebrow to the middle of my cheek. I was kind of freaked out by this at first. i then realized they were just strategically placed sleep lines. :) Gotta love ’em

  5. Oh, you just brought back a funny memory. The first time my daughter became aware of these lines, she freaked out. “MOM!!! There’s something wrong with my skin!! What is that?!! What is wrong with my arm? OH NO!! Its on my leg too!! MOM!!”
    Sleep lines are the reason I learned to take naps while sitting straight up. No one has proof that I was sleeping.

    1. You probably also have some of those glasses with the open eyes painted on the lenses. LOL

      Adorable story about your daughter! I’ll bet she was relieved when the lines wore off!

      1. Maybe he/she meant to say: “Have you every shaved a bearin the spring??”

        Which I imagine would be tough to do without tranquilizers, but you know.. still cool..

  6. I don’t think I ever get sleep lines, apart bags (bad habit of late nights), but I sometimes get writing on my cheek from where I’ve slept on where I’ve written on my hand. Pretty funny when that does happen :PP

  7. What about when you had something written on your arm or something and it managed to transfer itself to somewhere else on your skin? Sheer awesomeness… and a little embarrassing.

  8. Haha my friend fell asleep in class once and had the imprint of his class ring on his forehead. Also, after study hall, everyone had the red mark on their head from sleeping :)

  9. Oh I used to dread sleep marks.. I used to wake up really late for school sometimes and I get all this pillow marks on my face..I rub it to go away but in vain.. lol.. ahhhh.high school memories :) :)

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