#175 When your footsteps line up perfectly with the black and white floor tiles

Brain, you´re funny.

Who knows what caveman electrons are firing you up on a daily basis? Something must have been programmed in a while back to make it so enjoyable to pop bubble wrap, hear frozen puddles crack, or stab those little buttons on top of the soft drink cup lid. Click clack, neutrons snap, brain cells buzz and smiles attack whenever those feel-good jabs start feel-good jabbing.

When your footsteps line up perfectly with the black and white floor tiles it´s like the stars are aligning for a quick little minute of fun. Perfectly avoiding all sidewalk cracks, squeezing through a door as it´s shutting without touching it, and walking onto escalators without breaking your stride all come close, but not much feels as good as Checkerboard Stepping all the way through that snobby lobby.

Let the front desk staff all stare in awe, drop their jaws, and burst into applause.

You just nailed it, my friend.

Right when it counted most.


36 thoughts on “#175 When your footsteps line up perfectly with the black and white floor tiles

  1. Jump up and click your heels applause…Beautiful!

    And this, YOUR door has opened many more, right when it counted most in my life, thank you:)

      1. Magda, do you know your name just may be deriven from the word,
        Magnanimity? And from what I know about you, you’re filling the shoes too! That is awesome!

    1. Wendy, I have had the strong urge to jump and click my heels for a few weeks now and I have no idea why. I have yet to attempt it because I just know I’ll end up falling.

      1. I tried once and did fall. I figured Neil could go for it, next commercial.
        Maybe your urge is your relationship with Dorothy and Ruby red shoes.
        Maybe your expecting another visit from the stork?
        In any event, if afraid of falling and attempting “at home”, you should definately “click” while seated;)

        1. The heel clicking urge comes to me when I’m super happy, and lately I have been. Its weird, I know. I actually sort of tried yesterday. I wasn’t successful, mostly because I was afraid of falling. It was mostly just me jumping in the air and slightly trying to bring my feet together. I don’t think I jumped high enough. If someone would have seen me do that, they would have had a good laugh.

          1. Well, this just made me smiley faced. I applaud your courage and I think you’re right about the height or like the ad says, could it need viagara;)
            I’ve been super happy lately too! I’d said in #979, what I thought was only possible for me, “on the other side.” However slow the version and really weird, I’ve been moved to doing Michael Flatley’s, Lord Of The Dance!
            My grandson has taken it up with me too, so adorible when it’s only been weeks since he’s been walking and we laugh and dance and laugh some more! :) ^.^ *!*

  2. ahh, i hate when i feel compelled to do that :’D always hated it, even as a kid. and on any kind of tiles really, and on crosswalks. arghh compulsion.

  3. For me, this is exactly the same as when your windshield wipers momentarily sync up with another car’s windshield wipers. Short-lived syncopation of the universe.

  4. Please be more careful when using mental health labels such as OCD, crazy, psycho, sick. The slang is getting out of line in this culture.
    This is not OCD behavior and many here have it right- it is pure fun!
    If effects of PTSD cause OCD behaviors that are harmful to self or others, then healing may be necessary for which there are many avenues today.
    Channelled, these are also common traits among highly intelligent people with a keen eye to detail.
    Provoking thought before speech, with respect to those who do/may actually suffer from such health issues. Thank you:)

    1. It’s kind of like when people say ‘Oh that’s so GAY’ or ‘that’s so retarded’. It really irritates me, because it’s something that people just don’t think about sometimes.
      But I do appreciate how you wrote it, in a calm and thoughtful way, instead of just saying ‘that’s so rude to say, you guys are all being jerks’

  5. The day care my kids go to has some weird floor patterns. There are big rectangles of green with a yellow rectangle inside and big rectagles of purple with yellow inside. My daughter has made up a game that you can’t step on purple since its her favorite color. One day I told her she couldn’t step on purple or yellow…. and she was stuck.
    We also play the games to avoid stepping on cracks on sidewalks. She use to play the game using tiles inside until I pointed out to her that she will always win because my feet are too big to fit inside one square. Luckily she wants to win the fair way, at least when it comes to stepping on cracks.

  6. A funny post. I remember when I was child my grandmother use to have this type of flooring and I could spend all day walking the lines. Crazy that someone else have thought about to like in the headline of this post

  7. I got to redecorate my bedroom when I was a teen and a chose this type of flooring because I liked the aesthetic and it was more durable (I was big into art at the time) than carpet. It turned out to be great for practicing dance moves on!

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